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Christmas 2012 … To Shop or To Craft ??


Well, Christmas is here once again and we all look back to all the Good and Bad of 2012 and look forward to 2013 ! Many hope that 2013 will have more Good than Bad in store but my post for today is not about the New Year but rather about Christmas gifts. When Christmas is coming around do you run to the mall to buy the hottest trending gadgets, fashions, toys, games, etc. ? I admit I used to grab a nice cup of tea and prepare my mouse for clicking across the internet for my gifts but when things changed for me financial wise. The only store I know run to this Christmas is a craft store.

Now that I no longer have the greens to go shopping for store bought things I’ve become more appreciative of handmade gifts. This year my gifts are all handmade from scarves, beanies, hair accessories, a heat pack sewn with my sewing machine, tote bags for groceries, pillows, plush toys, etc. All these things do require ALOT of patience and time to complete but the end result is worth it ! And the receiver should feel really special to know they received a gift that cannot be bought in a store and there isn’t millions of them alike out there. You were given a one of a kind unique item crafted with Love and made by hand not machine. *Well, except if it was made by sewing machine*.

I hope that this year you’ll think CR8TiV and try to avoid gifting store bought things but rather take the time and patience to craft a handmade gift for that special someone in your Life. The internet is a vast library at your disposal and YouTube is the BEST virtual teacher when it comes to learning a new craft project or following a tutorial that you’d like to try. Hopefully 2013 will be better for me that I will be able to pass my CR8TiV talents and skills on to you guys and start posting tutorials as well as selling the many things I craft. But everything takes time and when the moment is right I know my dreams will come to pass.

Merry Christmas to you all !! Thank you for following my MYT CR8TiV craft blog and my PsychoBabbles CR8TiV writing blog. May your New Years be joyous, healthy, prosperous, and most importantly Blessed by none other than our Lord and Father … God. From our family to yours …. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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