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MYT CR8TiV™ Shop


The MYT CR8TiV™ Shop is now officially open. This is my 1st time selling any of my handmade items online so please bear with me any flaws that I might have. If you see anything of your interest please review the MYT CR8TiV™ Shop Policies first and contact me @ to discuss payment options, exchange shipping information, etc.

Without further ado … Here are the current items I have for sale in my 1st Grand Opening of my MYT CR8TiV™ Shop.

All items are for sale for $10 + Shipping cost which will be determined later

CIMG0727Here is a large view of the items I have for sale.

CIMG0702#1 : Frost the Snowman sitting on a bed of Holly – Ornament

CIMG0711#2 : Snowy Bear Ornament

CIMG0697#3 : Christmas Mouse Ornament

CIMG0656#4 : Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament *Christmas tree not included*

CIMG0652#5 : Christmas tree ornament *Goes great the the Baby’s 1st Christmas ornament shown above*

CIMG0639#6 : Oshogatsu “Japanese New Years” Mochi charms *Can be placed onto a Keyring for $3 extra charge*

CIMG0664#7 : Golden Owl Pendant *Ready to be placed onto a chain or keyring for $3 extra*

CIMG0672#8 : Hummingbird Pendant *Can be worn as a Pendant or hung by a window*

CIMG0692#9 : It’s a Boy Ornament *Perfect to hang on a gift bag or place on a Baby Shower table*

CIMG0687#10 : It’s a Girl Ornament *Stuffed Animals face has been painted “Picture not shown”*

CIMG0674#11 : Sochizen Ishi “Limited Edition” line of Gemstone keepers *Eyes are made of rhinestone gems and it protects a large gemstone*

CIMG0721 #12 : Maneki Neko “Lucky Cat – Chubby version” *Front View*

CIMG0720#12 : Maneki Neko “Lucky Cat – Chubby version” *Rear view*

CIMG0739#13 : Wasabi the Dragon napping under a tree made from Preserved Moss + Polymer Clay

CIMG0747**NOT FOR SALE** This item was a gift to my Sister. I call this my PolyScrap designs as they are made completely from Polymer clay scraps then hand-painted afterwards. I am displaying this as a custom-order item. If there is something you’d like custom designed or made please feel free to email me and request a custom-ordered request at an extra cost. You will receive a email update with picture of your item as it’s coming along and constant communication regarding your commissioned request.

That is all the items that is currently up for sale. Please, check back here often as *NEW* items will be posted here. Thank you for viewing and I hope that you find something to your interest and support my MYT CR8TiV™ Artwork. (n_n)


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