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Poor Man’s bread AKA Paratha Flatbread …


Hello and Happy Tuesday, Everybody ! Today I thought I’d share with you a CR8TiV Kitchen experiment that in turn ended up being an actual recipe. I was hungry and didn’t have much food around. So I was wondering what you can make using just Flour and Water. I’ve made odd bread like things before using flour and water only. But here’s a recipe I found that turned out to be very delicious !!

It’s called Paratha Flatbread and it’s an Indian flatbread kinda like Naan bread. I call it the Poor man’s bread. All that is required to make this is Flour, Water, and Oil. So here’s how you make the dough …

[] 2 cups Flour

[] Water *No specific amount just add water til the right doughy consistency*

[] 1 cup of oil *I thought that’s alot of oil so instead I just used my Misto oil mister to lightly coat the pan than drowning the dough in oil*

[] Salt to taste

[] Herbs/Seasoning *Optional*

So you mix the 2 cups of Flour, Water, Salt to taste, and Two(2) Tablespoons of oil til you get a nice smooth dough. You’ll need additional flour to knead and roll out the dough into flat tortilla like rounds. But it’s not really needed. (=_=”) I only had exactly 2 cups of flour available so I did not have any additional flour to roll out the dough or knead it. The two(2) tablespoons of oil helps keep the dough from being too sticky so I didn’t have too much of an issue rolling the dough into a ball using two spoons.

If you’re going to add any seasonings or herbs add them into the dough now and give it a good mix to make sure the herbs get mixed well. I added some minced garlic and basil from my windowsill garden into the dough and sprinkled some Garlic Parsley Salt too.

It’s supposed to be a fried flatbread which is what the 1 cup of oil is for but I felt that’s too much oil. If you have a Misto oil mister like I do just spray a light coat of oil into your pan. If you don’t have a misto mister you can just buy a can of non-stick spray like Crisco or PAM and spray the pan after each use. You can also just have a bowl of oil and a wad of paper towel and brush your pan with it each time.

Heat your pan up and lightly coat your pan with oil. If you had the extra flour to roll the dough into golf ball sized balls then roll it flat to about a ¼ inch thick and place into the pan. If you’re like me and didn’t have enough flour to knead and roll the dough into balls … take your spoonful of dough and drop it into the pan. Let one side cook then flip it over to then press flat with your spatula. You’ll still get it to a round shape and ¼” inch thickness.

Fry in your pan til both sides are golden brown. Add more oil when you see your pan starting to get dry. I’m sure you can also grill this bread on a griddle or grill pan. After each one respray/oil the pan each time to make sure it stays well oiled and not dry. The oil is what cooks the dough and keeps it from sticking in the pan. Let them cool on a plate with paper towels to absorb some of the oil.

I am sure with this dough you can make Pizza. Just roll it out into the pizza size of your choice and bake in the oven on a Pizza stone or even just put it on a cookie sheet and grill it on a BBQ grill. Unsure what temperature it would go into if oven baking but probably maybe a 250° degree oven.

Whatever way you decide to cook it it’s a very delicious flatbread that is crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside. I am sure you can be very CR8TiV with it and make a dessert flatbread by adding in some shredded coconut and sprinkle in Cinnamon and Sugar instead of salt. Maybe roll a hotdog in this dough and bake. The bread dough is very simple and versatile ! (n_n) Mmm … imagine trying to make it into a Calzone by putting cheese, pepperoni, and bacon then rolling it over.

Next time I make it I’ll oven bake it so I can give you what degree is best if you were going to oven bake this but like I said my guess is probably 250° degrees for like 10-15 minutes. This dough cooks very fast and is very easy to make so try it and share with me what you think of this easy Water + Flour dough recipe.

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Day 2 – Needle Felting … One Stab at a Time.


Well, this is Day 2 of learning the ways of Needle felting. What I love most about being cr8tiv and crafting is the whole endless learning process. The effort you take to learn a new craft and the trials and error you experience along the way. You learn from your mistakes and sometimes you learn new tricks from those mistakes.

Having the internet makes perfecting a craft so much easier bcuz you have so many different resources at the click of a mouse button. I would have to say my #1 teacher in my vast crafting repertoire is YouTube. I generally self-taught myself the many crafts I now dabble with using YouTube as my guide.  Everyone learns differently ! There are visual learners, audio learners, and kinesthetic “Touch” learners. I seem to be more of a visual learner.

But anyways let me share with you what I have learned so far from my 2 days of tinkering with Needle Felting …

[] You do not cut the roving wool with scissors apparently that’s a No No stated in many Needle Felting blogs. You just gently pull to break off strands of wool.

[] In order to make clean Needle felted critters and when I say clean I mean no stray fuzz all over. You apparently have to make a core armature then add another layer of wool then gently needle felt the 2nd layer. Apparently adding a 2nd layer will smooth out the surface and avoid having too many stray fuzz.

[] Never use water on your Needle felted critters. Only use water if you’re going to be making like an applique or wet-felting but water is not to be used when making 3D Needle felting projects.

[] I found from curious experimenting that you can use polyester fiberfill and I would actually suggest using it when creating a core for your Needle Felting critters since roving wool is very expensive and you don’t get alot to work with. My Dog Leila is nicknamed the Destroyer. She has destroyed pillows and stuffed toys I have given her. She seems to enjoy pulling out the stuff and I just save it for when I make plushie toys. Who knew that I would find a use for it in my Needle felting journey.

[] Needle Felting requires alot of roving wool. One kitten doll about the size of a pickle took a baseball sized amount of roving wool. So like I said before it will save you alot of roving wool if you create a core with Polyester Fiberfill or if you got a old pillow rip it open and use the inner stuffing then Needle felt a finishing layer with actual roving wool on top of the core.

[] Now for the foam pad it apparently doesn’t really matter what type of foam/sponge is used. But what does matter is the size and thickness. Everyone suggests 1½” to 2″ and say upholstery foam works great. The foam pad I’m currently using is only ½” inch thick so my next purchase will probably be to buy some foam pad.

[] As far as how hard to you poke/stab ? You don’t need to go psycho killer and stab like a maniac. (-__-) You are likely to hurt yourself if you do that. I got over excited the moment I got home with all the Needle Felting supplies my Mom got me that I went nuts with my 1st attempt and that ended up with me stabbing my finger a few times which wasn’t pleasant. So just be gentle ! Besides if you poke/stab too rough you end up creating this deep hole marks which aren’t very pretty.

[] As for eyes if you’re making Needle Felted critters like I am. I think Black Pony Beads are the proper size or round beads about the size of a pea. I only had seed beads on hand and they were way too small for these Needle Felted characters. (n_n) If you have Polymer clay make some small round balls about the size of a pea, paint them black, goat with gloss, and you can use them as the eyes for your Needle Felted dolls.

There’s still alot I’m learning so if you have any tips you’d like to share or anything you know about Needle Felting that you feel would be of assistance to fellow beginners. Feel free to comment and share them with us. I will continue to post every so often the progress of my journey learning to Needle Felt and will post up a pic or two when I create something worthy enough of being posted up here. For now Pinterest seems to be a good place to look for Needle Felting tutorials and project ideas. Etsy too ! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most are happy to give you a tip or suggestion and answer your Needle Felting questions.

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Needle felting fingers … (>o<) Ouchie !! Fun but Ouchie !!


Thanxs to my loving Mom who bought me Needle felting supplies I was able to experience the craft of Needle Felting. This was a craft I was dying to try after seeing a book *Picture shown above* of Needle felted kitties. I was even more dying to try Needle Felting after I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to make a Needle Felted kitty similar to the one pictured above. Here’s the link to that YouTube tutorial :   (>⌂<) It’s so Kawaii *Cute* Am I right ??

After watching the tutorial I was so badly wanting to buy Needle Felting supplies and make one of my own. As I explained in a previous post I’m currently in financial struggles that buying craft supplies isn’t easily accessible like it used to be due to lack of funds. (-_-,) I didn’t know when I’d be able to get Needle felting supplies or even where. I’ve gone to Michael’s and the one I go to in Glendale doesn’t have a very large Needle Felting section nor does the Jo-Ann’s store I go to. Everything seems to be so readily available online these days but when you’re in financial situations like myself online shopping isn’t exactly an option.

But thankfully my Mom bought me a pack of Needle Felting needles and two packs of Roving wool to start with. \(nDn)/ Yaaaayyy !!!!!! But (T⌂T) oh no … Mom forgot to buy the foam mat that you’re suppose to Needle felt on top of. I tried to be a penny pincher and went to my local hardware store looking for a sheet of foam that I can use. I couldn’t find any foam besides foam sponges for washing cars and dishes. I asked a worker if they sold foam sheets or blocks of foam. The lady said … Styrofoam ? I said … No, like sponge foam. She asked me what am I going to be using it for ? I told her … I’m looking for a foam sheet or pad for Needle Felting. (¬_¬) She kinda chuckled and said … you’re at a Hardware store looking for Needle felting supplies ? Honey, you’re in the wrong store and need to go to a Craft store like JoAnns or Michaels and continued to lightly giggle.

(T~T) Would I be in alot of trouble if I smacked her in the face ? I mean … Duh !! I know that I could find the foam pad in a craft store but I was looking for a alternative and figured they’d probably have foam sheets that you use in like wall insulation. But instead I was treated like I was clueless and dumb for looking for craft supplies in a hardware store. (⌐-⌐) Obviously this lady isn’t a crafter bcuz many crafters do go to Hardware stores for things that you might find of better quality such as pliers for example. Sure you can buy the jewelry pliers from a craft store but Heavy duty pliers from a hardware store is better quality and often times cost alot less too.

Anyways after searching my whole house for a foam pad I found a small foam pad about ½” thick inside a metal jewelry case. I figured this will do for now til I can get some thicker foam pad for Needle felting. So I got excited and started to try to Needle felt the Kawaii kitty in the YouTube tutorial. Instantly I got addicted to the Needle felting !! No glue, No dry time, No baking or painting, just stab … Stab … STAB ?!? My kitty didn’t turn out as cute as the one in the tutorial and I had stabbed my fingers 2-3 times. My thumb was the one that hurt the most as I stabbed deep into my thumb and keep in mind these Needle felting needles have tiny barbs on them like a fishing hook so pricking your finger with them isn’t very pleasant.

So I’ve used up almost all of my gray roving wool and I don’t wanna use up anymore bcuz I know if I do I won’t be able to get more for a long long time. So I started to experiment. Apparently you can Needle Felt with polyester fiberfill and any stuffing that’s inside a stuffed animals. I have a bucket full of stuffing that my Dog Leila has yanked outta stuffed toys I’ve given her. I grabbed a wad of it to see if I can Needle felt with it and you can !! (n_n) My next experiment was trying to see if I can add some color to the white stuffing. I took a packet of Kool-Aid I had lying around and a cup of water. I took the Kool-Aid and mixed it in a plastic container then dunked the white stuffing in. The stuffing almost immediately started to turn red the color of the Kool-Aid mix “Cherry”. I laid it out on a sheet of foil with paper towels and let it dry.

😀 It smells fruity and has a red color now. So here’s a tip for those who are low on cash and want to Needle Felt cheap. Buy a bag of Polyester Fiberfill … Walmart sell a pretty big bag of it for about $4 and grab a couple packs of Kool-Aid in different flavors “Colors”. I’m not sure you can mix flavors to make different colors but I do know the less water you put the darker your color and the more water you put the lighter the color. So take about a baseball amount and dye them different colors via Kool-Aid and let them dry before using them. I think I just created MYT CR8TiV way to make bargain roving felt using Polyester Fiberfill and Kool-Aid.

I just can’t wait to think up some other interesting ways to use my *NEW* Needle Felting addiction and create some cute animals. There’s alot of interesting Needle felting books I’d like to buy from Amazon but I’m gonna see if I can find them at my local Library instead. I haven’t been to a public library since I was like 10 ? Gonna be exciting to get a *NEW* Library card and hopefully find alot of crafting books that I have on my wish list and be able to borrow them first before I decide if I wanna buy them.

Well, I’m gonna browse the web for needle felting ideas. As always B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV … MYT CR8TiV ♥


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