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The Artists Struggle …


Hey, Everyone !! Been awhile since I last blogged anything. So last night my husband and I went to a local event called the 626 Night Market which was pretty much a Night Swap meet sorta with many different booths and most of them being handmade items and food trucks. Being I have Social Anxiety Disorder “SAD” I wasn’t to thrilled about being around a crowd of people and when I say crowd I mean like eyelash to eyelash … canned sardines packed crowd of people. Probably over 1000 people walking around browsing the booths, checking out the foods, etc.

It wasn’t until my husband and I were just about ready to head home that we found a section that we didn’t explore yet and I kinda wanna call it the Art District as it was a small nook or section of Artist booths who were displaying and selling their Art works. It was really inspiring to see these booths as one of my dreams is to someday have a booth with my own handmade items and artwork up for display and sales.

My husband and I briefly chatted with one of the artists and he talked about the struggles he went through to get to where he’s at right now. How it took a couple years and a few homeless living outta his car moments in his Life to get there and I agree being an Artist is tough. I would have to say out of all the careers and professions you can choose … choosing to be an Artist is probably the hardest one. It’s rough mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually … Uhhh … let’s just say it’s hard on ALL levels !!

I’ve been doing art all my Life and just about a few years ago decided to try Social media mainly to just share my artwork and slowly working towards trying to make a few bucks for art supplies and personal Artist dreams/ambitions but it’s been tough to get anyone to seriously wanna pay for something you made. I am grateful enough that my Facebook page has 307 likes which I am eternally happy about. But due to current circumstances my Etsy shop stays stagnant as I am currently not in the position to ship out package like I would need to if I sold my handmade polymer clay sculptures or canvas art, etc.

Part of me did sulk and feel disappointed/discouraged that I have not made it well enough to have a Artist booth like they did but I’m not going to give up and hopefully overtime my current situations will improve to where I can start doing small local events and set up a booth to display my art and sell a few things. But only time will tell and until that day comes I’ll continue to share my art on Facebook, Instagram, and post things up on Etsy when I have a few $$$ to post something up. But the Life of an Artist although a satisfying one is definitely a struggle one of the reasons for struggle is Haters Gonna Hate. But that ain’t gonna stop me from doing what I love !!

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