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Back to School … (T~T) Boo Hoo !


backtoschooloUntitledWell, it’s August and that means Summer is coming to an end. The day every student dreads is coming closer and to some it’s already begun and that is … going back to School !! I don’t go to school anymore and my schooling days are behind me but I look forward to Back to School bcuz that’s the time you can go on a SUPER shopping haul of supplies at SUPER cheap prices !  Now til the end of September you can stock up on your colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue, etc. as most major Office Supply store and Target start their Back to School sales where you can grab a pack of Crayola colored pencils *50 count* for under $3 or buy backs of notebook paper for like 10¢.

I make sure to grab the coloring pencils, markers, stock up on white polymer erasers, #2 pencils, and don’t forget many stores have storage and organizer boxes on sale too. So I stock up on a couple of those plastic storage cabinets with drawers and everything else you’d need like desk lamps, chairs, etc. Now is the time to replace that craft chair that’s covered in paint, no longer supporting your back, etc. I could use a desk lamp for when I take photos of my handmade creations and just to give me a better lighting.

Am I the only one who get’s excited when it’s Back to School ? It’s like when you get excited after Halloween is over so you can snag your favorite bag of candy for 50% off or more. LOL Some Arts and Craft stores like Michaels has entire store Back to School sales so you can snag that Prismacolor set or Copic markers on discount. On my list is brush markers and a calligraphy set. If I can get my hands on the Pilot Parallel pen that would be awesome !! I’m trying to get better in handlettering and calligraphy but finding that high quality calligraphy pen or brush pen at a price within my budgets is difficult. I have tried just using one of my fine point paintbrushes and acrylic paint but I think I’m too newbie to be doing calligraphy with a paintbrush.

But definitely excited to refresh my colored pencil bin, grab some more markers, erasers, pencils, and a pair of scissors for fussy cutting stamped images for my handmade cards. 😀 Be great if I get my hands on some post-it tape or more of those post-it notes with edge to edge adhesive. Those are great to use when masking your stamps and I wanna master that technique down for my handmade cards. Just can’t wait for the sale to begin !! LOL

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