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I ♥ Layering Stamp Sets !


Happy day after Hump day, Everyone ! (ñ~ñ’) I actually started typing this on Hump Day but I didn’t notice the time as it hit midnight so no longer hump day. L0L But I hope your week is going by in positive ways. My week has been pretty busy with work that I haven’t had much time to CR8 but I try to find moments to squeeze some time in.

One Monday I think it was I received my monthly subscription stamp set from PaperWishes Stamps Only subscription kit which contained these Layering Dahlia stamp set. Last month it was the Layering Flowers stamp set. Both were gorgeous stamp sets !! Below is the Layering Dahlia stamp set which I received for the month of January ↓


How gorgeous is this stamp set ? I am slowly growing my layered stamp set collection and most of them are floral sets with I absolutely love !! Now here’s the Layering Flowers stamp set I got last month ↓
This stamp set is also gorgeous !! I highly recommend becoming a Stamps Only club member. The stamp set alone costs $17.99 but for the same price you can get a different stamp set each month and they never disappoint !! I am a forever subscriber to them !! Just letting you know I am not getting any rewards or royalties. This is pure personal opinion and experience based.

A few thing I highly recommend when using layered stamp sets is …

• 1.) A Stamping Tool whether a Misti or Stamp Perfect Tool: Having this tool makes aligning the layers so much easier and also if your first impression didn’t stamp well you can easily restamp again in the same position.

•2.) Multiple Inks in Light-Mid-Dark tones: You don’t really need to have multiple ink colors especially if you have a stamping tool like mentioned above. You can repeatedly stamp with the same ink color to make the tone darker than the previous. But it’s really nice to have multiple colors. If you’re on a tight budget … Michaels craft store brand CraftSmart ink pads are $2.99 each. I recommend using a coupon and buying the Colorbox Cat’s eye container that has 15 colors for $24.99 but with the coupon it can be as low as $15. Another good one is the Colorbox Paintbox set and the Petal Pack which gives you a good amount of color choices for the time being til you get a better set like the Altenew set.

•3.) Post-It note: The Post-It notes that have adhesive edge to edge is perfect to make masks for your stamping. If you’re using a floral layering stamp set you’d want to create a garden background or bouquet and the masking technique is one you’ll definitely need. (┬_┬) I’m not that good at fussy cutting so I’m hoping that someday I can afford the Brother Scan n’ Cut to help me cut out the stamp masks and stamps I don’t have dies for.

•4.) Baby Wipes: Baby wipes are an indispensable tool in your stamp arsenal ! I always buy a bundle pack of them. I like Huggies Simply Clean wipes but depending on the budget at that moment in time the $5 pack of Target’s Up & Up brand works well too. But you’ll definitely need them to wipe off the stamps, your hands, the stamping tool, etc.

Now that I own a few floral layering sets it makes me want to study flowers and what colors they come in. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and it would bother me to stamp a Fuchsia Poppy flower only to find out there aren’t such a thing in real life. It doesn’t really matter but I kinda like to keep the colors true to flowers you can see in real life. But overall I am really loving the Layered stamp sets and I hope to get some non-floral sets in the future like the Hero Arts Layered Goldfish stamp. They’re really fun and with a stamping tool really easy too !

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Mini Misti .vs. HA’s Stamp Perfect Tool

Hello Everyone ! I hope you have had a wonderful New Years celebration. Many of you messaged me in how much anticipation you have for my product review post on the Mini Misti and Hampton Art’s Stamping tool. My husband got me these for Christmas online and my impression was pretty surprising. I have heard and seen about the Misti for so long and was happy to learn about the Mini Misti made specifically for cardmakers. So it’s been on my Wish List for quite some time.

So my husband ordered both from Amazon and the Mini Misti he ordered also came with two(2) ink pads: Blue and Black and two(2) embossing powders: Silver and Gold. The price is pretty decent for the fact that you get these extra items included. Below ↓ is the link to it if you wanna grab one yourself !

The Hampton Art Stamp Perfect stamping tool was pretty amazing price wise and I have to say it surprised me as I’ve tried Hampton Art products before and they were always a terrible quality or product. But this has to be a One Up↑ for the Hampton Art company. Below ↓ is the link to that one as well !

I’m going to start first by reviewing the Mini Misti. My first gripe which is minor is the fact that on packaging as well as online they show the Mini Misti has a Fuschia or Magenta pink color which I didn’t mind but when I opened the box what I got was a pale salmon pinkish orange colored Mini Misti. Color doesn’t really matter as far as performance but it does kinda bug me that the color is deceiving. So hopefully that doesn’t matter or bug you so much as it does for me.

Umm … the 1st thing I did was to take the magnets and wrap them in washi tape as I have read many comments about them sticking together and being unable to separate them. I have not had any issues with that or with them breaking *yet* but I can tell you it’s a BIG help to wrap them in washi tape or masking tape leaving a small tab to pull them apart of pick them up off the Misti surface.

Now for the stamping the back of the packaging says to remove the black foam sheet when using Clear Stamps and I mainly only own Clear stamps so for my 1st go I removed the black foam sheet and the grid paper sheets mat. (¬⌂¬) Uhh … no ! Leave the black foam sheet. Either my clear stamps or cardstock is flatter than most or ??? but when I removed the black foam the stamped surface would not touch the cardstock completely. It worked best with the black foam sheet in place. Either they got weaker magnets after the many complaints of broken magnets or magnets sticking to themselves and not coming off but the magnets seemed pretty weak to me and didn’t really keep my paper in place. One other issue I had was the Mini Misti didn’t close completely flush with the magnets in place so you needed to restamp your image a few times to make sure it completely transferred over.

Overall the Mini Misti does make stamping a lot easier and less fussy. Especially with layered stamps. I was able to better align my Altenew Vintage Roses stamp set a lot easier with the stamping tool and making multiple quantities was a breeze. I would recommend a Mini Misti but continue reading on before you place your order for one.

So now let’s move on to the Hampton Art’s Stamp Perfect Tool. This is my winner from the Product comparison. Like I stated above I was quite surprised by the Hampton Art product as from previous experience they weren’t that great. But the Stamp Perfect tool is AMAZING !! It is bigger than the Mini Misti !! The stamping surface of the Stamp Perfect Tool is actually the size of the Mini Misti. Below ↓ is a picture of the size difference and what I mean by how the stamp surface of the Stamp Perfect Tool is the size of Mini Misti. *Sorry for the poor lighting and picture quality*



You can see from the top photo that the size different is pretty dramatic. I’ve read reviews of people saying it’s a tiny bit bigger but that is not tiny !! I kinda like the larger surface as it gives you more space should you want to make larger cards than just an A2 size. I felt that this Stamp Perfect Tool outperformed the Mini Misti. The magnets stayed put, the stamping surface is larger, it closes completely flush, the flap that you apply your stamps on is a bit more flexible so you can press down to get a good impression whereas the Misti is kinda stiff and hard, it has a pleasant teal blue color like the photo on the box and online shows, and price wise it’s a lot more affordable than the Mini Misti.

I found the Hampton Art Stamp Perfect tool to be a lot better as it’s lighter, more flatter, and even though it’s a tad larger than the Mini Misti I feel like it’s less bulky to transport around in a backpack or messenger tote. Both overall performed equally well and does what it’s supposed to. Both are invaluable tools to have when mass producing cards and wanting to get the most outta your stamps. But I think to me I prefer the Hampton Art Stamp Perfect over the Misti. Everyone has different opinions and taste so if you’re on a tight budget and been wanting the Misti but can’t see yourself paying the price for one … Get the Hampton Art Stamp Perfect but if you have done your research and don’t mind paying the extra go for the Misti but possibly go with the original Misti over the Mini Misti so you have more surface space and card size options. The Mini Misti is definitely only for an A2 or 5×6 card base.

Well, hopefully this 1st product review of the 2017 year was helpful and if you have any questions about either of the products … Comment below and I’ll reply back the best I can. I’m planning to start working on comparison reviews for Brush Marker Pens next as well as Alcohol based markers since I have now acquired a few other brands than just Promarker. As always I thank you for viewing my blog, reading my posts, and liking/following my pages. In case you don’t know them and wanna give a peek … My Facebook page is : and my Instagram is @MYTCR8TiV Have a great week and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2017 !!

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