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Not all Colored Pencils are the same …


Happy Friday ! I hope you’ll have a CR8TiV weekend !! So I want to say I finally got myself a set of Prismacolor Colored Pencils. My husband won the monthly gift card raffle at his work and picked out a $25 Staples gift card !! So with that plus+ using for the Staples Price Match guarantee I was able to get a 48 color set for like $6 dollars. Once in a lifetime deal, huh ? So soon as I got home I put the Prismacolors to the test as my usual colored pencils were Crayola colored pencils or my years old collection which consisted of Prang, RoseArt, No-Name Brands, and Crayola mixed in.

I have to admit Prismacolors do go down smoothly and completely cover the coloring area without leaving any white patches. Crayola tends to do that unless you press down hard to color darkly and evenly so there are no white patches. But I guess bcuz I’m not used to using such a high-end professional quality coloring pencil set I was kinda (¬~¬) Meh ! About the Prismacolor pencils. I went to grab a Red Prismacolor pencil but my set doesn’t have a Red. There’s a Crimson Red, Carmine Red, Poppy Red … (@~@) I’m just so used to just grabbing the colored pencil called Red – Rojo and not being bombarded by the variety of Red hues. (=_=) Not to mention none of these are the red hue I was lookin for.

I am still grateful that I was even able to get a set of Prismacolor pencils but this 48 set doesn’t really offer a large variety of colors. I have to say that to be honest I was quite disappointed by all the hype that my fellow Art friends gave me about how great Prismacolor pencils were. They are insanely expensive costing you like $200 for a 150 color set. But I think after having this 48 colors Prismacolor set it made me appreciate and realize that my small 50 color Crayola crayon set isn’t as bad of a quality. You have a large array of colors to choose from and they are very affordable not to mention last you YEARS !! I think I’ve had my old set for over 5+ yrs !! Certain colors are down to stumps like Black, Blue, Red … colors I tend to use most often. But I now appreciate them and know having high quality art products isn’t all that you think it’s suppose to be. Sometimes having low-end are just as good as high-end.

Now I want to share a review on another brand of coloring pencils that I decided to give a try. It’s called CraZArt ? I often wondered if they’re RoseArt just under a *new* name but after doing internet research they’re made by a former RoseArt’s CEO or something. Anyways I bought the 72 color set @ Walmart for $5 dollars and gave it a go. I love that their colors are given professional sounding names and the package claims to have vibrant colors which they do. My one and only gripe is that when going to sharpen them the tip broke several times. But I’m not blaming the coloring pencil itself quite, yet. I think my cheap dollar store pencil sharpener might be to blame.

These pencils in my opinion do out perform the Crayola colored pencils as they are vibrant in color and the colors layout alot smoother than the Crayola which tend to leave white patches. I like having a large variety of colors and I think if you’re looking for a nice set of coloring pencils with a variety of color choices buy a pack of Crayola 50 color colored pencils and the 72 color CraZArt colored pencils together combined you’ll have approx. 122 colors to chose from. Some colors that Crayola has CraZArt doesn’t and what CraZArt doesn’t have Crayola has so that alone should balance any issues with color variety. I think spending like $13 bucks for approx. 122 colors is alot more affordable than paying almost $200 for 150 colors of Prismacolors.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post up my review on these Glitter markers I purchased from Target for $2.99 compared to the Atyou Spica Glitter markers which can cost about $10 for 6. Please, feel free to comment and let me know if you are finding my frugal craft artist product reviews helpful and if you have any you’d like to share.


The importance of Color Gradients …


Hello … Happy Friday !! (-__-) I really wish I could do more to show you guys things better that just what’s written here. But I don’t exactly have a Art studio space or any space that is appropriate for filming or live tutorials so I apologize that I can’t show you exact examples or tutorials of what I’m talking about most of the time on here. But I promise in the future when things get better in my personal life that I will create a space where I can do YouTube tutorials and show better examples to go with the postings.

But anyways today I’m gonna talk about color gradients. Some might better know them as Ombre where a color goes from a dark to lightest gradient. Well, not too many people probably realize just how important a Ombre color gradient is in the art world. It’s probably just as important as knowing your primary colors in the painting world. Ombre color gradients are used in many areas of art. When coloring a tree drawing you are using a Green Ombre color gradient where you use Dark green, Green, Yellow-Green, Light Green, Pastel Green, and sometimes a mix of yellow, orange, and brown to illustrate the colors in a lush green tree.

Another example would be when coloring hair … I’m sure many of you have viewed YouTube videos of Manga/Anime hair and you’ll see it’s not just straight black or yellow or brown … it is a Ombre or color gradient of a Dark to Light shade. You’d start off with the lightest color then blend in darker as you go. Skin tone is just the same … You go from lightest to dark and darker to shadow in areas. This picture below that I made might be a good example of that …


I used a ombre color gradient for the hair. I started with a tan/beige color then brown then darker brown at the tips. The Sun is also in a gradient. I used peach then orange and red orange to give a blended color look. The skin tone on her arms are the same. I started with a light off-white color “Sand” then Peach then Salmon pink to give shade and color. I hope someday I can provide tutorials to give you better live examples but for now I’m sure you get what I’m talking about. No only do color gradients “Ombres” blend together well they can often create very beautiful images like a sunset or widened rainbow spectrum.

Try and experiment using Ombre gradients in your artwork whether it’s painting, colored pencils, or drawings. B3 CR8TiV … And please feel free to share your art on my Facebook page. I’d love to see your CR8TiV creations as well !! Have a wonderful Three(3) Day weekend for those who are off on Memorial day !!

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Temporary Tattoos not just for Skin …


Happy Mother’s Day ! Hope you all have a great weekend spending time with your Mother. So how many of you have come across sheets of temporary tattoos at a dollar store or those 50¢ vending machines in the grocery store that your kids beg you for quarters for ? These temporary tattoos are very useful for CR8TiV craft uses as well and not just for your skin. When I often see a cute Temporary tattoo for 50¢ at my grocery store. I don’t hesistate to grab few so as long as I have some quarters in my coin pouch.

Temporary tattoo easily adhere to any surface and easily remove just as easy as it was applied. I’ve used them on glass jars, cups, and even a wine glass. You adhere them just as you would to apply to your skin … wet the back of the tattoo and wait 30 seconds then remove the backing paper. They work great on paper !! If you wanna decorate a note card for someone’s Birthday or just add some roses or goth look to a letter you just peel off the clear plastic, adhere to the paper, wet the back, wait 30 seconds, peel off the paper, and let the paper dry. When you wet the paper you don’t exactly drench the paper but just moisten it. Once dried you can embellish it some more.

Give it a try and I swear you’ll be hoarding temporary tattoos whenever you see them as most are very inexpensive than actual craft use rub-on transfers. Off topic I want to say Farewell and Rest In Peace to Sharpie. I’ve used Sharpie for a very long time but the quality of the markers has changed over the years. I am now finding that most sharpie markers bleed through to the other side. Even if I use heavy duty paper like an Art pad made for ink and marker use … Sharpie still bleeds through. They weren’t like that before and gave me crisp clean lines without a bleeding but lately I’ve been finding my Sharpie markers even the Ultra-Fine points bleed.

So I am saying Farewell to Sharpie and going on a search for a cheaper and better alternative. I have tried just plain black gel pens but some gel pens tend to bleed through as well. For now I have found ordinary Crayola markers fine point to not bleed through my paper but I need more than just one pen with the amount of drawing and artwork I do daily. Hopefully I can go to my local office supply store to see what pens I can find or maybe find a better Sharpie alternative like Marks-A-Lot or Papermate markers that won’t bleed through. I know I can use Artists quality markers like Copic, Pigma Micron, or Sakura Gel pens but I can’t afford those. I will let you know when I find a pen/marker that will not bleed through the other side. Til then stay CR8TiV !

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