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Hello … Some of you have been asking what I’ve been up to as I haven’t posted any Art or anything lately. Well, I’ve kinda been in a emotional spiral lately which often dampens my CR8TiV by clouding it up with darkness and yucky stuff. I’m trying to pull myself out of this emotional storm by doodling here and there but I’m slowly getting there.

If you follow my Instagram page @MYTCR8TiV you’ll most likely see my recent doodlings posted up there. As far as CR8TiV goes … Umm … I am working on a Dragon sculpture with the help of a friend *ClimbingDragon : * who is also working on a Dragon sculpture. (=_=) Due to my Laziness I didn’t have any WIP *Work In Progress* pics but I will post up pics of the dragon once completed. Right now I’m working on the scales to the body then the scales which will go down the underside.

It’s kinda half-assed job since I forgot to bulk up the wire armature with foil before slapping on the air-dry clay. (>~<) I kinda got over excited and forgot some important steps but being it’s my 1st wire armatured sculpture it’s all a learning process and the next would look better. So far what I’ve learned from this is use a thicker gauge wire as I used wire I bought from the Dollar Tree or double up the wire wrap so it’s thick and strong. The right leg on the dragon kept bending from the weight of the clay.

But overall the dragon looks pretty great even for a boo boo 1st try. I plan to mount it onto a wood base and put some moss grass, pebbles, and I have a perfect stone egg that I can place into a nest to make it look as if the dragon is protecting it’s egg. I am excited to show you how it turns out but other than that I’m still alive and CR8Ting on and off. Sorry I haven’t had anything to share with you lately.

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Fond-ain’t just for cakes …


Yay !! It’s Friday !! Hope you’re going to be CR8TiV this weekend ! I haven’t posted on here in awhile as I’ve kinda been busy tinkering with these goodies *See the pic above*. My local Jo-Ann’s craft store was having a sale on Martha Stewart molds + my coupons made it a steal. I already have the bake shop mold on the far left but the one on the center and right are the *new* ones I added to my collection. These molds are great not just for clay but they do work for hot glue cabochons/embellishments without ruining the mold. I have made adorable cupcakes using hot glue in the bake shop mold and applied some double sided tape to attach to a Birthday card.

The one on the far right is the Nature’s Starter kit. It comes with air-dry clay, floral wire, floral tape, and some sculpting tools. I have to say I don’t really like the air-dry clay that comes in the kit. It smells like hand sanitizer or alcohol-ish odor and when it fully dries it’s not hard but rather a flexible foam like material. But the clay itself is very very soft like working with marshmallows and feels similar in texture.

If you’re looking for a flexible material then this air-dry clay that comes in the kit should be fine. But if you’re looking for something harder like to make magnets or deco-den I’d suggest using a different air-dry clay like Crayola. I’ve tried using the Fimo Air-Dry clay but that one just takes too long to dry *72  hours*. I think you’re best use for this would be Polymer clay. Crayola dries fast in under 24 hours but it’s very crumbly and fragile. It will chip or crack if you accidentally drop it. It might work great as a cute paperweight but as a magnet or anything it’s a bit too heavy. I found these molds are best when used with Polymer Clay or Hot Glue.

I have also tried playing with Crayola’s model magic stuff. It’s very similar to the air-dry clay that comes in the Martha Stewart starter kit. Once it’s completely dry it also has a flexible Styrofoam-ish texture. Might be great to use only if you’re looking for a flexible end result like if you were to use it for a pin/brooch, hair accessory, etc.

Ok, now on to the next item I’ve been tinkering with. That’s the Wilton Gum Paste Flower Kit *Top pic*. This is meant for Fondant cake decorations but it works fine with Polymer clay too. You can make Faux flower arrangements with the many cookie cutter type pieces that are in the kit. The book that gives you instructions to making each flower is very detailed. One item you will also need to grab along with this item is this …


This is the Wilton Flower Impression mat. You’ll need this to make realistic details on each petal or leaf. It’s not really necessary as you can make the marks by hand with a clay tool but if you’re lazy like me this helps. The circular dots are molds to make the centers of flowers like the center for a Sunflower or Daisy. This kit is really fun and if you’re CR8TiV you can make wonderful Faux flower bouquets for someones Birthday or special occasion. With the help of chalk pastels you can color them to be as realistic as you want !

If you want a little flexible petals use Fimo Soft or the Bend ‘n Bake clay which has a bit of a rubbery flex to it. But this kit is really fun and I can imagine how cute it might be to use the smaller flower cutters with cookie dough and make realistic flower cookies. Give it a try and have fun !! So that’s what I’ve been up to. Also drawing here and there’s evidence of that on my Instagram page *MYTCR8TiV* where I recently did a drawing challenge of drawing a Leopard cub. Hope you have a CR8TiV weekend and remember to B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV ~ MYT CR8TiV

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