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Hard Working .vs. Not Working at All

Restoration-Marketing_Business-Quotes_Hard-WorkHappy Memorial Day, Everyone ! First off I’m gonna have to apologize ahead of time as this post isn’t really a CR8TiV one but more a Rant and Rave. So Sorry for the gloomy negativity that may lurk in this blog post. But I really have to get this off my chest and hopefully see some changes being made to this store.

Store ? (o~O) Did that perk up your interest ? :P L0L Yes, my rant is about a Craft Store and particularly a well known craft store but in just this location. I have been to other store locations and have had better if not a tad better than this store location experience. So without further ado let’s continue on … Shall we ?

This craft store I am going to be Rant & Raving about is JoAnn’s Fabrics & Craft store in Glendale, CA on 1000 s Central Ave. It was formerly a Albertson’s which I also shopped at often but when it closed down *Boo hoo no more fried chicken* it became JoAnn’s. JoAnn’s was originally on Orange Ave. not too far away from it’s current location.

So when it openly and awhile there after the store was always a positive experience. The workers were friendly, helpful, and positive attitude. One worker in particular by the name of Courtney stood out. She was always smiling, interested in knowing what crafty project you were working on, and very friendly-chatty-positive attitude. She made shopping there a great experience and you left the store with a smile.

After awhile I no longer saw her working there and a few of the familiar faces faded into memory. The store slowly started changing and what once was a cheerful place to shop turned gloomy and dark. When you walked into the JoAnn’s store before it was bright cheerful and you can feel the positive energy. Now it’s dark gloomy and stank ! What changed ? Manager ? Pay Decrease ? Long hours ?

In my experience the job of a Manager is SUPER crucial to how an entire store runs and operates. A Manager is essentially like a Shepherd or Sheep Herder. You keep your sheep in order and a pleasant compassionate Shepherd in turn leads a herd of Happy sheep whereas a mean hateful Shepherd who cracks his whip and yells at the herd will lead a herd of sheep Unhappy and scared of the Shepherd.

Well, in the workplace the way a Manager herds or encourages the workers will determine how the store operates and how the store experiences will be like. I’m guessing the manager changed at this JoAnn’s store and the *new* manager isn’t a pleasant shepherd. From my recent shopping experiences I had encountered that workers are unfriendly, unhelpful, lazy, and easy to argue or start a conflict with you. The current workers seem to not believe in the service with a smile, friendly-positive attitude, helpful-respectful manner, and making customer service a priority.

I have shopped at this JoAnn’s store since the day they opened their doors and I have to say that it’s been great for quite awhile but recently I have dramatically noticed the changes. Below is a list of things I noticed that changed …

#1 Inaccurate Price -The most annoying thing when shopping is price inaccuracies. At this JoAnn’s store the prices marked were often wrong from the price that is scanned at the register and when you question the price to tell them … Wait !! The price marked said $9.99 but you charged me $19.99 ? Instead of saying … Oh really ? Let me call up for a Price Check for you or go check the price themselves. They’d just say … It was probably in the wrong spot or you looked at the price wrong and didn’t see the $1 in front of the $9.99 price. It happens ! You still want it ?

Ok, so before they would quickly go check the price themselves or call up someone to go check it. I have even had one instance where the worker at the register grabbed their smartphone and looked up the price on the website as the prices should be the same. But now they are Lazy, Make Excuses, or Lazily pinning the error on you and disrespectfully hinting that you’re blind and just didn’t look at the price right or whatever.

#2 Price correction or Miscalculations – My Birthday passed a few weeks ago and one gift I received was a JoAnn’s gift card for $40. I was eagerly happy to have $40 *Free bucks* to spend on anything I wanted in the store within that price budget. I generally have to bit my lip and pass up items I can’t currently afford even if it’s just $10-20. So I grabbed a few things that has been sitting on my JoAnn’s wishlist for quite some time. Plus+ I had a Birthday coupon mailer from them for a 20% off entire purchase. Yay !!

So after some purchases that I made at a different JoAnns location. I had $19.03 remaining on my gift card. I had one item I did not like and decided to return. I purchased a magazine that was $12.99 + tax was $14 something and returned at $9.99 item but after the magazine purchase and the return my balance on my card then was $13 something. I’m not so great at Math and I thought something wasn’t right. Also being Learning Disabled didn’t really help that the calculation was correct but I just couldn’t comprehend that they were. Rather than respectfully helping me and my husband understand the Math she argued and was disrespect about it. No friendly-positive attitude !

#3 Store Employee Work Ethics – Since that incident with the store manager I feel like my husband and I have a bad reputation when at the store now as troublemakers for needing assistance with calculations. When I visited the store yesterday to use some coupons one that was expiring soon I was again met with price inaccuracy of an item that on their website said $20.99 but the in store label said $14.99 but the item was ringing up as $39.99. Three(3) different prices !! I first handed them my 40% off coupon but the coupon did not accept. I then handed him the 20% off coupon which expires today but again that coupon did not accept. He asked the fellow worker next to him why this product isn’t accepting the coupons. His fellow worker looked at the product and coupon and said this product is excluded from the coupon. The cashier looks at me with this … You heard the guy look. I said … nevermind then and walked out the store.

While in the car I read the coupons fine print it did not say anything about Cricut products being excluded from the coupon. I felt like they just made up some excuse to avoid having to go do a Price check and research why the coupon wasn’t working. It could of easily been a computer glitch or coupon code could of been manually entered to accept it. They didn’t seem to care to wanna help you or go the extra mile for a customer. They just seem to wanna check out your purchases and move on to the next customer in line. I really didn’t feel the customer service compassion nor the friendly-positive attitude.

#4 Lacking Cashiers – This rant isn’t really an issue but if you go to this store location on a busy day whip out your smartphone while in line bcuz sometimes they are really long and slow. I think that alone puts a lot of pressure on the cashier workers to avoid answering customer questions and just keeping the line moving so that the customers don’t have to wait long to check out.

(¬~¬) There’s like five(5) unmanned cash registers that if they hired more cashiers there would be more customers being able to check out instead of just having Three(3) cashiers. I Love this store *not this location but the company in general* and if they were hiring Cashier I’d apply to be one. But they aren’t hiring cashiers or anyone at the moment.

So overall with this rant unless they make some changes I’m going to have to make a bit of a drive to go to other JoAnn’s locations where I’ve had positive friendly experiences and one location I will name is the JoAnn’s in Covina on 1460 N Azusa Ave. The workers at this location are very friendly, eager to help you and answer questions or find a certain product, prices are accurately labeled, the store is very organized, and you can feel the vibe of the store is positive unlike the JoAnn’s store in Glendale.

There is another JoAnns on Los Angeles on 1250 S. La Cienega Blvd. which I’ve had semi-positive experiences with aside from the fact that the cashier did not greet me or say a word to me but rather busy chatting with the employee standing behind her. She did not tell me the remaining balance on my gift card or say anything just did her thing then shouted next customer without handing me my bag or any Goodbye greeting. But I share this store only bcuz they’re store is organized pretty nicely and prices are accurate with the pricing label and it’s the only 2 story store I know of. Fabrics and such are on the 2nd floor … General craft items on the 1st floor.

So another long blog post by me not really a CR8TiVity related one but more a rant and rave but don’t be afraid to speak out and complain, file an email through the website, and know that you are important to voice out to a company so they can learn, acknowledge, and make some changes that needs to be made to make your shopping experience the best it can be.

Feel free to comment below any of your opinions about a JoAnn’s store experience or share your thoughts on this. *Please, keep it positive or your comment will be deleted*

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Etsy Shop Now Open …. (n_n)

indexMy Etsy shop link :

Yay ! *Throws Confetti* With the encouragement of some friends I have finally opened an Etsy shop. I know originally I was against Etsy as I prefer that 100% of my handmade item sales went to me and not liking that Etsy take 3.5% of your sales price.

Being horrible in math I thought that 3.5% is a lot but actually it’s only a few cents. Like if I sold an item for $6.00 3.5% of $6.00 is only .21¢ which isn’t so bad. But since I haven’t made ANY sale *YET* as I only have one item up at the moment I dunno how much of the 3.5% includes shipping costs as well as sale price.

I’m not 100% ready to sell/ship out any fragile items like my Polymer Clay creations as I’m not sure how to securely package them or what to package them with. (@~@) It’s pretty confusing ! I’ve gotten suggestions like wrapping them in a thick bundle of bubble wrap then placing it in a durable box, wrap it in newspaper and fill a box with packing peanuts, one suggestion was to place the item in a box within a box within a box in a matryoshka doll fashion, and one who said sandwich it between layers of fun foam and package into a secured bubble wrap mailer.

All of that sounds great but I have very little if any money to spend on packaging material like that. So I decided that selling any Polymer clay creations isn’t the right time until I had made/saved enough money and researched enough in proper packaging technique to ensure that my Polymer clay items arrive undamaged and intact.

So my plan for now is to sell the many handmade greeting cards I have currently been making. Greeting cards should be easy to mail as I just put them into a mailer envelope and shipping them out should cost no more than $1 or $2 depending on where I have to ship it out to. (ñ_ñ)

My Etsy shop is currently still pretty empty as I only have 1 items up for sale but eventually I will post up my Handmade greeting cards. I just need to organize them, take pictures of each of my cards, decide on pricing for them, and as posting an item on Etsy costs .20¢ each I have to save up to be sure I have enough $$$ to post them all.

I have A LOT of handmade cards just sitting in a shoebox waiting for a receiver so it’s not just a handful that I need to post up for sale. A small note is every purchase comes with a *FREE* Surprise gift and the value of that surprise gift varies. Sometimes the surprise gift itself can be worth more than the price of the product itself. So please stay posted both here, on my Facebook page, and favorite my Etsy shop where I will let you know when I have posted up *new* items.

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Back in the groove …

Portada1Hey, CR8TiV Crafty bugs ! Recently a lot has happened personally but it’s all come and gone. I’m feeling better and in a better mindset now. Thank you for those who sent me messages of concern and offered support during my difficult time. But it’s over and I’m ready to keep on moving forward.

I’m looking to start trying to sell my handmade items and trying to decide whether I should start by just selling them out by the curb “Garage/Yard sale style” or just bite the bullet and open an Etsy shop. I’m not really against Etsy or have anything against it … it’s just I prefer that 100% of the profits from the sale of my handmade items go to me. The person who made the product, the person who put in the time and effort !

I know that sound pretty conceited and selfish but if you’re a crafter you’d understand. Etsy takes out a 3.5% fee based on the sales price. I know it doesn’t sound like much and actually just like a few cents only but I really prefer that every bit goes to my pocket. Plus I heard that Etsy isn’t the best place to sell your handmade items. A few friends I know that sell on Etsy have given me the Pros and Cons of Etsy and #1 complaint seems to be that your item you have for sale on Etsy get’s lost in the billions of other items for sale.

A friend told me that your item can be shown on page 115 or even 200 which most people will not browse through every single page. But they told me having people know your exact Etsy shop link helps them to see your items rather than searching through the entire site. But we’ll see ! I’m not exactly at a spot where I can ship packages out at the moment so if I do open an Etsy it will most likely be to sell my handmade greeting cards since they’re easiest to ship at the moment.

Below I will post a few pictures of some clay items I have baked. (ñ~ñ¡) I procrastinated a bit too long over baking these clay items and a few had fallen apart needing repairs. I posted pictures of these on my Facebook page. I always place photos of my recent and current art projects there first so make sure you like my Facebook page and look there for my recent work. (

Hope you like the photos of my clay creations below. I promise that someday I will have a website with a shop and not just a craft blog …

11093368_10155484852080307_469453506_n11251585_10155484852965307_182999946_n11267318_10155484852555307_1814844675_n11124595_10155484852325307_771193756_n11128413_10155484850260307_1186767219_n11256538_10155484851745307_1839460038_nAll items above were handmade by : MYTCR8TiV™ – 2015©. Please, comment below for permission or credit me if you use any of the photos contained in this blog. Thank you !

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Be Back Soon … (ñ_ñ)


Hi, All you CR8TiV Cats !! Many of you asked where I’ve been lately and why I haven’t posted anything on my blog. (♥ ε ♥) It’s really sweet that you guys miss me enough to message me a … Hey, where are you ? L0L Don’t worry I’m still here and trying to get in some CR8TiV crafting or art here and there which I’ll post up onto my Facebook page or Instagram.

But if you read any of my other blogs which I will list below. I’ve been semi-active on my PsychoBabblesBlog site which will provide you a slight insight as to why I’ve been so MIA *Missing In Action* here on my MYT CR8TiV blog. A lot of changes are going on in my Life right now that has been pulling me away from my craft station and preventing me from doing some of the things I love.

In the end it’ll be worth it and soon enough I’ll have plenty of time to return to doing the things I love and even have a shop for you to shop in maybe. So pardon my absents guys and I’m still around and doing arts and crafts when I get the chance. Just right now I’m taking a little bit of a break away from it chasing after my dreams and working towards what I need to get MYT CR8TiV™ to becoming even greater. So forgive me !! I’ll still pop in once in awhile to let you know how I’m doing or when I have something CR8TiV to share.

So for those of you who don’t know about my other blogs I have here is a list and short description of each below …

• PsychoBabblesBlog “” – This is my personal blog where I blog about my thoughts, opinions, and anything that is on my mind at that time being.

• ItzJust4Fun “” – This just as the same states is my blog where I blog just for fun. I share funny jokes, create random posts for fun like my post about naming how many recipes can you make from just a potato ? L0L

• MouseTales “” – If you don’t know I have a stuffed animal mouse whom I’ve had since I was 3 yrs. old. His name is Mousey and he has been by my side since I was 3 and currently remains by my side. I made me a grown adult but I still snuggle him while I sleep and cannot sleep without him. I do not care what judgements get thrown at me when they see a grown woman cuddling this raggedy old stuffed animal in a car road trip or looking over at me to see a stuffed animal sitting next to me sharing a seat belt with me. This blog is in third-person mode so to speak as I blog as Mousey himself and share his adventures and tales with him and his brothers. *I have 5 of the same mouse* Someday I’ll blog about each of them maybe write a book about them.

Well, enjoy each of my other blogs besides this one. I try to juggle all four(4) and post in each of them but I’m not constantly actively posting in all of them but if you subscribe you’ll know when I have posted something *new* onto either of those blogs. Enjoy and B3 CR8TiV !! ~ MYTCR8TiV™

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What are you up to … Tuesday !


Hello ! Lately life has been pulling me away from my CR8TiV desk but I’ll get back into the groove of things shortly. Some of you have been asking me what I’ve been up to lately … Well, I’ve moved on from cardmaking as I was up to my ankles in handmade cards with no one to gift them to or send them to.

Currently I’m into a craft called Kumihimo which is a Japanese braiding technique. It’s very simple to do and makes beautiful bracelets and necklaces. The braiding makes the cords very strong. I haven’t figured out how to use end caps to finish the bracelets but I have been experimenting with different threads and strings. Embroidery string makes friendship bracelet like Kumihimo, I’m currently using rattail cords to make thicker bracelets and necklaces.

It’s really a fun project and you should give it a try. I will post up pictures of what I’ve made so far once I figure out how to use end caps and finish the bracelets. I’m also working on a beaded one but I have to buy more seed beads. You apparently need 50 on each thread. (>~<)

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Can you buy over $100 worth of stuff for $8 ?

Hi, my CR8TiV kittens !! It’s Friday !! (ñ_ñ) So glad it’s finally Friday. So the title of this blog post … Can you buy over $100 worth of stuff for $8 ? The answer is … Only @ Walmart you can. Last night I was at Walmart browsing for some fancy business attire formal wear to wear to a meeting I am attending with my husband tomorrow. Being not the fancy schmancy type I don’t own ANY fancy special occasions formal wear. I only wear one pair of jeans and lots of tshirts.

But anyways that’s not what this blog is about. Straying off topic as usual ! (≥~≤”) Sorry about that. So how did I get over $100 worth of stuff for $8 ? Well, being this is my CR8TiV Art and Craft blog what I am gonna share with you is definitely worth the $8 bucks I spent for it. Check out the pictures below …


/(O o o)\ Oh Em Gee … I know, Right !?! If you are a cardmaker or into cardmaking like I have been lately this is a great buy especially if you’re a beginner and just starting out. Also would make an excellent gift for a crafter. The picture doesn’t show it but the box of this thing is HUGE !! *Sorry for the flash spots in the photos. I have poor lighting in my house so when I take pictures they don’t come out so great without a flash.*

I ripped open this box like a hungry lion would to a gazelle carcass and was SUPER excited to try out the Paper trimmer. I currently use a Cricut Paper trimmer and it’s not horrible but it’s not good either. It does it’s job as far as trimming your paper but the cut isn’t clean. It’s very jagged and looks like you just scored the paper then ripped it apart. But nothing a scissor can’t clean up. You just gotta leave an extra ½” or less them trim off the jagged edge with scissor. No biggie ! But it does get annoying and tedious after awhile.

SOoo … I was SUPER eager to give the Paper trimmer a go. I cut through my 1st scrap of cardstock and it didn’t cut. I tried again and it didn’t cut. I looked at the trimmer blade and (≥⌂≤) THERE WAS NO BLADE !! I thought okay maybe they package the blade separately ? Looked for a blade packet … None. I fiddled with it to see if there’s a button maybe to retract the blade … Nothing. So boo hoo … I got a defective Paper trimmer that I was so excited to use. The Paper trimmer is a lot like the Fiskars Paper trimmer … it has a flap you lift up to place your paper under. I’ve used my sisters once before and this Paper trimmer looks a lot like the Fiskars 12″ Surecut Paper trimmer *See picture below*
41g6f-hDWgL._SY300_My CR8TiV resourceful mind is curious to see if maybe I can buy a pack of the refill blades for the Fiskar Paper trimmer and it’ll probably work on the defective Paper trimmer from this Papercraft kit. But I contacted the maker of the Papercraft Kit which is LeisureArts and they are going to send me a replacement trimmer so hopefully the *new* one they send me will have a blade and I’ll still try the Fiskars Paper trimmer blade refills on the defective one and see if it works. I’ll post up a blog post about it to share the results.

Anyways this kit contained SOo .. many things !! It came with a pair of scalloped trim cutting scissors, three(3) bottles of glitter glue, a packet of stickers, blank gift tags in three(3) sizes, glitter tape, pretty colored bakers twine, a adhesive tape runner, ribbon in rainbow colors, two(2) sheets of rhinestones: Bold and Pastel colors, and Plenty of Paper. The patterned paper choices is kinda slim maybe like 4-6 sheets of patterned paper in each pack *Small and Large* but they give you plenty of solid colors.

(¬_¬) I’m a huge lover of rainbows and bright colors so I’ve been looking for cardstock paper with bright rainbow colors and I have to say it’s hard to find something like that. Everything I find either has two colors of the same spectrum like Red with Pink, Blue with Light Blue, or too busy body patterned. I just want a simple but cute paper that has rainbow colored stars, dots, hearts, etc. I found a paper pad that said Rainbow Bursts … (=_=) The paper was just papers in the colors of the rainbow … Red with some kind darker red pattern, Blue with a dark blue pattern, etc. Not quite the rainbow burst I was hoping for. But I’m sure if I go to a proper craft store like JoAnns or Michaels I’ll find a pack of paper that I’m looking for.

Anyways this kit is really a great craft kit and for $8 bucks it’s pretty worth it to me. Check out your local Walmart to see if they carry this ! I got mine from the 24 hour Walmart in Baldwin Park but there were only a few left so make sure you hurry to get yourself one or two or ALL OF THEM !! L0L Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a picture of the items it came with inside up close or if there’s something you’d like to see a better picture of. But I definitely recommend this kit if you’re on a craft supply budget.

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Who is that guy in the corner ??


Hello and Happy Friday !!  So many of you are curious and have been asking me what is that emoticon looking face in the corner of my drawings. Well, (∩⌂∩”) that is my Artists signature !! It composes of the initials of my name MYT and F. (¬_¬) Now please be respectful and do not steal or use my Artists signature in anyway !! I am happily sharing and answering your question by showing you what the little emoticon means. So please respect that it is solely original like your signature on a personal check or document. Thank you !

*Ahem* (≥~≤”) So my Birthday name is Mary Yuuko Takahashi. I think I have disclosed before that I am of Japanese decent either on my Art Blog or my CR8TiV writing blog **. So by initial my name is MYT. Let me give you a short story of the origin of MYT ! Growing in elementary like Kindergarten – 1st grade my belongings were often labeled MYT and my then friend asked who My T *Mighty* and I said I am. She giggled and said L0L You’re Mighty Mary ! :P From that day forward the nickname My T *Mighty* clung to me up until about maybe 3rd or 4th grade when not so pleasant nicknames replaced it.

Anyways don’t wanna get into the sob stories. But if you look at the image above I have broken down what every part of the emoticon *EMO con* as some of you called it is. I really LOVE my Artist signature as it gives me an endless way of CR8TiVity due to the open space above his head. Below main drawing I gave a few example of what I can do with the open space above his head. For a Birthday card I can put a Birthday hat, Easter … Rabbit Ears, Halloween … Cat Ears, A Wedding Card or Formal card … Top Hat and Bowtie, and could also be a Birthday card but a Crown. I can add anything I want and it gives my artwork a more unique charm !! ( ‘u^)

So that my fellow CR8TiV mushrooms is what that little emoticon guy in the corner of my artwork is. It is my unique and MYT CR8TiV Artists Signature !! I’d be happy to help you create a unique signature of your own just comment below or send me a message through my Facebook page ….

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Monday CR8TiV Challenge …

usewhatyouhaveHappy Monday my fellow CR8TiV worms ! So today I kinda want to give you guys a challenge and that challenge is to create something using things you have around the house. Like the image above captions … Use What You Have. I’ve been crafting for a long time but only recently started blogging about it and posting up my creations on a Facebook page. But I can tell you that creating art isn’t cheap ! To create anything Artistic or Crafty does require a decent sized wallet.

BUT that does not mean you have to break your bank account or go broke. I have found many frugal as some may say but I call it CR8TiV ways to still find art supplies if you are on a limited income or budget. For example … many artists use Prismacolor pencils but Crayola colored pencils work just as well. There are techniques you can use to stretch the quality of your colored pencils further even dollar store colored pencils. Like using a little bit of Baby oil. I found rubbing alcohol doesn’t work as great with Crayola colored pencils as they do with Prismacolor but they’re still colored pencils none the less.

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I’m currently in a cardmaking phase and I’ll post up photos of my small yet growing handmade card collection on my Facebook page * CR8TiV* later today. But some cards like the shaker cards which are cards that have moving confetti or colored sequins inside a plastic window require you to have acetate film to make the shaker card window. I made my 1st shaker card a few days ago and it was really fun to make.

Now I have no clue where to buy acetate film or what that even is. I “Used What I have” which was an empty Q-Tip Cotton Swab box and I cut up the box giving me a small clear plastic rectangle. I gave the wiped the window with a baby wipe and used it towards my 1st shaker card … it worked great !! My 1st shaker card may not look so great as I lack supplies that could of made it better like using distressed inks and blender tool but as it was my 1st card and a card going to my Husband I didn’t think it mattered much as he loved anything I make for him.

My only tip is to double layer the foam tape you use to seal in the sequins or confetti put into a shaker card so that when you shake it the shaker items are loose and not clumped in corners like a single layer is. I only had enough foam tape to make a single layer and with that I noticed the sequins aren’t very loose and clump together. I am gonna double layer my foam tape next time I make a shaker card for more looser shakes.

But I challenge you to create using things you already have and to be/think CR8TiVly when you craft or create. Wishing you had a Tim Holtz blender tool for blending inks but can’t afford one or don’t have money for one ?? Make your own !! Dollar stores sell foam makeup pads those can easily be used and discarded after use or washed with soap and water then reused again.

If you MUST have the Tim Holtz blender tool you can easily make your own. Go to a Hardware store like HomeDepot and buy a cabinet drawer knob and ask the lumber department if they have any scraps of wood that you can have. Most have large dumpsters full of wood scraps and you can ask them to cut it into a circle. After just take some glue and glue the cabinet drawer knob to the wood circle base and attach self-adhesive velcro to a dollar store makeup pad and you have your own DIY Blender tool made for under a few bucks.

You just gotta think outside the craft store and use what you have. So I hope I inspired you to try to use what you have and I challenge you to create something using thinks you already have. Post up your creation(s) on my Facebook page or comment below. B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV … MYT CR8TiV.

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Convenient-font-b-Plastic-b-font-Storage-Box-Mini-Multi-Boxes-9-font-b-Drawer-bHappy Saturday my CR8TiV kittens ! So last night I made a trip to my local RiteAid Pharmacy for some prescription refills and they generally take about 15-20 minutes to get the refills done. So I browse the store for snacks, maybe a drink for the drive home, see what’s new in their stationery section. But I always browse their bargain rack where they have items priced from $1~$3.

Yesterday I found some really great storage boxes but I bought like the one shown above. It’s not the exact brand but it’s pretty much the same. It’s black in color – plastic – and has 9 small compartments … Perfect for polymer clay storage, eyepins, small gems, and other craft supplies. It has two(2) holes on the back to hang the box onto your walls. The best part was it was $3.00 !! I was tempted to go and buy all of them so I can have a vast storage system hung on my wall with all different types of craft supplies in each compartment. But the hubz says one is good enough.

I immediately put this baby to work and stored my Premo clay bricks in them and they perfectly hold two(2) stacks of clay bricks. I’ll try to take a photo of it so you guys can see it. But in the lower compartments I organized my clay scrap balls by color which made it so much easier. Red, Yellow, Green … I had to put a small cardboard divider in the red to store some of my blue scrap clay. But for $3 this is totally worth it !! I think Akro Mils has a similar storage box that sells for like $15-16 bucks.

For those of you who live in Los Angeles here’s the address/location of the RiteAid I found mine at …

531 n. Glendale Ave. Glendale, CA 91206

The Bargain section is near the soda/beer display and a small rack at the end of the laundry detergent aisle. If you walk down the laundry detergent aisle … make a right and it’s at the end of that aisle. There were some other stackable storage boxes in bright colors for $2 I think which I was itching to wanna get but I don’t really have space for stackable boxes at the moment. I’m not really sure if all RiteAids carry this storage box but I just wanted to share with you a great deal and steal if you do see it … I recommend to get it !!

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Happy Thursday my Crafty Cats ! We’re getting closer to the weekend. Do you have something CR8TiV in plan for the weekend ? (n_n) I have something CR8TiV going on everyday but today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on coloring and markers. The image you see posted above is a handrawn artwork of Briar Roses using a Google image as a reference guide. I drew them while my husband was at a doctors appointment. As always I did the rough sketch in pencil and then outlined using my Uniball Micro pen.

I have to recommend Uniball Micro pens if you are a crafter/artist on a budget. It costs are $12 for a dozen @ Staples where I usually big up my pack from but they last a really long time the one pack is pretty much all you’ll need. After I outlined I then went into to color the image to complete it. Many people have asked me if I used Copics to color them or Prismacolor markers. I can only wish I could afford those ! (=~=)

I actually used Crayola Paintbrush Pens *Shown Below*. They only come in 5 colors … Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. They don’t exactly blend together to create other colors like if you were to take Red and Yellow to make orange. They aren’t exactly paintbrushes either. They’re pretty much just Crayola markers with a flexible paintbrush like tip. It would be nice if they had them as regular marker sets in all the colors a their Pipsqueak marker sets comes in.

Now talking about colors I have learned that you don’t really need to have a VAST spectrum of colors. I have several Promarkers and I could never find the right dark pink or my sky blue wasn’t really dark enough for something I was coloring. I could go out and buy markers with the right colors but a trick I found was layering your colors. If your pink is not quite dark enough then just go over it again with the same marker to get a darker tone. On the Briar Rose drawing you’ll see that I colored the center of the roses a deep dark red. But you’ll see in the marker set pictured above there is no deep dark red. I achieved that deeper tone of red by just going over the first layer of red again and it darkened the tone.

So if you’re ever looking to create an Ombre effect *coloring going light to dark* and have a very limited amount of colors to chose from just go over with the same color. Now if you’re going to do this with say coloring pencils and not marker just apply a little more pressure to get a darker tone. So if you wanted a pink Ombre just lightly color with your pink then gradually apply more pressure to get darker tones. Creating art doesn’t have to be expensive ! We all have a long wish list of Art supplies we wish we could get … I know I do ! But make the most out of the things you have and you’ll realize you don’t really need all those other more expensive art supplies.

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