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Happy Thursday my Crafty Cats ! We’re getting closer to the weekend. Do you have something CR8TiV in plan for the weekend ? (n_n) I have something CR8TiV going on everyday but today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on coloring and markers. The image you see posted above is a handrawn artwork of Briar Roses using a Google image as a reference guide. I drew them while my husband was at a doctors appointment. As always I did the rough sketch in pencil and then outlined using my Uniball Micro pen.

I have to recommend Uniball Micro pens if you are a crafter/artist on a budget. It costs are $12 for a dozen @ Staples where I usually big up my pack from but they last a really long time the one pack is pretty much all you’ll need. After I outlined I then went into to color the image to complete it. Many people have asked me if I used Copics to color them or Prismacolor markers. I can only wish I could afford those ! (=~=)

I actually used Crayola Paintbrush Pens *Shown Below*. They only come in 5 colors … Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. They don’t exactly blend together to create other colors like if you were to take Red and Yellow to make orange. They aren’t exactly paintbrushes either. They’re pretty much just Crayola markers with a flexible paintbrush like tip. It would be nice if they had them as regular marker sets in all the colors a their Pipsqueak marker sets comes in.

Now talking about colors I have learned that you don’t really need to have a VAST spectrum of colors. I have several Promarkers and I could never find the right dark pink or my sky blue wasn’t really dark enough for something I was coloring. I could go out and buy markers with the right colors but a trick I found was layering your colors. If your pink is not quite dark enough then just go over it again with the same marker to get a darker tone. On the Briar Rose drawing you’ll see that I colored the center of the roses a deep dark red. But you’ll see in the marker set pictured above there is no deep dark red. I achieved that deeper tone of red by just going over the first layer of red again and it darkened the tone.

So if you’re ever looking to create an Ombre effect *coloring going light to dark* and have a very limited amount of colors to chose from just go over with the same color. Now if you’re going to do this with say coloring pencils and not marker just apply a little more pressure to get a darker tone. So if you wanted a pink Ombre just lightly color with your pink then gradually apply more pressure to get darker tones. Creating art doesn’t have to be expensive ! We all have a long wish list of Art supplies we wish we could get … I know I do ! But make the most out of the things you have and you’ll realize you don’t really need all those other more expensive art supplies.

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Testing Make-Up Glitters/Shimmers …


Happy Monday my CR8TiV crafters ! So I was cleaning up a little around my computer desk and came across a few of these Mabelline Wet Shine Diamond Liquids. The photo above is just for color reference and isn’t mine. I only have like three(3) the pink of the far left, far right, and the white *clear gloss* near the middle. But they have a pretty good assortment of colors.

Back in my younger years I wore them as I loved the shimmer they gave and the light color tint. I’m not a big makeup wearer where I cake up my face like a clown like some ladies do. I only wear makeup on special occasions and even that it’s generally just lipstick, maybe eyeshadow, and powder foundation if I have any. But these were from a long time ago so I wouldn’t dare put them on as they’re most likely passed the expiration date if there is such a thing on makeup.

So I decided it’d be a waste to throw these away and they’re so pretty with high glittery shimmer. Being the CR8TiV person I am I decided to see if there were other uses for them instead of on your lips. If you read my previous blog posts I’m currently in a handmade card phase making handmade greeting cards. I tested out the white *clear gloss* on a Just Because I Love you card for my husband. The work great !! Now I don’t know how they’ll react in the long run whether the color would fade or if it’ll become tacky/sticky … Only time will tell !

They are SUPER easy to apply since it comes with a little cotton swabbed wand inside the cap and when you apply it to the paper it kinda just looks like petroleum jelly with glitter added to it. It leaves behinds a bit of a shine from the petroleum jelly like substance I’m guessing but also leaves a great glittery shimmer. I’m gonna test these out for a bit and get back to you on how it works.

I think these might work for resin or even polymer clay ? Add a layer of the wet shine diamond liquids then add a layer of resin or polymer clay gloss to set it ? Right now when I touched parts of the card I applied it to … it’s a bit oily to the touch. I think you can probably seal away that oily-feel by adding a light brush of mod podge or white glue mixed with water ? But that might actually wipe off or remove the wet shine diamond liquids. I’m not 100% sure. Either way dig through your old makeup bag and see what you got in there that might be used in other ways than on your face. I think I’ll see if I can use old eye shadows *I have this one pallet with tons of colors* as blending chalks or chalk pastel on cards and set them with a mister bottle mixed with white glue and water mixture.

B3 CR8TiV !! You don’t have to go broke for craft supplies. Sometimes craft supplies are right in your makeup bag and even at the dollar stores. Just B3 CR8TiV … B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … and JUST TRY !!

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Gettin’ Back in the Groove …


Hey, all you MYT CR8TiV bunnies !! Sorry I’ve been quiet lately and kinda MIA “Missing In Action”. Been dealing with some personal issues that was fogging up my creativity. I’m not going to go into detail about my personal issue as they’re called Personal for a reason. But I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things. While I’ve been under the gloomy Eeyore cloud I’ve just mainly been watching YouTube videos, sifting through Pinterest, and just doing everything and anything to keep my head above the gloomy cloud.

Valentine’s was sadly gloomy also and this year spent uncelebrated so to speak. But I’m getting back into my groove and working on making Easter cards. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials on card making by KWernerDesigns ** , LawnFawn **, and JenniferMcGuireInk ** The videos by KWernerDesigns really was the spark that started my interest in Card-making.

Like I said before I’m kinda an ADD creative artist to where I’m always bouncing from one interest to another. If you remember my last interest was watercolor and I was trying out many resist techniques. I bought a set of watercolor paint in the tubes and not the dry chalk looking kind. But after watching card-making tutorials by Kristina *KWernerDesign* My Watercolor phase sorta blended away. It’s still there but not as dominant as before.

So I tried making my own cards using whatever materials I had on hand. I had some cardstock both plain colors and some with patterns. I have my Promarkers and a few stamps I’ve collected. Mainly they’re dollar stamps from the JoAnn’s dollar craft section and stamps I’ve found for cheap like 50¢ in a bargain bin. So my 1st card I made came out really great and my husband says … Is there anything you make that doesn’t look great ? (ñ~ñ) He kinda flattered me by saying it’s Hallmark worthy. L0L I’ll post pics up of my 1st greeting card I made tomorrow … Hopefully !

But I was looking through StampinUp, SimonSaysStamps, LawnFawn, and a few other websites that sells stamps and oogling and googling over wanting this one and that one and this one and that. Mama Elephant stamps are really cute !! But when I designed my 1st card I hand-drew the tulips on the card. It LOOKS stamped but I hand-drew those tulips and colored them in with my Promarkers. The only stamp I used was a Thank You stamp. The banner was hand-drawn and cut out with regular craft scissor not die-cut.

So I was looking at this card and it dawned on me !! I have the largest stamp collection ever … it’s called my artistic brain !! I don’t really need to go purchase some cutesy stamps bcuz I can hand-drawn any stamp design I like. I admit I’m still gonna buy some if the prices are within my budget like sentiment stamps and flowers. I Love Flowers ! But I’m gonna add my hand-drawn/handmade cards as one of the many things I’m planning to post up when I open up a shop.

It won’t be anytime soon as I’m currently still not quite ready to open up my own shop. There’s still so many skills I need to perfect, things to learn, supplies to collect, and a dedicated space to create in. Hopefully soon maybe within the next 2-3 yrs. my hubby and I will purchase our 1st home so I can call dibs on a room to dedicate completely to create my own MYT CR8TiV studio. I have plans to start doing video tutorials on YouTube for you guys.

I said to my husband even if we don’t have space for me to create a dedicated art studio if we have a roomy backyard we can buy one of those large garden sheds and convert it into a art studio space. I have seen some at HomeDepot that look like they could be a small playhouse for children. A few DIY skills and knowledge + a MYT CR8TiV mind and you can turn one into a nice man cave if you wanted.

Anyways stay tuned to my Facebook page for Art updates and subscribe to my blog. I appreciate your likes to my Facebook page and even though I don’t have a store per say I do accept request via private message or email @ and more than happy to work with you regarding an art request or custom request til I get an actual shop open.

**********UPDATE **********

I said I’d share pics of my 1st handmade card made without any stamps. Well, I used one stamp which is the tiny Thank You sentiment. Everything else was handrawn from the Tulips to the Banner around the stamped Thank You. I thought I’d post it here for those who haven’t liked my Facebook page ** to be inspired to create cards without store-bought stamps and to encourage those like myself who can’t quite afford to start a stamp collection with LawnFawn, MamaElephant, StampinUp, SimonSays, etc. stamps to just create your own ! I think cards made with your own handrawn art makes it a bit more special and unique compared to one made with a store-bought stamp that millions of other handmade card makers are using. So without further ado … Here’s the 1st handmade card I created with handrawn art. Hope you like it and it inspired you to go without stamps or how I like to say tippy toe quietly instead of stamping loudly ! L0L

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Paper Bag Upcycle … Rainy Day Craft Tip !!

CatInBagWell, today is a rainy day so rather than go out in the rain. My husband and I decided to enjoy our day indoors. So we started by cleaning up the house a little and started with the kitchen. It was there that I was bombarded by stacks and stacks of paper grocery bags. Since the plastic bag ban went in place many stores now give you paper bags for 10¢ per bag. Some places like certain Targets, Walmarts, and grocery stores still offer plastic bags but most have gone with paper.

If you don’t like the idea of hoarding those reusuable grocery totes then you’re most likely like us and just take the 10¢ paper bags but I didn’t realize how many we have accumulated. My husband was asking what are we going to do with all these paper bags is there a place to recycle them for a few bucks in return ? I know some grocery stores like VONS has bins that recycle Plastic and Paper bags but being the CR8TiV mind I was trying to think of other uses craft wise.

I could use them as a placemat to cover the table when I paint or do any crafting that is messy but it still seemed wasteful as after I’m done I’d end up crumpling it up and discarding. Back in my schooling years I used to use paper bags to cover my textbooks then doodle all over them. When it was completely covered in doodles I’d get a *new* paper bag and start over. But I don’t have any textbooks to cover anymore. So continue on to my journey on repurposing these paper bags.

*Bright Light Bulb click on above my head* AH HA !! I had recently watched a YouTube video where a crafter took brown craft paper and a envelope template to create an envelope then stamped a image to color it in with colored pencils. Craft paper is a very popular item right now and so the light bulb above my head clicked on. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut up one paper bag into sheets.

(>⌂<) OH EM GEE !! I first penciled in a sketch of coneflowers then used a fine liner to ink it in and colored with colored pencils. The colors weren’t as bold as they would of been if I used Prismacolors but I gifted my Prismacolors away. I gotta get a *new* set or save up for a *new* set.

Anyways it looks great !! I’ll post up a pic on my Facebook page soon. (=~=”) I capped my data plan on my phone so I gotta wait til the 18th for it to reset so I can’t post any photos at the moment with the reduced data speed *Damn you BoostMobile*. But most grocery store paper bags are very thick so they make great craft paper for anything from die cutting, acrylic paints, chalk paint, and colored pencils.

If only I knew where my tote bag of dies for my Sizzix BigShot went I’d give it a try. I think if you cut up the paper bag into sheets, doodled on them or used stamps, embossing powders, etc. you can then cut them with a paper trimmer to use on a greeting card. So DON’T throw away those paper bags or think they’re garbage ! Use them as craft paper, art journal pages, or just use them like you would with any other Art paper.

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Journey into Watercolor Painting …

10171246_982515118429486_6548731559331515220_nI’ve always wanted to learn more about Watercolor. I like the soft look that you get from Watercolor paints. I’ve used watercolors before a few times but not often enough. I’m sorta a ADD crafter where I’m always bouncing from one project to another. I’m currently trying to get into watercolor painting and learning techniques via YouTube. So I thought I’d share what I’ve learned so far with you guys.

Watercolor seems to come in many different forms from pallet of watercolor cakes/squares to watercolors in mini toothpaste like tubes. I’ve generally used the dry bricks of watercolor in those pallets you just wet with water and take it from there. I never seriously got that into watercolor that I wanted to buy a set of the tubed watercolors. But since I’m currently in a Watercolor phase I’ve found the tubed kind is probably the best kind to use but if you don’t want to go that route my 2nd best option would be to buy Peerless watercolor. They’re like a sheet a paper that has watercolor fused into little strips you just wet it with your brush and paint. The colors are vibrant and easier to store than the tubes it seems.

I mainly wanted to use watercolor not for making paintings but for greeting cards or notecards. I found it difficult to write over a watercolor painted notecard. Even my white Sakura gel pen was having difficulty writing over the surface. Mainly I think bcuz the surface often has this sand paper like graining texture afterwards and I think it’s bcuz I’m using the pallet cakes watercolor and not tubed form ? I don’t know if that’s the reason. So I started looking into Watercolor resist techniques. Here’s a list below of all the items that resist watercolor …

[] Wax based colored pencil

[] Wax Crayons like Crayola or Oil Pastels

[] Rubber Cement

[] Embossing Ink

[] White Glue/Hot Glue

[] Stickers

[] Salt

[] Masking Fluid/Tape

[] Rubbing Alcohol

I have tried using the white Crayola colored pencils and I guess it’s not really wax based enough to resist the watercolor paints as the color still covered over what I drew. Now the white Crayola crayon worked great but it was really hard to see what I drew with the white crayon on white paper. But once you brushed on your wash of watercolor your image magically appeared. I guess you could use different colors if you’re going to be using the same color watercolor like for example draw with a Red crayon then paint the background with Red watercolor so the crayon will kinda blend in ?

I have yet to try the salt or white glue/hot glue but I purchase tubes of watercolor in a Beginners kit way long ago and I’m trying to look for that set so I can try the salt/glue methods. For now if you want to make greeting cards or notecards with lettering just use acrylic paint and a fine point brush to do the lettering. But if you’re not on a tight Art Supply budget like me buy the Liquid Masking Fluid also called Friskit I think. You can rub it off once it’s dry. Same goes with the Rubber Cement. A major D’Oh on my part bcuz I had Rubber Cement but had no clue what to use it for as it didn’t work for a art project I was working on. So I threw it away which I now regret !

I will share with you my progress with Watercolor as I go along and experiment. Oh before I forget I was watching a YouTube video on Watercolor resist and learned a really awesome trick which was to mix water, white glue, and some shimmery liquid watercolor into a spray bottle and when you spray the surface of your watercolor paper or cardstock it resists the watercolor leaving behind a interesting splatter where you sprayed the mixture. I have an empty spray bottle and I’m gonna have to try the water and glue mix without the shimmery liquid watercolor as I don’t have any of that.

One more thing … As far as frugal crafting goes. I found Walmart sells watercolor pallets by Crayola for under $5 and the colors are quite vibrant. Dollar tree and 99¢ Only Store also had some watercolor pallets but avoid buying the watercolor paper from Walmart. I was going to purchase the Crayola Watercolor paper pad but their paper seemed incredibly think like sketchbook paper so I passed. For less than the Crayola Watercolor paper I found awesome 50 sheet watercolor paper @ Target for $2.99 ! The paper is super thick and holds water very well without warping too much. If you cut the paper in ½ you have more paper to work with. Since I’m not doing paintings but rather notecards and greeting cards ½ a sheet is all you need.

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Oil Pastel and Baby Oil …


PicsArt_142050494582220150105_160646-120150105_163800-1 Before : Just pure Oil Pastel                             After : Blended with Baby Oil

If you follow me on Facebook you’ll see I posted these pictures up of a comparison between just plain Oil Pastel and Oil Pastels blended with Baby Oil. I use Baby Oil gel which I bought from Target. I think I reviewed the difference in my previous post. Baby Oil the liquid kind tends to seap into the paper leaving oil blots and something making your paper transparent from the Baby oil but the gel version is a lot better. It also seems to leave a glossy sheen unlike the liquid version.

Baby Oil gel isn’t just for oil pastels they can be used in many other ways such as making Colored Pencil blend into watercolor/marker like. Using Baby Oil with Oil Pastel gives you a Oil paint almost Acrylic paint like result. I haven’t tried it with markers, yet but I’m unsure if it’ll help blend and spread the ink further or not. Normally marker blending is best to use Rubbing Alcohol to get it to work.

As for using Baby Oil with Colored Pencils not all colored pencil brands seems to blend well with Baby Oil. I tried with Crayola and it very faintly blended with the baby oil. RoseArts blended very nicely an example of that can be seen on my Facebook page ** in the photo where I drew a blue baby elephant. That artwork was drawn with a sky blue RoseArt coloring pencil then blended with Baby Oil.

Many websites suggest using stumps or blending sticks but you don’t need that. All you need in a cotton swab. Walgreens sells these cotton swabs with pointed tips if you’re lucky you can find Q-Tip Precision tip cotton swabs which have pointed tips. If you are unable to find either you can just rub a ordinary round cotton swab in your fingers to shape the tips to a point. I’ve also used a heavy duty paper towel taped around the tip of a sharpened pencil.

Give it a Try !! Share your art on my Facebook page. I’d love to see what you created with this Baby Oil trick. B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV … MYT CR8TiV™.

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Farewell 2014 … Hello 2015.


Hello ! (ⁿ⌂ⁿ)/ *waves* Well, there’s only three(3) days left of the 2014 year. As every year for me there’s been ↑ups and ↓downs but I always manage to survive through it. How was your Christmas ? Did Santa bring you something really special ? Did you eat a BIG meal with all the holiday trimmings. In my family everyone is kinda on a restrictive diet due to health issues so we don’t feast as much as we used to.

Anyways I’m more of a giver than a receiver and don’t really care nor expect to receive anything from anyone. But it kinda saddens me that my family doesn’t seem to know me. I am all about Art and the #1 gift to give would be anything Art related from a watercolor set, polymer clay, or a gift card to a Arts and Crafts store. But oddly I was given a crock pot.

Either way I’m start 2015 off by trying expand my Artistic repetoire. I’m always up for learning *new* things and right now I’m trying out oil pastels which my husband got me for Christmas and watercolors. (∩u∩) My husband got me a basket of Art Supplies and in it was Oil Pastels, Gel Watercolor crayons, 64 colors Pipsqueak markers, Doodle Pad, Some Paper, and outline pens.

I’ve never worked with Oil Pastels before so it’s the 1st *new* art medium I am trying out for the *new* year. So far my only tips for working with oil pastels is … WEAR GLOVES !! This stuff gets on your hands very easily and colors stick to everything ! I put on gloves for smearing and blending the colors with the tool most oil pastel artists recommend which is your finger. I also kept a moist paper towel or baby wipe nearby to wipe off my finger when working with other colors as the previous color will stick to you and smudge into the *new* color.

I haven’t tried blending with any liquids yet but I heard mineral spirits, turpentine is used but if you can’t get those baby oil was said to work to blend colors a bit better than your finger. I’m going to try to see if rubbing alcohol would work. It works great in getting crayons, colored pencils, and markers to blend like watercolors. Baby oil works well too in blending the above items. I found that if you can find the Baby oil gel version it’s less messy and doesn’t bleed through your paper too much.

I tested using the liquidy baby oil and the gel version I got from Target. The liquidy baby oil bled through my paper and was runny. I was only dabbing with a cotton swab but it still felt like it soaked too much. But the gel version which is thick like honey didn’t bleed through my paper and stayed put. I was able to blend colors more nicely with the gel version.

Hopefully in 2015 things will be a bit better for me that I can post up actual video tutorials and even photo tutorials for you to see on here. Right now I don’t have a space or studio area to do such filming or photo shooting. Maybe 2015 will be a better year for me to get to do that for you guys.

Thank you for liking my Facebook page and hopefully 2015 will be more productive in pushing MYT CR8TiV towards becoming what I’d like it to be and possibly opening up an actual shop somewhere instead of taking requests by private messages. But 2014 has been a good one and I am looking forward to what 2015 has in store. Let’s all continue to be CR8TiV and make 2015 just as CR8TiV as 2014.

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To Sell or Not To Sell ?? That is the Question. (T ~ T)

ht_chinchilla_cart_kb_ss_131202_sshChristmas is slowly inching upon us and also the 2015 year. (>~<) I made a resolution in 2014 that I’d start my own MYT CR8TiV™ shop either on Etsy or eBay or ??? But I didn’t feel I was quite ready to do that. I’m still lost in how to securely ship my polymer clay creations without them breaking or getting damaged in the shipping process. Also shipping them out was a bit of an issue also. With my husband’s work schedule the only shipping option I had available to me was FedEx bcuz I have a FedEx Office location that’s open 24 hrs. I could ship items out on my husband’s days off which is weekend but another dilemma is places like the US Postal Office are closed on weekends.

A lot of my friends have suggested just to have my packages picked up either by the UPS or Mailman but my living situation is a bit difficult that even getting packages is difficult due to my Landlord living in the front house and their Bull Terrier “Dexter” occasionally being let out in the fenced off premises. I’ve asked them to postpone letting their dog out a few times as I’m expecting a package but either they have short-term memory or just don’t care and let the dog out again anyways. So having a UPS or Mailman pick up package is a no go. :(

But then I thought maybe I’ll just put Prints up for sale ? Prints are easy to ship as I don’t need packing peanuts, bubble wrap, boxes, or any shipping supplies … just an envelope and a stamp. To mail out each handrawn print would cost the price of a postage stamp and I have a roll of 100 stamps so it’d be easy for me to ship out handrawn prints. So I started drawing Christmas themed prints on blank white index cards “Without lines” and thinking these can be used as postcards for someone or I can glue them onto folded cardstock to make them into greeting cards.

Now the dilemma is where to put them up for Sale. I watched a YouTube video about selling on eBay and Etsy their views about selling on Etsy didn’t sound too appealing but their views on selling on eBay didn’t sound too appealing either. What I really want is to sell in my own private website or shop but this is currently my website as I don’t exactly have the funds to create an actual website at the moment. I’m hoping to get a shop started so I can start making some $$$ to push MYT CR8TiV™ forward to becoming what I want it to become. Once I have the $$$ I plan to start selling many things from Polymer Clay critters/creations, Art Prints, Paintings, Amateur Photography shots, Upcycled Art, and many other things. But in order to do this it requires principle $$$ to start.

I currently sell items via personal messaging and emails. You email me or send me a personal message on my Facebook page regarding a custom item or item I have available that you’re interested in and we exchange information for shipping. Payment is then made by PayPal. I have many several sales this way successfully using this method. But some seems weary or untrusting of this method and shy away. :(

Anyways I am planning to sell Christmas themed Prints for about $6 each or 2 for $10 soon as I get enough Christmas prints drawn. Each one is handrawn and colored so it takes time to create enough to be able to sell. I’m aiming at trying to create at least 50 handrawn prints to try to sell before Christmas but it’s very difficult and time consuming to do that many each being a different design. But once they are finished they will be posted on my MYT CR8TiV™ Facebook page ( for viewing and for buying. Just send me a private message if you are interested in buying one and I will offer it to transform into a Postcard for an additional $2 or to make it into a greeting card for also an additional $2. Does that price seem reasonable ??

Hopefully my attempt to raise funds toward pushing MYT CR8TiV™ forward to becoming something more than a blog site and Facebook page will come to pass.

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MYT CR8TiV Etsy Shop ??

small-shopHi !! (∩w∩)/ *waves* So Christmas is around the corner but first Thanksgiving ! As some of you know I am physically disabled and do not work nor receiving any financial assistance. But many of my close friends tell me that my CR8TiV talents are money worthy and suggests I sell my handmade things. I have had a few of you ask me if I have an Etsy shop to buy my clay creations or to request a custom order. I do take custom orders via private messaging through my email.

I always dreamed to have a successful shop to sell my own creations like many CR8TiV Artists I follow on Facebook who are very successful selling their items. But the only thing about Etsy is they take a percent of your sales profit. I’m not saying I’m greedy but I put in the time, effort, and hard work into my CR8TiV creations that I feel I deserve 100% of the sales profits. In order to get 100% of the sales profits I’d need to create a website with a shop that people can use PayPal to purchase with. Kinda wish that WordPress allows you to open a shop through your own blog page since this is kinda my website.

In all honesty I don’t think I’m really ready for mass sale orders. I haven’t perfected secure packaging of my polymer clay items, yet and I don’t really have a dedicated crafting area where I can constantly create inventory to post up on the shop. Please, feel free to comment below if you have suggestions on how to securely package polymer clay items and prevent them from breaking during the shipping process. A few previous custom orders I shipped arrived broken even with the use of bubble wrap, cotton balls, newspaper, etc.

There’s a lot to be done before I can open a shop online. At the moment I’m mainly selling privately via email and in person. For example I was quite busy with Paracord bracelet orders from my husband’s co-workers. Every order I receive get’s a *FREE* Surprise gift and sometimes the surprise gift can value more than the custom ordered item. But I was curious if I should try to make my 1st attempt at selling my craft creations to earn some Christmas spending money. I have a decent amount of Christmas themed polymer clay sculptures that I can post up for the Holidays. What do you think ? Would you be interested in purchasing something I made whether it’s a Polymer Clay thing or a handrawn print ?? Comment below whether you would shop if I opened up a Etsy shop.

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Canon Selphy CP910 Photo Printer

canon_selphy_cp910_black_thumbThis is not exactly a CR8TiV Art post but it is a product review that is very helpful if you are a Amateur photographer. One of my other CR8TiV talents besides drawing is Amateur Photography. I honestly didn’t even know I had this talent until I purchased my 1st high quality Digital camera some years back. The Casio Exilim camera has served me well for many of my 1000+ photos sitting on my computer. I still occasionally use it for minor photo shots. But I upgraded to the Canon sx30is camera *Which I am selling*I found this natural talent for taking pictures of flowers and wildlife.

You can view many of the Amateur Photography shots I’ve taken on my Flickr page :

But for many years I’ve have over 1000+ photos just sitting in my computer. I’ve wanted to print them out but didn’t know how. Going to a photo print place would cost me $100s to print out that many photos. But I got a call from my Mom asking her to help her shop for a photo printer to print out photos from her recent trip to Japan. Relatives were asking for copies of the photos she took and wanted to print them out herself. So I did some research and found this Canon Selphy CP910 photo printer. It got pretty good reviews on Amazon and what sealed the deal was that the language settings included Japanese. So I can easily set it up to Japanese for my Mom to understand.

After we went to the local store to check it out I fell in love with the tiny compact size and simplicity to print out a photo. It’s about the size of a pencil/makeup box and can easily fit in a backpack/suitcase in travel. It costs about $100 and the ink toner/paper refill is roughly under $40 dollars. The printer itself does give you a starter pack of paper and ink toner which only prints like 5 or 10photos to start I can’t remember. So I highly recommend you buy the refill pack when you purchase the printer. The Refill pack contains : Three(3) ink toners and Three(3) packs of photo paper which said to print up to 36 photos.

The quality of the print is excellent and it prints out pretty quickly. My only gripe is that it prints out with these perforated edges with you tear off but bcuz it is perferorated it leaves a jagged edge on each side of the photo print but it’s easily taken care of by using a photo or paper trimmer and cutting a small strip off the edges. I’ll create a more detailed PRO and CON list later. But I just love the fact that I can go out snap a bunch of photos and be able to print them out the same day. No more waiting for film to be developed or dropping off my photos to a photo shop. I can print them myself then and there.

My husband purchased this printer as our Wedding Anniversary present and I love it to pieces !! Now I just need to figure out how I can upgrade my Canon sx30is camera to the Panasonic Lumix FZ70 which has 60x zoom. Don’t get me wrong I like the 35x zoom on my Canon sx30is but I like to take alot of close up shots of birds and sometimes wildlife that I can’t quite reach with the 35x zoom. If you’re interested in a camera that can take pictures of the Moon and give you a pretty decent zoom I’m currently selling my Canon sx30is camera. It will include a Canon camera bag, a SD card reader, a lens cleaner kit, and a SD card. I’m asking $150 obo for it.

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