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Be Back Soon … (ñ_ñ)


Hi, All you CR8TiV Cats !! Many of you asked where I’ve been lately and why I haven’t posted anything on my blog. (♥ ε ♥) It’s really sweet that you guys miss me enough to message me a … Hey, where are you ? L0L Don’t worry I’m still here and trying to get in some CR8TiV crafting or art here and there which I’ll post up onto my Facebook page or Instagram.

But if you read any of my other blogs which I will list below. I’ve been semi-active on my PsychoBabblesBlog site which will provide you a slight insight as to why I’ve been so MIA *Missing In Action* here on my MYT CR8TiV blog. A lot of changes are going on in my Life right now that has been pulling me away from my craft station and preventing me from doing some of the things I love.

In the end it’ll be worth it and soon enough I’ll have plenty of time to return to doing the things I love and even have a shop for you to shop in maybe. So pardon my absents guys and I’m still around and doing arts and crafts when I get the chance. Just right now I’m taking a little bit of a break away from it chasing after my dreams and working towards what I need to get MYT CR8TiV™ to becoming even greater. So forgive me !! I’ll still pop in once in awhile to let you know how I’m doing or when I have something CR8TiV to share.

So for those of you who don’t know about my other blogs I have here is a list and short description of each below …

• PsychoBabblesBlog “” – This is my personal blog where I blog about my thoughts, opinions, and anything that is on my mind at that time being.

• ItzJust4Fun “” – This just as the same states is my blog where I blog just for fun. I share funny jokes, create random posts for fun like my post about naming how many recipes can you make from just a potato ? L0L

• MouseTales “” – If you don’t know I have a stuffed animal mouse whom I’ve had since I was 3 yrs. old. His name is Mousey and he has been by my side since I was 3 and currently remains by my side. I made me a grown adult but I still snuggle him while I sleep and cannot sleep without him. I do not care what judgements get thrown at me when they see a grown woman cuddling this raggedy old stuffed animal in a car road trip or looking over at me to see a stuffed animal sitting next to me sharing a seat belt with me. This blog is in third-person mode so to speak as I blog as Mousey himself and share his adventures and tales with him and his brothers. *I have 5 of the same mouse* Someday I’ll blog about each of them maybe write a book about them.

Well, enjoy each of my other blogs besides this one. I try to juggle all four(4) and post in each of them but I’m not constantly actively posting in all of them but if you subscribe you’ll know when I have posted something *new* onto either of those blogs. Enjoy and B3 CR8TiV !! ~ MYTCR8TiV™

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What are you up to … Tuesday !


Hello ! Lately life has been pulling me away from my CR8TiV desk but I’ll get back into the groove of things shortly. Some of you have been asking me what I’ve been up to lately … Well, I’ve moved on from cardmaking as I was up to my ankles in handmade cards with no one to gift them to or send them to.

Currently I’m into a craft called Kumihimo which is a Japanese braiding technique. It’s very simple to do and makes beautiful bracelets and necklaces. The braiding makes the cords very strong. I haven’t figured out how to use end caps to finish the bracelets but I have been experimenting with different threads and strings. Embroidery string makes friendship bracelet like Kumihimo, I’m currently using rattail cords to make thicker bracelets and necklaces.

It’s really a fun project and you should give it a try. I will post up pictures of what I’ve made so far once I figure out how to use end caps and finish the bracelets. I’m also working on a beaded one but I have to buy more seed beads. You apparently need 50 on each thread. (>~<)

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