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Music inspires CR8TiViTY !! What do you listen to ?

What time of music do you listen to while working on a CR8TiV project ? I like listening to classical piano solo music while working on a CR8TiV project. I find that listening to piano solo helps me focus better compared to listening to something with a beat like Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, or whatever that doesn’t really help you focus much. If you’ve got an iPad or Laptop here’s two sites that I recommend for listening to piano solo music online ….

Whisperings Piano Solo :

Many Different Instrumental Solo @ CalmRadio :

I find that these two online stations help me relax and focus better when working on a CR8TiV project and what’s even better is there’s completely free to listen to. I find this type of music alot better than the modern junk you hear on the radio nowadays. You can listen to this via mobile phone as well as they have App Store and Android Market apps so you can listen while on the go too.But I kinda give a far warning to not listen to this while tired bcuz they can relax you so much that you can sometimes get sleepy and getting sleepy behind the wheel isn’t a very safe thing. But it’s great to listen to before bed or even during to help you fall asleep.

When I have children I am always going to be playing these Piano/Instrumental Solos bcuz they are very calming and someday I hope to learn to play the Piano so I can create my own calming melodies. So what type of music do you listen to while working on a CR8TiV project or what type of music helps you get through tasks easier like washing dishes or cleaning the house ?? Music is very powerful in was of inspiration, relaxation, and helping the mind focus more clearer. So today listen to something that works the mind than the body.

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FolkArt : Craft Paints

Hello ! It’s been awhile since I last posted on here. Hope everyone is having a CR8TiV Sunday ! Well, I don’t post on here often bcuz I am usually consumed in a CR8TiV project of some sort whether it’s helping a friend with artwork for his online stories or CR8TiV writing projects or just working on a personal project of my own. I’m currently working on a painting. I thought I’d share with you and give you a review of the acrylic paints I use and would recommend when painting a project.

I plan in the future to share with you tutorials both YouTube video and photo tutorials on here but it won’t be anytime in the near future as I don’t really have means of filming or good quality cameras for photo tutorials nor a space to do it. But I promise I will become more active here in the future and provide more than just product reviews and written tutorials.

Anyways back on topic the paint I used is called FOLKART by the PLAID company. I mainly use the Acrylics but they have tons of paints for different projects like enamel paints for ceramics and glass, outdoor paints if you’re painting projects that’ll be outdoors like a planter pot or a lawn chair, etc. But my favorites has to be the Glitters and Metallics. They have a certain vibrant punch and shimmer to your paint projects especially canvas paintings. There is a very large pallet of colors to choose from so I am sure that FOLK ART will have the color you need for your painting projects.

FOLK ART paints are very affordable as well. Walmart sells the acrylic paint colors for $.97 cents I believe it was and about $1 something for the specialty paints like the glitters and metallics. Jo-Anns also I believe sells the FOLK ART Acrylic paints at $.97 cents with the specialty paints at $1.97. I am not 100% sure on the exact prices but I get my FOLK ART paints from Walmart mostly.

While you’re at Walmart another MUST-HAVE item for painting is the Pocket Color wheel.                  *Pictured Below*

It costs about $10 and is a MUST-HAVE item when mixing paint colors to create a custom color. I remembered my paint mixing lessons from Kindergarten but they only went so far as to learning how to make colors using the basic Primary colors : Red, Blue, Yellow. But with this color wheel it tells you exactly what color to add in to get the color you need.

It has a swivel panel which you can turn to get different hues from darkest to lightest. The amount of paint you add isn’t listed but I guess that depends on what you’re painting. So the amount is to your discretion.

But having this is really handy when you don’t have a brown paint or need a darker purple or wanna make a color like Turquoise. I have found myself turning to this color wheel many times to make a color I didn’t have on hand.

The color wheel is also useful for wall painting too. On the other side of this pocket color wheel is color coordinates. *SEE PICTURE BELOW* It can be helpful when deciding what paint colors go well with each other. It can also be helpful for quilters so you can see what colors blend well when making a quilt. So this pocket color wheel is really handy for a CR8TiV crafter who is skilled in many different crafts from quilting, painting, crochet, knitting, etc. This color wheel can help a great deal with deciding color schemes and such.

Well, those are my Two(2) MUST-HAVE painting supplies : FOLK ART paints and the Pocket Color Wheel. Til next time stay CR8TiV … B3 B0LD … B3 Inspired … B3 MYT CR8TiV !! Have a great weekend and bundle up cuz it’s been pretty chilly these past few days. (n_n)

**Below is a painting I just recently finished using my FOLK ART Acrylic paints**

Hand-painted By : MYT CR8TiV™

November 2012©.

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