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Translucent Liquid Sculpey .vs. Bake and Bond Liquid Sculpey


(n_n)/ Hi, all to all you CR8TiV people out there in Cyber world ! Happy Monday !! Today I’d like to explain to you two different types of Liquid Sculpey for those of you who use Polymer Clays or Air-Dry Clay. (=_=”) I accidentally purchased the Bake and Bond Liquid Sculpey thinking it was the Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS).

The Bake and Bond is a bit more Elmers glue like in consistency. Very thick and actually hard to squeeze outta the bottle. It is mainly used to bond pieces to clay like say you made a clay bird and during baking/drying his beak broke off … well, the bake and bond can reattach that by just putting a dab and re-baking for a minute. It’ll be good as new.

Now with the Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) most people use it as a glaze or icing for clay cupcakes, pancakes, syrups, etc. It gives it a slight sheen and can be colored by mixing in a little chalk or powdered pigment. I was wanting to buy this one but accidentally grabbed the Bake and Bond.

I bought mine from Jo-Anns and to know the different the Translucent Liquid Sculpey is about $9.99 where as the Bake and Bond was $4.99.I noticed that other stores like Michael’s also sells the Translucent Liquid Sculpey for a few dollars more than the Bake and Bond so just keep in mind the one that’s higher priced is most likely the Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS).

Here’s a side by side I found on the internet …

Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) : Can be mixed with chunks of clay to create a paste for faux frosting and other miniature food
effects. Stir in soft pastel powder or inks to create syrups.

Use to create image transfers from magazines, photocopies, colored pencil drawings and
stamping inks. To make a bakeable painting and surface medium, add oil paints. Add dry
pigments to create glazes and color washes.

Bake and Bond Liquid Sculpey : Provides a very strong clay-to-clay adhesive for design solutions. Allows uncured clay pieces to
join completely without the traditionally necessary pressure which flattens or distorts shapes.
Use as a glue to join baked or unbaked clay, then bake according to the clay instructions. Can
also be used to coat paper mache, wood or canvas surfaces to cover with clay.

Another tip for you Polymer Clay/Clay crafters if you want a glossy shine to your clay buy Sculpey Gloss Glaze . There’s also a Sculpey Satin Glaze which doesn’t give that much of a glossy shine but a light glaze. Both dry clear and gives your clay product that extra touch. DO NOT use Clear Nail Polish on Polymer Clay. It will create a chemical reaction or something where the clear nail polish will leave your clay craft with a forever sticky finish that will attract dust, finger prints, etc. Hope these product insight helps wit your clay crafting. (n_n) Remember B3 iNSPiRED … B3 B0LD … B3 MYT CR8TiV !! Happy Crafting !!


MYT CR8TiV : Tutorial #1

Hello all you CR8TiV people out there ! (n_n)/ *Waves Hello* I thought today I’d try out making my 1st tutorial. Now please forgive me for it looking a bit kindergarten-ish and promise you that I will make you a better hand-drawn tutorial in the near future. Today is just to test out the concept of making a tutorial for you guys and as time comes I will go from this to hand-drawn tutorials to video tutorials which I will post on to YouTube. For now this is my first time so please bear with me and negative comments will not be appreciated nor tolerated.

So let’s get started …. (n__n) I will be teaching you how to draw a basic cat using some basic shapes. Most drawing are created out of basic shapes. Look around you and see if you can spot basic shapes in your Life from Photo shots to a Painting hanging on your wall. So with that in mind … Let’s Begin !

Pretty simple, huh ? I hope that this has taught even those who’ve never draw before *(T~T) Which I doubt exists* to learn how to draw something as simple as a Cat. My next tutorial I will hand-draw my tutorial but the subject is still being decided. Comment if there’s a request that you’d like me to make a tutorial on. Until then … B3 Inspired ! B3 Bold !! B3 CR8TiV !!

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View the MYT CR8TiV Gallery @

Hello Everyone !! Hope you all have a great weekend !! Just updating you that the MYT CR8TiV Gallery is currently “Under Construction”. You can view a few of the drawings, clay creations, and other craft projects that I have currently done and currently working on. I will post ALL my MYT CR8TiV Arts & Crafts all here on the Flickr site for you to enjoy. Below I have posted just a few of my favorites for you to view but please hop on over to Flickr to see ALL of my MYT CR8TiV stuff. In the near future I will be putting my MYT CR8TiV creations up for sale as well as accepting custom requests. Payments will be accepted mainly via PayPal but more on that too come. Enjoy and thanxs again for viewing my page. (n_n)

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Sorry for the delay in updating my site. I had a pretty long Easter/Spring Break vacation and just got back. For my 1st post on MYT CR8TiV I’d like to share tips for recycling and reusing your trash creatively. Our trash ends up in a landfill AKA garbage dump and if you’ve ever visited one for a school field trip or any reason you’d see billions of mounds where trash is piled. Most are sorted for recycle materials like Cans, Bottles, Plastic, etc. But the non recyclable materials are just piled up and left there till they decide what to do with it.

Well, with some creativity you can assist in helping lessen the amount of trash sent to the landfills. For example … the banana peels, vegetable trimmings that were thrown out … you can place those in a composter to turn to soil for your garden. Had a Easter party this weekend and drank a couple brewskis ? Well, every glass bottle has a unique color, shape, and form. A can of spray paint can zazz up a old beer bottle to be reused as a flower vase. You can also carefully break the glass bottle to use for mosaic tile art. Of course you’ll have to rinse out the bottles first.

Glass is one of my favorite items to reuse. If you made spaghetti last night … Save the Jar !! Rinse it out and let it soak in hot soapy water to sanitize. You can then either carefully drill holes in the bottom of the jar to reuse as a plant pot or make a terrarium or use it to store your craft items like beads, scraps, paintbrushes, pencils, markers, etc. You could of course use them to organize your children’s room by using the jars for their crayons, markers, legos, etc. You can paint them or decorate them anyway you like. Even have the kids decorate their own jars and use a label maker to label them. I could fit like 10-15 jars of different sizes in a drawer easily.

Think creatively about your trash next time. Those little baskets that your strawberry came in … those can easily be reused to hold your kitchen sponges so it’s not just laying on the kitchen sink. If you crochet you can do what my Mom does which she cuts the top off the baskets and crochets around the basket then sticks a roll of tissue paper in the basket to make a easy tissue dispenser.

Trash can be reused in many different ways other than being sent to the landfill/garbage dump. Those grocery store ad newspapers can be saved to cover your table the next time your crafting. Look at your Trash creatively and you’ll help save the planet a little.

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Welcome to MYT CR8TiV !! (n__n)

Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of MYT !! (n_n) I am so excited about all the things I’m going to share with you all and the endless amounts of creativity that is going to overflow from this blog site. *Screams in Excitement* So for those of you unfamiliar with MYT CR8TiV it is my artist tag name. MYT is my initials by birth and Creative is my middle name. (^~^) *Joking* Friends and People who know me know that I love anything Creative whether it’s drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, crochet, paper art, etc.

After many friends encouragement and my own ambitions I have decided to take the plunge and open up my own domain. Now be it this is a blog and not an actual website but if and when I develop a large range of fans, followers, blog traffic, etc. I plan to move on up and open an actual website where my digital creativity can expand alot more. But for now this will just be my little CR8TiV blog where I’ll be sharing my creative drawings, crafts, and of course I’ll be doing tutorials on occasions as well.

I’ve been drawing since the day I could hold a pencil in my hand. I’ve always had a knack for Art. Art class was always my favorite subject in school aside from English or Creative Writing. But overtime I have perfected my artistic skills and continue to do so everyday. You shouldn’t stop expanding your creativity just bcuz you’ve learned the many techniques of Anime or Knitting or whatever. Learning is a never ending process you learn something new everyday so why not use the same concept in your creativity.

Do not believe the stereotypes that ALL Asians/Japanese can draw. That is not true at all !! Not all Japanese can draw Anime or Manga or draw at all. I believe that everyone is talented in their own shape or form. Being creative is something we all have inside of us and we just have to bring it out. Some creative in Fashion sense, some creative in Photography, some creative on canvas, etc. Creativity has no limitations ! Anything is and can be considered creative.

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