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Embroidery/Cross-Stitch : Not a Scary craft !

I really apologize for not being as active as I should be on my craft blog and I have no excuses just being plain lazy to blog about my crafts and cr8tiv tips. Umm … my current craft that I am addicted to is embroidery/cross-stitch. I know alot of people think it’s difficult and you’d probably prick your fingers if you tried it but it’s a very simple craft that only involves like Five(5) simple supplies to start and create a wonderful design. Below is a picture of the supplies you’ll need to make simple embroidery/cross-stitch designs …

What you need are Embroidery hoops *I use a size 8*, Felt sheets of ANY color, Yarn Needle, Embroidery Floss or Friendship Bracelet thread, A Pencil, and a Design pattern. The design pattern can be anything you want it to be. You can hand-draw anything onto the felt whether it’s a favorite quote, character, or flower. B3 CR8TiV !! The end result is something that looks a little like this …

You can fill in the colored areas using crayons, colored pencils, fabric paint, or fabric markers. Give this craft a try !! As a crafter it’s always good to expand your skills as a crafter and try out many different crafts from Clay, Fabric, Canvas, or Embroidery.

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