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Flickr Gallery … *Updated*


I’ve been taking some time off from MYT CR8TiV™ but I never take time off from crafting. I’ve been creating things behind the scenes but I recently updated my Flickr gallery so if you’d like the see the recent things I’ve been working on and what I’ve been up to … check out the Flickr galleries.

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Live by the Golden Rule … Do Onto Others As You Want Done To You !


I apologize as this isn’t exactly a craft related post but it is cr8tivity related sorta … I think ? Anyways today I thought I’d blog about the Golden Rule “Do Onto Others as You Want Done to You”. As you can see from the image above no matter what religion the Golden Rule is pretty much translated the same. Now the Golden Rule doesn’t apply just to Life but it apply to you as fellow crafters as well. Especially to those who sell their craft items on sites like Etsy or share tutorials and what not on YouTube.

(u_u) Now you may be asking how does the Golden Rule apply to the crafting world ? Well, if you sell your crafts or create any handmade item and share it with others the Golden Rule applies in how you treat your fans/followers. What do I mean ? Well, say for example you have a video tutorial sharing your crafting talent/skill on YouTube. Viewers will comment on it and there will be times where questions will be asked by the viewer such as what brand of clay are you using, where did you get that clay tool, or can I substitute this for that or where can I purchase this or that.

(n~n) Now the Golden Rule applies by purely how and if you reply to these viewers and answer any/all questions being asked. I’ve come across many video tutorials and website tutorials where I’ve asked a question and never got an answer. (T~T) It kinda gives off a bad vibe about you that you don’t care enough to answer back to viewer questions. I have viewed many YouTube videos where the crafter answers back to people who say Great Vid ! Thank for sharing !! with replies like Thank you for watching. I’m glad you liked my video. But when a question is posted like where can I get that tool or what’s the name of that color … it goes ignored and not replied to.

So you see where the Golden Rule applies now ? Do Onto Others as You Want Done to You … You’d be a little annoyed if someone didn’t answer you back when you asked a question or was curious about something in the video. When you start posting anything whether it’s a tutorial or just photos of your completed work you in turn are pretty much the teacher. You want to be able to ask a teacher a question and expect a reply to your question. You don’t ask a question in school and have the teacher ignore you. It gives off the vibe that the teacher has a bad attitude or unhelpful, rude, and a bad teacher.

So always live by the Golden Rule in every aspect of your Life. If someone ever asks a question about your handmade crafts whether it’s to ask how it was made, what tool was used, what materials was this or that … Don’t ignore your student AKA “Viewer/Fan/Follower” but be sure to answer them right away and if you can’t answer them right away at least apologize for the delay and answer them. More importantly AT LEAST REPLY BACK !! Don’t ignore them and not say a word back. It only takes a few seconds to reply with a simple reply as … Thank you for viewing ! I used Sculpey III clay or Oh’ it’s pretty simple just use regular white glue, etc. DO ONTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT DONE TO YOU !!

Maybe it’s just me but I like to place myself in other peoples shoes all the time. I wouldn’t like it if I were being ignored when I have a question. So I definitely wouldn’t do it to someone else. Put the shoe on the other foot !! It’s a pretty simple concept. If you don’t like to be ignore then don’t ignore others. Hopefully this will remind you to look through your comments in your blog, website, postings, and video postings to see and answer any questions anyone might have asked. You’ll grow more fans and they’ll have a deeper sense of respect that you care about their thoughts and opinions.

So if you ever have a questions or anything you’d like to say … feel free to comment in my blogs both this one and my other one. I’ll be sure to reply back and make it my solemn dutie to my readers to never ignore your questions, thoughts, or opinions. B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV ~ MYT CR8TiV™

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Another year towards a better you …


I apologize for not posting through the holidays. I had some Holiday craft ideas I wanted to share with you but things kinda distracted me from posting them up. Well, it’s now day 2 of the *NEW* Year and I have to say that as far as my crafts go I have alot to learn before I set foot into Etsy or trying to sell the things I make. Especially clay items. I’m still learning and experiencing the different techniques and differences between each craft item. I’ve read many blogs about Sculpey III being brittle and my previous uses with Sculpey III I didn’t have any issues with the clay being brittle after baking. But I guess their formulations must of changed bcuz now after I baked my clay items I find they break easily.

(-_-,) Sadly, two(2) of my only customers let me know that my clay item they purchased arrived broken or damaged from the shipping process. They did not request refunds and said it was minor that they could fix it themselves but it sure broke my crafting spirit to be told this. I stopped crafting for awhile after I was told that something I made became so brittle. I honestly wanted to just give up and stop trying to craft towards a business opportunity and just continue crafting for myself and my own sanity. But after being encouraged by a few fellow crafters that they too have times where items have arrived damaged or broken and it’s just the way it is. So this is just another learning experience which will serve me to better myself in the future and hone my skills to where it’s perfect for the outside world whom would be buying my items in the future.

So until then let us not be discouraged, continue to learn, and sculpt ourselves so to speak into the CR8TiV crafters we all wish to be ! This 2014 year I plan to become a better person all together and I hope that you yourselves will become better in the crafts of your liking and let us all continue to … B3 B0LD, B3 iNSPiR3D, and B3 CR8TiV !! 2013 it was a pleasure but 2014 I eagerly await what you have in store for me and MYT CR8TiV™. Let’s Do This !! *RAWR*