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Hello and Happy Monday, My CR8TiV Kittens ! Life has been SOo… hectic lately but it’s finally settling down to where I can stop procrastinating about this post and as Larry the Cable guy would say … Git Er Done ! L0L

So today I want to share with you guys a Birthday present I got for myself. I always do quite a bit of research before I buy anything and I’ve done quite a bit of oogling googling about the Xyron 510 Creative Station. Of course right off the bat I loved that it’s called CR8TiV Station. 😛 L0L

But what the Xyron 510 Creative Station is  … is it’s a sticker maker, laminator, and a magnet maker. You do have to buy separate cartridges to do each of those things but you get a Permanent Adhesive cartridge to start with when you buy the Xyron 510. It applies a strong adhesive to the back of anything you place into the machine.

The machine does not require electricity or batteries … it’s a manual self crank machine. I really love the Xyron 510 bcuz as a Card maker you sometimes have intricate die cuts that are hard to get adhesive on. Most just use a glue like the Tombow Mono-Liquid Adhesive or just rub a glue stick over it. But sometimes the glue oozes out the die cut and the glue stick isn’t sticky enough to keep the die in place.

Well, with the Xyron 510 you just pass it through the machine and the intricate die cut will immediately become an adhesive die cut. You can take photos, intricate die cuts, card backing that you’re going to adhere to a cardbase, ribbon, strips of fancy scrapbook paper you wanna make into washi-tape like strips, etc. The Permanent Adhesive cartridge will put a strong adhesive on one side turning it essentially into a sticker.

Another great thing about this is if you wanna use Deco-Foil … Run your die cut through the Xyron 510 or as I call it the X510 but put your die cut in face down so the adhesive goes on the front of the die cut instead of the back. Then peel off the plastic sheet and lay the die cut down on a sheet of Deco-Foil. Use a bone folder or old credit card to rub it all smoothly. Then gently peel off the Deco-Foil and you have a Foiled Die Cut without the process of printing in a Laser Printer and running it through the Laminator or using the Deco-Foil toner pen.

Many of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram ( know that I am a Artist and I often draw many things. I know many have asked why I don’t have an Etsy shop or online shop and my 1st Etsy attempt didn’t work out as I wasn’t really ready for it. But I’ll have a online shop soon in the future.

But another reason I like the X510 is that they have a Laminator cartridge which applies a clear laminate on both the top and bottom of the item you put in. They also have a Laminate/Adhesive cartridge which laminates the top and puts adhesive on the bottom. I am hoping to get both those cartridges as the possibilities are endless for me at least. I can make cute handrawn stickers with a glossy finish or I can laminate my ATC “Artist Trading Card” or Art Prints without having to go to my local Office Supply store and have them laminate it.

Then there’s the Magnet cartridge which adheres a thin magnet to the back of your project. You can turn photos into magnets, a drawing into a magnet, etc. I am sure it is possible to put your item through the laminating cartridge then again through the magnet cartridge so you have a glossy film over the front and magnet on the back. Like I said the possibilities are endless on this.

If you are a Crafter or even an Artist … I highly recommend the Xyron 510. They have a larger one I believe it’s the Xyon 900 which will take wider items like posters but the Xyron 510 I believe can take up to 5″ widths. But it’s an awesome machine to make adhesive labels for your mason jars, your cupcake/cookie box labels, and able to make customizing a lot easier without a computer or electricity.

Definitely don’t think that the Xyron 510 will disappoint and with Craft store coupons like from JoAnns and Michaels the cartridges are affordable. JoAnns sells the cartridges for $19.99 but with coupon you can probably get it for $15 or less. I hope that the 1st handful of items I put up the next time I reopen my Etsy store will be some handrawn stickers, magnets, and a few laminated prints.


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