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Are you going to have a Crafty Weekend ?

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Hello everyone !! Happy Friday !! So the weekend is coming up … what will you be doing this weekend ?? I’m again jumping from one craft project to another. I explained before that I kinda have crafters ADD where I can’t stay focused on just one craft project I have so many unfinished art projects as I started on one then got interested in another. If you remember my post about Spirograph I am current obessed with quilling. I purchased a Quilling Kit from Blitsy as an early Birthday present to myself. If you are thinking about trying quilling you MUST get this Quilling kit … this kit comes with a reusable storage box that has storage space on both sides. It comes with EVERYTHING you need to get started !! What comes in the kit is Two(2) Quilling tools – A slotted tool and Needle too, Quilling paper, Tweezers, Circle shape ruler, A tube of Elmers craft glue, and a instruction booklet.

Quilling may seem difficult but it’s quite simple as everything starts off from a round circle but pinched in a certain way and you got a vast array of shapes to work with. I’m working on a quilled Pikachu which I might use as my 50 likes Giveaway item for my Facebook page. I’ll post pictures of it when I get the chance. Hope you have a great weekend and remember to try to b3 CR8TiV and b3 iNSPiR3D everyday !!


CR8TiV EXPLOSiON !! *KaBooM* \(∩∩)/

Amy-Ms-Creative-Mind-1bkhy8xI have no idea what is going on but I have fallen into a CR8TiV Explosion mode. As some would call it … I’m on a Roll !! I’ve been getting so many CR8TiV project ideas that my hands can’t keep up with it all. Random doodles have turned into something that I would like to expand on. I started drawing a random teddy bear but it was so cute I started thinking of creating storybook or something using the teddy bear. A friend suggested I create a few more characters to go along with the bear. I sat with a blank brain trying to think what friends would go with this cute teddy bear.

I looked at a Moose stuffed animal sitting on the couch next to me and I started to draw him into a cartoon form. He looked so darn adorable and matched with the teddy bear. Next thing I knew I have woodland critters … a Bear, a Moose, a Rabbit, and a Fox. I then started thinking up a storyline to go with the storybook. I was thinking of making a story about the four(4) of them having a Spring picnic in the fields. But I couldn’t think of names for each of the characters nor a title for the book or forest where they come from. I thought maybe Elderwood Groves Conservation Park is where they lived.

As I was trying to think up names I oddly started drawing little chibi fairy/pixie characters. Next thing I know I’m creating another Storybook which I titled the Bumbleberry Fairy Tales. My Birthday is coming up and I’m hoping that the Birthday fairy will grant my wish and I’ll get me some Letra Promarkers and/or Prismacolor pencils so I can create these fairy/pixie characters nicely to show you all. (ñ⌂ñ) If I post up any sneak peek photos they’ll be on my Facebook page … that is generally where I post all my artwork whether random, requested, or in any other forms besides handrawn like Polymer Clay.

I’ll post up photos of these latest creations when I feel they’re ready to be shown. Hopefully I’ll get some Promarkers or Prismacolor items for my Birthday so that I can show you in the quality and detail my Artwork deserves to be in. Oh and I also bought a pack of ACEO *Art Cards Editions and Originals* Trading cards. I prefer to called them Artist Created Editions and Originals. But I plan to put up my handrawn ACEO cards for sale. How does 2 for $5 sound ? I’ll let you know when I start gathering enough handrawn ACEO cards that I can post them up here for sale. Until then stay in touch ! B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV ! ~ MYT CR8TiV

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Every Penny Counts … (n_n)

blitsy-logo-web-mediumHi, Everyone !! Ready for the weekend ?? Do you have any craft projects you’ll be working on this weekend ? Hope you’ll think about sharing them with us here on MYT CR8TiV™. (n_n) I’m constantly working on one craft project or another everyday. Crafting or being CR8TiV keeps me sane ! I don’t know about you but to me doing something CR8TiV whether it’s randomly drawing something in my Artbook or working on a Craft Project or helping a friend with Artwork for their website or blog it’s so relaxing and sorta meditative zen to me. I put in my earbuds and listen to my favorite radio station and I’m in this complete and total Zen. Anything and Everything around me just disappears and I’m just in a completely different world and mindset. (∩ε∩) Don’t you just Love that feeling ?

Anyways today I thought I’d share with you an AWESOME website called Blitsy. It’s a website that offers craft supplies at up to 70% off. Sure, we all love those coupons for Michael’s or JoAnns giving us 50% off one item but Blitsy often times has really awesome stuff and rock bottom prices. Sure, you have to subscribe to check out the sales but it’s *FREE* to subscribe and totally worth it !! All they ask for is your email address. If you don’t like them just click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email and you’ll never hear from them again. But seriously in this day and economy it’s sometimes expensive to keep up with your constant CR8TiV inspirations or ideas that pop into your head after browsing Pinterest, CraftGawker, or whatever.

The prices of Everything is going up and that includes Craft supplies. My wish list of Art/Craft Supplies is so long it can probably reach to Pluto !! Especially since I got my SSI revoked after getting married in 2011 having money to spend on craft supplies isn’t as easily available as before. Before I looked at a $100 craft item and thought I need it for this and that so why not. But now I look at a craft item even $5.00 and think (- ⌂ – ‘) *Sigh* another item to add to my never ending Wish List. But I found Blitsy and it’s a site you should check back on everyday and they post up deals everyday !! You gotta be quick though as item quantities are limited each item is only up for sale for like three(3) days and once you place an item in your Cart you have like 30 minutes to decide whether to buy it or it becomes available for the next person to get a chance to buy it.

Also be sure to check them out on Sundays between 9am-10am as they have their Blitsy Sunday Brunch Sales where items are given an additional 30% off but only between that hour. I purchased a Beginners Quilling kit as a early Birthday present gift to myself and looking forward to receiving it. Been wanting to try quilling for awhile but YouTube videos assured me that it’s easier than I thought. So I’m gonna give it a try ! Please, consider subscribing to Blitsy !! It’s a really awesome site ! Wish there were more sites like this that offer craft supplies at SUPER discount prices. Besides places like Dollar Tree and Dollar King that occasionally have awesome craft supplies Blitsy is best on the net.

Here’s the link to go to the website …

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A trip back into the 70s … (n__n)


Hello … Some of you have been asking me what have I been up to ? Well, I’ve put my Zentangle/DoodleArt phase aside for now and currently addicted to Spirographing. It started when I bought a Spiral Art set from the local Dollar Tree. Of course being it’s from the dollar store you get what you paid for and it doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped. But as an early Birthday present my husband bought me the Spirograph Kit from Target.

If you grew up in the 70s you might remember playing with Spirograph. I wasn’t around in the 70s but my friend had a Spirography set that belonged to an older sibling. We played with it and it was so much fun creating those patterns and swirls.  So I’ve been tinkering with the Spirograph set. Let me tell you it’s a great kit to have if you’re trying to learn Anger Management. This thing will at first push your buttons and push you to your limits. When I first started out I wanted to toss this across the room !!

But I stayed persistent and calm trying to learn the technique to getting the patterns nice without any goof ups. The Spirograph kit includes something called Spiro-Putty which is used to keep your Spirograph ring in place. It’s kinda a reusable sticky clay thing. The instruction book tells you to put Four(4) pea sized Spiro-Putty onto the ring in a cross shape pattern. (¬_¬) DOES NOT WORK !! I tried using Four(4) pieces of Spiro-Putty as they suggested and noticed occasionally the inner circle pops off from the ring. I tried placing Six(6) pieces of Spiro-Putty … One every inch or so and the ring is alot more secure and the inner circle piece doesn’t pop off anymore.

After multiple tries and cursing like a pirate at times. I found the outer holes like hole #1 is the most difficult to maneuver. GO REALLY SLOWLY !! If you speed using the outer holes like 1-5 you’ll end up goofing up. But if you take it very slowly you can prevent goofs. I go SUPER slow and when I start to see the ring is starting to pop up and ready to derail … I stop and push it back down then continue with the movement. The inner holes *more towards the center of the circles* are the easiest and can be done in a fairly quick manner but not too quick. The center holes seems more steady and easier to do even at a higher speed.

Another tip is to keep your pen in a 90° angle meaning straight up and down. I found that using roller ball pens like Pilot G2, Pilot Precision V7 pens, and I find most rollerball pens work best. I’ve used ballpoint pens but they tend to tear holes into the paper are you keep repeating over and over the same pen marks. As I get a little better at the Spirograph and I get some better colored pens I’ll share my creations. Til then I’ll keep you posted on any tips I find as I go along.


10353711008603paOh and one tip I found besides using the Spiro-Putty is to grab a cookie sheet one without the walls or rims just a flat cookie sheet. *See Picture above for example* then get a pack of SUPER strong craft magnets. Place one magnet on the underside of the cookie sheet and another magnet on top to pin the Spirograph ring in place. Works great to pin your paper in place as well.

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