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Wow ! Where have I been ? I didn’t realize that the last time I posted a blog post was in March ? I haven’t found time to post as much as I wanted to since I started working at my 1st job in October 2016. There’s so much I would like to share with you guys but I don’t know where to start. I’ve gained a pretty good amount of Brush markers to do a better Brush marker comparison post for you guys for brush-lettering which I’ve been practicing.

My Birthday was last month and my fabulous BFF gifted me the Studio Blick 96 color Marker set which I wanna do a Copic marker comparison post but the one issue with that is … I need to get a small Copic marker set to do a proper comparison. I was told Michaels does accept coupons for their small six(6) Copic sketch sets. So I’m thinking between the Perfect Primaries set or the Pale Pastels set. But I’ll get them when I have money to spare.

You know I originally set out to look for my 1st job so that financial situations will bet better and my Husband won’t have to be the solo income provider but even though I now have a job it’s funny we’re still broke all time with all the bills and rent. But I’ll save the Life ranting for my personal blog page which is … if you’re interested.

But anyways I am pretty mainly active on my Instagram posting up photos of my recent works so be sure to follow me there and I do post up onto my Facebook as well but I am more active on my Instagram. So when I have the money to get that Copic marker set you can bet your baby’s bottom I will post up a comparison to the Studio Blick set.

Umm … I can do a comparison with the Promarkers but the thing is the review/comparison wouldn’t be very accurate since the two are different. I mean they’re both Art Markers but the nibs are different. Promarkers are more felt broad tipped and not too flexible where as these Studio Blick are Brush tip more flexible. Promarkers would be more better comparable to the Prismacolor Art Markers which are on my WishList as well.

So this post is generally just to let you all know … I am still alive ! I haven’t abandoned this blog or that this blog site is a dead one. It’s very much still alive just haven’t had the time nor energy nor money to keep up with the postings. My dream though to one day have a YouTube channel where I can do video tutorials, live art creations, and what not still simmering on the back burner. My dreams to also have an active and successful Etsy shop or Online shop where you can purchase my Art is also simmering on the back burner.

Hopefully the next year or two will put me in a better place financially to be able to take those dreams off the back burner and into the fore-front. Till then Thank you all for the wonderful comments, encouragements, and continued support. You guys are all Amazing and Awesome followers ! I love you all very much so !! A BIG VIRTUAL HUG TO YOU ALL !! 0==( ∩⌂∩)==0

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