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Taking Art on the Go … *UPDATE*

on March 16, 2017


Hi, everyone !! So this is an update to my previous post regarding the Wacom Bamboo Slate. Today my husband was being a bit generous and along with the Wacom Bamboo Slate Small he let me purchase this Lenovo Tab3 8 tablet. I plan to use it along side the smaller sized Bamboo Slate for Art on the go or while on my work break periods.

One thing I immediately noticed one I paired the Bamboo Slate to the Lenovo Tablet was that the image shows up very jagged and the drawing marks I made aren’t smooth clean lines like when I paired my 1st Bamboo Slate Large with my Alcatel Idol 4 Smartphone. I do currently have my tablet plugged into it’s charger so I don’t know if that is the cause of the drawings coming out with jagged lines. But gimme one second to unplug it from the USB charger and see if it makes any difference.


Ok, I am back ! Hmm … So even after I unplugged the USB cable it drawing I tested out still came out very jagged compared to my Idol 4 Smartphone where the drawn lines were very smooth. I don’t think it has to do with the Bamboo Slate itself but possibly that the results differ from Gadget to Gadget. So if you bought the Bamboo Slate Large or Small and finding your drawing or writing on your Tablet or Smartphone is coming out jagged it’s not a faulty Bamboo Slate. Try using it onto a different device.

Anyways a mini review of the Wacom Bamboo Slate Small is that there isn’t much of a difference between the Large size except for well the size difference. Like I said in the previous blog post the Large is a A5 Paper pad size so a 9″x11″ size where as the Small is A4 size so about a 5×6 size. I find the 5×6 a little bit easier to tote around in a backpack or totebag than the Large size. So if you’re looking for Art on the go … Grab yourself a Small Tablet and the Small Bamboo slate.

I’m not sure how to fix the jagged lined transfer issue but I will post an update if I find out why or how to fix the jagged line issue.


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