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Father’s Day Craft : Greeting Card Tutorial


Hey, everyone !! I’m back from my temporary hiatus. Life has somewhat gotten back on track so I’m able to return to my nurturing my inner cr8tivity! Did ya miss me at all ?? (T_T) Probably not. But anyways I thought I’d return with a tutorial !! Father’s Day is this Sunday and many of you are searching for that perfect gift and perfect greeting card to give to Dad but how about making a really cute Shirt and Tie greeting card for Dad ?? Everyone loves gifts that are handmade even Dad’s have a soft spot for handmade gifts. So let me share with you an easy and simple tutorial to make a really cute Shirt and Tie greeting card. Please, excuse my photo quality as I’m still kinda new at the idea of making step by step tutorials. So if you have any questions or stuck on something feel free to email me @ MYTCR8TiV and I’ll do my best to help you out. Ok, let’s get started … ENJOY !!!


STEP 1 : The Supplies you’ll need to make this craft are … [] Sheet of Cardstock paper – [] Scrap of Scrapbook Pattern *Bolder the Pattern the more fun* – [] Pair of Scissors – [] Tape Runner or Glue Stick


STEP 2 : Draw a Necktie design onto your scrap of scrapbook paper like so. This is where bolder the pattern and colors of the scrapbook paper the more fun the card will look.


STEP 3 : Cut out the tie shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect ! ( ‘u^)



STEP 4 : Take your White Cardstock sheet and evenly fold in the Left and Right sides *Look @ Example Photo Below*

EXAMPLE PHOTO : Here is how it should look once you fold in the Left and Right side. Try to make this as even as possible.


STEP 5 : Take the upper left corner and fold it downward making a slight angled triangular shape.

EXAMPLE PHOTO : It should look like this once you have folded down the upper left corner down.


STEP 6 : Do the same thing to the right corner. It should look like the photo below when finished. Isn’t it resembling a shirt collar now ? (n_n) This is getting pretty exciting now !!


STEP 7 : Take a Small scrap of Cardstock and cut it into a small square about 2″ x 2″ in size. The cut doesn’t have to be straight or perfect.


STEP 8 :Cut the lower corners off to make a slight angle to each corner. ;D


STEP 9 : Fold down the top edge of the square to create what will be the shirt pocket. 😀


STEP 10 : Open the fold and add a little bit of glue or a small swipe of tape under the folded flap you just made on the upper edge.


STEP 11 : Put your little pocket aside and grab the scrap scrapbook paper piece from the necktie you cut out. And cut Two small triangle like shapes *Look at Photo Below*

EXAMPLE PHOTO : Cut out two triangles One bigger than the other. This will be the Handkerchief that will be hanging out of the shirt pocket.


STEP 12 : Put a little bit of glue/tape to the lower edge of the triangles and glue them to the back of the pocket facing opposite directions to resemble a hanky in the shirt pocket. 😀


STEP 13 :Glue on the Pocket to the front of the greeting card and put a little glue on one side of the tie and place the tie just under the fold corner flaps. Doesn’t it look like Daddy’s Shirt and Tie now ?? 😀


Step 14 : TADA !! Your handmade Shirt and Tie Father’s Day card is complete !! Ready for your heartfelt greetings to be written inside.


STEP 15 : FINAL DETAILS ! Write Happy Father’s Day in the corner of the card or a quick joke to give Dad a chuckle before he reads the heartfelt greeting inside.

Well, that’s it !! That is my Father’s Day Shirt and Tie greeting card tutorial. Hope you enjoyed it and remember to be cr8tiv !! This card can be used for many occasions not just Father’s Day. Make it for your Boss’s Birthday, A Co-Workers retirement, make it just to say I Love you to your husband, or congratulate someone on that job promotion or getting hired, etc. This greeting card has endless uses if you just be cr8tiv !! Til’ my next cr8tiv project … Remember to B3 BOLD … B3 INSPiRED … and B3 CR8TiV !! TTFN = Ta Ta For Now !!



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