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Happy Holidays everyone ! Wow !! I really can’t remember the last time I wrote on my CR8TiV Art blog. So many things have changed that I don’t have the time to blog and there’s a long list of things I wanted to blog about like Brush Marker pen comparisons as I’ve collected quite a few now … I also wanted to blog about Art subscription boxes as my BFF gifted me a subscription to Sketch Box. Also wanted to blog about the non-Art subscription box which is the Pusheen Box that my Sister gifted me a subscription to on my Birthday this year. So many things I want to share with you guys. I wish I could just think it and immediately get’s posted on here. L0L

Umm … my BFF got me the 150 color Primacolor Premier Colored Pencil set and Amazon has them on sale for really good deal right now so if you’ve been wanring them whether for yourself or as a gift … Nows the best time to get them as they’re just over $100 I believe. Normally this set will cost you like $200. If you follow me on Instagram @mytcr8tiv You’ll find me most active there. I do still post occasionally on my Facebook page but if you want to see my most recent works … follow me on Instagram.

Uhh … let’s see what else can I update you about ? Oh ! After almost 18+ yrs. of trying to get my 1st time job I got hired in October @ Walmart. I applied as a temporary seasonal but just on Sunday I found out that they are going to keep me. So that’s part of the reason I haven’t been so active on my blogs and posting on my sites. Work takes up my energy and time but when I am off like today I am busy trying to finish unfinished projects, squeeze some CR8TiV time in, all while trying to relax and enjoy my day off. The main issue is laziness where I just don’t feel like doing anything on my day off.

But I promise that soon I will get you updated and post up a comparison review of the Brush marker pens as I have a lot more to compare not like my previous post of Tombows and the Brush set I bought from Amazon. I know have Tombows, Pentel Touch, A few that came in the recent Sketch Box, Sharpie Brush, Kuretake Fudebiyori my Mom brought from Japan, and a few more that I can’t recall off the top of my head. I’ll create a detailed comparison of them soon.

I also just ordered my Christmas gift to myself which is the Mini Misti from My Sweet Petunia but also ordered the Hampton Art Perfect Stamp Tool which is pretty much a knock off version of the Mini Misti. I’ve heard the surface of the Hampton Art version is a wee bigger than the Mini Misti but I will definitely do a comparison post on those two as I am sure it’s a gonna be a popularly viewed on.

I’ll do my best to try and stay active in my blogs when I have the time to do so. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday and I deeply want to say Thank you to all the dedicated followers/subscribers for following my blog(s) and liking my Facebook posts. I am hoping that in 2017 I can push MYT CR8TiV™ towards a 2nd attempt at Etsy shop and sell many of the things I make as well as a destash of some stamp sets and supplies I have and no longer use. So I hope 2017 is prosperous and positive than the previous not just for me but for everybody !!!

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