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On Hiatus … Be Back Soon !!

Everybody has their UPs and DOWNs and how long people get back Up when Down varies from person to person. Some people spring right back up when they’re knocked down and others take awhile to perk back up. I’m one of those slow type that take awhile before they perk back up again. So right now I’m putting MYT CR8TiV on Hiatus til I get back up after being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually knocked down. I’ll let you know when I’m back and crafting again but as of now I don’t feel like doing much but cry. If I were a pokemon like Pikachu there I’d hide inside my Pokeball and not come out for awhile. (-_-,) *Sigh*

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MYT Refreshing … Strawberry Lemonade *Recipe included*


I tend to have this knack for coming up with delicious recipes AKA kitchen experiments using whatever is in the fridge or pantry. Today I came up with something that was very delicious ! I had one Lemon and a bowl of Strawberries that I got from my Mom last weekend.

I was trying to think what can I do with these two ingredients. It’s been quite humid these past couple days that I often feel like Spring has just skipped out and Summer heat has taken over. So what comes to mind when you got a Lemon and Summer heat … Lemonade !!I only had one Lemon so I was limited with how lemony my Lemonade can go.

I grabbed a pitcher and filled it with about a gallon of water. First, I sliced a few thin slices of Lemon for garnish then squeezed the rest to the water. Of course you can’t make lemonade without Sugar and Lemonade takes alot of sugar. I think I added like ½ cup – 1 cup of Sugar to the water.

Keep in mind I only had one lemon so it didn’t taste like much but the sugar seems to have enhanced the flavor of the lemon that it tasted like I had more than just one lemon. But it still needed some more umph and was missing something. So I took a lookie in my fridge to see what else I can add to it. I had pears but I don’t feel like slicing, peeling, and pureeing pears. Although a Pear-Lemonade would be interesting.

Then I saw my bowl of Strawberries just chillin’ there. They’ve already been washed and thought Strawberry Lemonade sounds great ! So I removed the green stems on each strawberry. I call them strawberry toupee as it makes the strawberries look like they had a green wig/hat on. Anyways I had about maybe 20 strawberries. I rewashed them and grabbed a whisk to mash them into a puree like consistency and added the pureed strawberries into the lemonade mix. Saved a few for garnish. But after chilling in the fridge for a few hours I grabbed a cup and it was very refreshing !! 😀 It would make excellent popsicles or even a Granita/Margarita for grow ups.

So it seems another successful kitchen experience using scraps or whatever is in the fridge. Below is the recipe for which I made my Strawberry Lemonade. Enjoy !! ;D


[] 1 Lemon *You can use more if you got it*

[] ½ cup to 1 cup Sugar *Adjust to taste*

[] A package of Strawberries *Approx 20*

[] Filtered Drinking Water

STEP 1 : Make about 4 thin Slices of the Lemon for garnish before you squeeze the juice from them.

STEP 2 : Juice the Lemon(s) into the Pitcher of Water

STEP 3 : Add the Sugar and Stir til Dissolved

STEP 4 : Wash and Remove the tops of the Strawberries

STEP 5 : Save a few Strawberries for garnish. *I just placed about 4-6 strawberries into the pitcher but you can slice like 2-3 and put the slices into the pitcher*

STEP 6 : Use a Fork, Whisk, Potato Masher, etc. to mash the Strawberries into a Puree. *I used a whisk but if you got a Food Processor or Blender you can use that too*

STEP 7 : Add the Strawberry Puree to the Lemonade mixture

STEP 8 : Toss in the Lemon Slices and Strawberries/Strawberry Slices into the Water for Garnish

STEP 9 : Let it chill in the fridge for like 30 minutes but if you’re serving @ a party or something just toss ice into the Pitcher

STEP 10 : Enjoy the refreshing beverage !

Next time I’ll post about my kitchen experiment with making Tomato soup more appealing. It was very delicious using again items I had rolling around in my pantry. 😛

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Visit and Like Us on Facebook …

Hello fellow CR8TiV beings ! Happy Monday !! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I know I did cuz my Birthday was on Saturday and I spent the day @ the LA Zoo with the ones I Love.

So today is a pretty mellow day and I don’t really have a craft project or tip to share today. I am working on a iPad Tote bag for my Sister for Mothers Day which I will post pics of and maybe a tutorial for it.

Today I wanted to share the link to the MYT CR8TiV Facebook page. Please, visit and like the page. It is where I post my latest one panel comic called PEEK-A-BOO. Every Monday I post up a *NEW* PEEK-A-BOO series. Each one has a different theme, color, facial expression, etc.

I also post random art that I was currently doodling or any current projects I was working on. So please visit the MYT CR8TiV Facebook page, Like us, and Share us with your friends. I’m thinking up an idea to do an Art giveaway soon where I’ll either draw something per your request or craft something and place into a surprise bag where the winner will not know what the prize is until you get it. Keep in touch for updates on that !! (n_n)

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Happy Birthday MYT !! \(nDn)/

Today is MYT’s Birthday !! Yes, that would be me. I am 30 yrs. old today but I sure don’t feel 30. (=_=) Alot has happened in my 30 yrs. of existence. Some bad, Some good, Some I prefer not to remember but I cherish the good and forever treasure the rest bcuz good or bad it has shaped and molded me into the person I am today. (n_n)

I can say for the first time in my Life that it is good to be alive. Life may not exactly be as I want it to be but that won’t stop me from striving to make it the best Life  possible. Hopefully by the time I reach my next Birthday I will be successfully selling the many things I craft and sharing the many CR8TiV talents that I behold.

Happy Cinco De Mayo ! Happy Boys/Childrens Day ! Happy Birthday MYT CR8TiV !!

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