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Taking Art on the Go … *UPDATE*


Hi, everyone !! So this is an update to my previous post regarding the Wacom Bamboo Slate. Today my husband was being a bit generous and along with the Wacom Bamboo Slate Small he let me purchase this Lenovo Tab3 8 tablet. I plan to use it along side the smaller sized Bamboo Slate for Art on the go or while on my work break periods.

One thing I immediately noticed one I paired the Bamboo Slate to the Lenovo Tablet was that the image shows up very jagged and the drawing marks I made aren’t smooth clean lines like when I paired my 1st Bamboo Slate Large with my Alcatel Idol 4 Smartphone. I do currently have my tablet plugged into it’s charger so I don’t know if that is the cause of the drawings coming out with jagged lines. But gimme one second to unplug it from the USB charger and see if it makes any difference.


Ok, I am back ! Hmm … So even after I unplugged the USB cable it drawing I tested out still came out very jagged compared to my Idol 4 Smartphone where the drawn lines were very smooth. I don’t think it has to do with the Bamboo Slate itself but possibly that the results differ from Gadget to Gadget. So if you bought the Bamboo Slate Large or Small and finding your drawing or writing on your Tablet or Smartphone is coming out jagged it’s not a faulty Bamboo Slate. Try using it onto a different device.

Anyways a mini review of the Wacom Bamboo Slate Small is that there isn’t much of a difference between the Large size except for well the size difference. Like I said in the previous blog post the Large is a A5 Paper pad size so a 9″x11″ size where as the Small is A4 size so about a 5×6 size. I find the 5×6 a little bit easier to tote around in a backpack or totebag than the Large size. So if you’re looking for Art on the go … Grab yourself a Small Tablet and the Small Bamboo slate.

I’m not sure how to fix the jagged lined transfer issue but I will post an update if I find out why or how to fix the jagged line issue.

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Taking Art to the next level … (•ᴥ•)

Hey, Everyone ! Wow !! It’s been awhile since I last made a blog post !! Looking back it says my last post was in January. Guess not too long ago but sorry I don’t blog as often as I want to about things but I am active in posting up my Art creations on Instagram and Facebook mainly Instagram though.

Umm … I can’t remember if I shared a Life update in previous blog posts but I am now working at my 1st job which I’ve been almost 6 months since I started. It took a bit of an adjustment to transition from being a 20+ yrs unemployed stay-at-home hermit crab to a busy awkwardly social employee. Took a lot outta me to give up my comfort of sleeping as long as I wanted, waking up whatever time I wanted, and have all the time in the world to just create inside my little bubble I call home.

I admit my social anxieties, general anxiety, self-issues, lack of self-confidence, and other negativities about myself are a struggle at times when things get real crazy but it’s a learning curve. I gotta learn to grow armor for working in the retail world bcuz I’ll be honest with you some customers aren’t the most pleasant species to deal with. Some you wonder if they even have a brain or soul at all.

But this post isn’t about my Work Life … I do that on my personal blog * if you’re interested in Workplace ramblings*. Today I wanted to blog about a loving gift from my Husband. He bought me the Wacom Bamboo Slate last week and it is the most awesome gadget I have to own ! So what the Bamboo Slate essentially is … is it’s a smart pad of paper with a smart pen attached. What you write on the paper syncs into your phone or tablet or pc via Bluetooth connection. So what you wrote get’s automatically digitized and saved into your device.

Soon as I opened the box up in the car I was first taken back by how HUGE the Large size is ! I think it’s a bit bigger than a A4 9×11 sheet of paper so generally the size of a standard sketchbook. Kinda too BIG to carry in a backpack but they do have a smaller size which is A5 5×8 sheet of paper size which I plan to buy tomorrow.

The Bamboo Slate comes pre-charged I think fully charged as I haven’t had to charge it yet. The setup was real simple and I was able to get drawing instantly. There is an app called Wacom Inkspace that you need to download before you start. There’s a lot of negative reviews about it but I have yet to encounter any issues like any of the reviewers stated so it may have been updated or an isolation issue.

My favorite part about the Bamboo Slate is the Live-Mode ! In Live-Mode you can watch your drawing or writing appear like magic onto your Device you paired it with. If you plan to do digital art tutorial videos or anything this is perfect ! Just point your camera towards the device and draw off to the side off camera on the Bamboo Slate and what you drew on paper will show up on the device screen as you draw.

I have yet to try it but I read that you don’t need any special Wacom Bamboo paper pad. I heard that ordinary paper works just as well. You probably do need to buy pen refills as I’m sure there’s technology pieces in the pen to make the pad detect your writing but I’ll have to try it out with an ordinary pen and see if the sensors are just in the Slate surface itself or also contained within the pen but I have read that Rhodia pads are perfect when you run out of the Bamboo paper pad included.

I honestly just draw over what was already drawn on the paper pad to save wasting paper. The image you drew shows up on the device clean even if you’ve drawn over the previous images on the pad to where the pad is almost completely black in ink scribbles. 😛 One Con of the Bamboo Slate is it doesn’t seem to remember or hold Bluetooth sync. I have setup Bluetooth pairing each time I use the Slate. Which isn’t a BIG deal since it only takes a few seconds to pair and is super easy just a press of a button then confirm on connection on device. No biggie !

I wish I had a clean space dedicated for filming YouTube videos for you guys to see live examples instead of reading Dictionary length blog posts. But like I’ve said in past posts I will start making YouTube videos once housing situation gets better and I am able to have a dedicated Art studio/Craft room to do YouTube videos and be more cleaned and organized to show the rest of the world.

Anyways if you take a lot of notes and easily lose the paper you wrote the notes on then the Bamboo Slate is perfect for you or if you’re like me who has spur of the moment Art inspirations and you draw then lose the paper you drew on or it gets ripped or wrinkled in your backpack that you can’t get a nice photo to share it. This is great as it’s sync to your phone or tablet as you drew it.

Now one other Con I forgot to mention is that the Wacom Inkspace app doesn’t have any options to color in your add or do any further edits besides erasing some spots or adding more marks. I haven’t gotten the chance to try to see if I can add color and edit using a different Art app but I think you are able to. I’m still fairly *new* with tinkering with my Bamboo Slate and with my work schedule usually draining me out I haven’t created much lately.

I plan to get the smaller version tomorrow so I can take it with me to work and draw on my work breaks. But overall it is a really neat device ! I recommend you give it a try and use Price matching offers to your advantage to get it cheaper than the MSRP if you can.

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