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Join the Club … Stamp Clubs.


Hi, Everyone ! Hope your 2016 New Year is off to a great start ! Mine seems to be heading on a positive path so far. *Don’t Jinx it* So today I wanted to share with you two(2) stamping clubs I joined. I’m sure you know of a subscription club out there. There’s SOo… many to choose from now !! There’s the Kawaii Crate, LootBox, Snakku, etc.

But one of my current hobby addictions is Cardmaking. I have slowly started growing a small collection of clear stamps and rubber stamps. I wanted to try out a stamp subscription. I originally saw my 1st stamp subscription in the Paper wishes catalog. Their stamp club is $18 *Shipping included* and you receive a 6×6 or 8×8 stamp set. I just joined this stamp subscription so I haven’t received any stamps yet but will do a Full Review once I get my first set.

Here’s the link to that subscription ↓

Another stampers subscription kit I joined is called The Stamps of Life and it’s SUPER affordable ! It’s only $12 a month !! The Stamps of Life subscription kit is $10.95 with $1 shipping in the US or $1.50 in Canada or $2.50 for the rest of the world. They website is very cute and their shop is full of so many adorable stamps !

Here’s a link to that subscription ↓

Both PaperWishes and The Stamps of Life have other subscription kits as well such as die cut subscription, card kits, etc. Join as many as suits your fancy ! I honestly think these subscription clubs are a deal bcuz one stamp set depending on where and what brand can cost you just as much as these stamp subscriptions and that’s just for one stamp set.

I know the stamp set I receive will solely be based on surprise as you don’t get to pick and choose which stamp set you want but sometimes the element of surprise is nice. Of course there will be Hits and Misses where you get a stamp set that you don’t like or won’t have a need for. Well, pass it on !! Either give it to a friend who’s just starting out on the cardmaking journey or if you have a shop pop it on your shop or use it as a giveaway item on your website. blog, or Facebook page.

One great idea is to gather all the stamps you don’t really like or have use for and create a DIY Cardmakers kit to gift to a young child. Sow the seed of cardmaking into a young child’s heart. If you have a niece, nephew, grandchildren, or even a Sister or friend gift them the kit for their special occasion whether Birthday or whatever. You could also create a kit and gift it to a child in the hospital. Imagine the smiles on every persons face in the hospital bcuz the child you gifted the kit to is making cards for everyone in the hospital.

B3 CR8TiV !! iNSPiR3 !! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to share with you my recent craft store haul since it seems to be popular that people share their craft store hauls with other crafters. I got a pretty good amount of stuff thanks to Christmas money, GiftCards, and my husband !



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