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Brush Pen Review … Tombow .vs. Immersive Color


Hi, Everybody !! Happy Father’s Day weekend ! Hope you have something wonderful planned with your family this weekend. So today I am going to do another Product review and I believe this is going to be a very popular review. Hopefully the contents of this review will be helpful and useful to you. So let’s get started !! \( n 3 n)/

The review is on Brush pens and I am doing a comparison review on the Most Popular Tomwbow Brush Pens and a less known brand called Immersive Color Brush Pens. I have to say my reason for purchasing these Brush pens was first from my previous review about the Spectrum Noir Aqua markers being comparable to the Copics. I love the brush tip of the Spectrum Noir Aqua markers. I use the often for coloring in stamped cards and handrawn art.

Now Brush Lettering seems to be a trending thing in the Hand-Lettering world. And the #1 Brush pen lettering pros use is the Tombow Brush pen. I have watched and followed enough Brush Lettering Artists on Instagram to get a general idea of Brush Lettering but I was never able to afford the Tombow markers. But thanks to my BFF’s help I was able to get the Bright set of Tombow markers !! \(n0n)/ YAY !!

I ordered them off Amazon along with a 128gb SD Micro Memory card for my tablet which I previously did a review on. It runs a lot faster now ! So I also purchased a Travel Lap desk which I’ll do a review on later. But in order to qualify for the *FREE* Shipping on Amazon I needed to add something more. So I grabbed these Immersive Color Brush Pens they are $19.99. I am happy to create a side by side comparison review of these two(2) brands for you !! (n_n) Aww… I know I’m too kind ! L0L

So below is a bit of a comparison chart I made of the Tombow Brush Pens .vs. the Immersive Color Brush pens. ↓


I’ll start with the Tombow Brush pens. I’m not really sure if it’s because they are Brand *New* but the brush tip on these pens feel a bit stiff. Also compared to the Immersive Color the Brush tip seems more Fine ? I guess you could say. If you look at the tear drop shapes examples I made which is done simple just by pressing the tip down on the paper. The size of the tear drop is quite small and narrow compared to the Immersive Color one.

Umm … I know there are 96 Tombow Brush Pen marker colors which is a nice variety of colors to chose from and I like color variety. The Fine tip end writes like a Fine point Sharpie marker and will be perfect for drawing in fine lines or details. Both Tombow and Immersive Color are water-based markers so they should blend nicely with both water and to themselves but I couldn’t get them to blend very well. With a water and a watercolor brush I was able to pull the color to sort of a gradient fade but trying to blending together Yellow and Orange didn’t blend together well if at all.

I have always adore the Brush Lettering words or quotes using the gradient effect where one color trails off into another. With Tombow Brush Pens I was told the technique is done by grabbing a lighter color and touching a darker color to the tip of the lighter color just for a few seconds. In my example above I grabbed a Pink/Magenta and Maroon/Burgundy color and the gradient effect didn’t work out too well.

Overall the Tombow Brush Pen is definitely easier to Brush Letter with as the stiffness helps when doing the thin line and thick lines in Brush Lettering. *Gotta practice more on that* But they are great markers for both coloring and lettering. But definitely Brush Lettering is easier with these Brush Pen markers.

Now to talk about the Immersive Color Brush pen markers. Well, right away I liked how nicely the tear drop shape was and easily made daisy flowers and hearts. The Brush tip on the Immersive Color brush pens are more flexible soft and Medium to Thick size whereas the Tombow’s were more of a Small to Thin size. The Brush tip on the Immersive Color Brush pens resemble the tip on the Pentel Aquash Brush pens. To me these performed a lot more like an actual paintbrush. The Fine tip point is more of an Ultra Fine tip like that of a Pigma Micron pen unlike the Tombow Fine point is more like the Fine Point Sharpie marker.

The Immersive Color variety is limited to only 24 colors but it’s still a decent amount of color variety to keep you happy. Umm … like the Tombow Brush pen markers I had trouble getting these to blend with water and each other as well. But unlike the Tombow they somewhat blended. In the example chart I first scribbled down Orange then scribbled over with Yellow and the Orange did somewhat lighten to a Lighter Orange when I went over it with the Yellow. As far as blending with a water and a watercolor brush the results were the same as the Tombow Brush pens. I’ll need to experiment some more with blending using both these markers.

But the Gradient technique works great with the Immersive Color markers. I grabbed same or similar colors to the Tombow a Pink/Magenta and a Maroon/Burgundy color and I touched the Maroon/Burgundy color to the Pink/Magenta for approx. 10 seconds and you can see in the example the Maroon/Burgundy in the beginning then fade back to the Pink/Magenta color. Getting a gradient effect seems easier with these Brush pens than the Tombow Brush pens.

Now as far as Brush Lettering the Immersive Color Brush pens will require more practice in getting the thin and thick lines of Brush Lettering as I previously said the Brush tip on these pens are more paintbrush like so getting a thin line and thick line will require a bbit of practicing as far as pressure and less pressure goes. From my experience you barely have to touch the paper almost floating over or very softly brushing the surface of the paper to get the thin line but thick line is pretty easy.

Overall I like the Immersive Color Brush Pens compared to the the Tombow Brush pens because they are more affordable $19.99 for 24 Brush Pens over $27 dollars *Retail price* for 10 Brush pens. If you want to stretch your color variety and have the money go with the 96 color pack of Tombow markers. But if you’re going to use these Brush pens for Brush Lettering I highly suggest the Immersive Color Brush pens as the Brush tip gives you more weight to your letters. It just requires more practice in getting the thick and thin lines.

If you’re interested in trying out these markers … Here’s the link to them on Amazon. I think Amazon has the best price in my opinion for the Tombow Brush pens. Other sites cost twice as much as the price of Amazon. Can’t beat $16.99 with *FREE* Shipping if you spent $35 or more. The other sites that cost twice as much tack on Shipping and tax and what not.

Immersive Color Brush pens 24 colors :

Tombow Brush Pen 10 colors “Bright Palette” :

Hopefully this product review was helpful and when I get a set of Sakura Koi Brush pens I’ll do a side by side comparison to all three(3) Brush pen markers … the Tombow, the Immersive Color, and the Sakura Koi. Until next time B3 iNSPiR3D, B3 B0LD, B3 Kind, DR3AM BiG, and B3 CR8TiV ~ MYT CR8TiV

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Xyron Creative Station …


Hello and Happy Monday, My CR8TiV Kittens ! Life has been SOo… hectic lately but it’s finally settling down to where I can stop procrastinating about this post and as Larry the Cable guy would say … Git Er Done ! L0L

So today I want to share with you guys a Birthday present I got for myself. I always do quite a bit of research before I buy anything and I’ve done quite a bit of oogling googling about the Xyron 510 Creative Station. Of course right off the bat I loved that it’s called CR8TiV Station. 😛 L0L

But what the Xyron 510 Creative Station is  … is it’s a sticker maker, laminator, and a magnet maker. You do have to buy separate cartridges to do each of those things but you get a Permanent Adhesive cartridge to start with when you buy the Xyron 510. It applies a strong adhesive to the back of anything you place into the machine.

The machine does not require electricity or batteries … it’s a manual self crank machine. I really love the Xyron 510 bcuz as a Card maker you sometimes have intricate die cuts that are hard to get adhesive on. Most just use a glue like the Tombow Mono-Liquid Adhesive or just rub a glue stick over it. But sometimes the glue oozes out the die cut and the glue stick isn’t sticky enough to keep the die in place.

Well, with the Xyron 510 you just pass it through the machine and the intricate die cut will immediately become an adhesive die cut. You can take photos, intricate die cuts, card backing that you’re going to adhere to a cardbase, ribbon, strips of fancy scrapbook paper you wanna make into washi-tape like strips, etc. The Permanent Adhesive cartridge will put a strong adhesive on one side turning it essentially into a sticker.

Another great thing about this is if you wanna use Deco-Foil … Run your die cut through the Xyron 510 or as I call it the X510 but put your die cut in face down so the adhesive goes on the front of the die cut instead of the back. Then peel off the plastic sheet and lay the die cut down on a sheet of Deco-Foil. Use a bone folder or old credit card to rub it all smoothly. Then gently peel off the Deco-Foil and you have a Foiled Die Cut without the process of printing in a Laser Printer and running it through the Laminator or using the Deco-Foil toner pen.

Many of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram ( know that I am a Artist and I often draw many things. I know many have asked why I don’t have an Etsy shop or online shop and my 1st Etsy attempt didn’t work out as I wasn’t really ready for it. But I’ll have a online shop soon in the future.

But another reason I like the X510 is that they have a Laminator cartridge which applies a clear laminate on both the top and bottom of the item you put in. They also have a Laminate/Adhesive cartridge which laminates the top and puts adhesive on the bottom. I am hoping to get both those cartridges as the possibilities are endless for me at least. I can make cute handrawn stickers with a glossy finish or I can laminate my ATC “Artist Trading Card” or Art Prints without having to go to my local Office Supply store and have them laminate it.

Then there’s the Magnet cartridge which adheres a thin magnet to the back of your project. You can turn photos into magnets, a drawing into a magnet, etc. I am sure it is possible to put your item through the laminating cartridge then again through the magnet cartridge so you have a glossy film over the front and magnet on the back. Like I said the possibilities are endless on this.

If you are a Crafter or even an Artist … I highly recommend the Xyron 510. They have a larger one I believe it’s the Xyon 900 which will take wider items like posters but the Xyron 510 I believe can take up to 5″ widths. But it’s an awesome machine to make adhesive labels for your mason jars, your cupcake/cookie box labels, and able to make customizing a lot easier without a computer or electricity.

Definitely don’t think that the Xyron 510 will disappoint and with Craft store coupons like from JoAnns and Michaels the cartridges are affordable. JoAnns sells the cartridges for $19.99 but with coupon you can probably get it for $15 or less. I hope that the 1st handful of items I put up the next time I reopen my Etsy store will be some handrawn stickers, magnets, and a few laminated prints.


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Stamp & Scrapbook Expo …


Hello, Everyone ! Hope you are having a great weekend ! Aside for the rain these past few days it’s been a great week and the weekend has started off pretty positive as well. Today I attended the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center and if you noticed I scratched out the Stamp from Stamp & Scrapbook Expo.

The Expo was great and there were so many inspiring projects but there weren’t too many stamp vendors to really validate the Stamp part of the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo. It seemed more Scrapbook oriented. Stamp companies where are you ? Definitely need more stamp companies like LawnFawn, HeroArts, MamaElephant, Ellen Hutson, My Favorite Things, Avery Elle, etc. More stamp companies need to register for this expo so that the name of Stamp & Scrapbook can live up to it’s name.

I mainly shopped the most at the Stamps of Life booth but to be honest everything was pretty expensive. $120 dollars dissolved so quickly and not much freebies either. This was my first time attending a Expo specifically for Stamps & Scrapbooking but I’ve attended other Expos such as the Japan Expo which my Dad did a few shows at and when the LA Auto show rolls in town we try to go check it out.

Often times from attending those Expos we go home with a tote full of freebies like keychains, lanyards, magnets, pens, etc. I was kinda expecting more from this Stamp & Scrapbook Expo to give out more freebies but only freebie I got was a glue stick and a ink pad from the Stamps of Life booth for my purchases. I really hope that next year more stamp companies step up to the plate and give the Stamp part of Stamp & Scrapbook Expo more meaning.

Now on to the review part … Like I said above I spent most of my money @ the Stamps of Life booth since they were pretty much the only worthy stamp selling booth aside from Judith’s rubber stamps. Which were priced pretty reasonably ! I bought two(2) flower stamps for about $15.

But my review isn’t about that stamp. My review is about the Stamps of Life ink pad. They are made by Color Box under the Stephanie Barnard brand. I picked out the color Candy which is a soft cotton candy pink color. The ink pad is really great !! It stamps very clean and clear with no smearing or smudging. The color is also very vibrant ! I could see myself buying more of her ink pads in the future.

As for the stamp sets I purchased … I cannot say how much I adore the Stamps of Life stamps. If you read my previous blog post about her subscription plan if you haven’t subscribed yet … do it ! Every month is like Christmas when you go to your mailbox and find her monthly stamp set awaiting in your mailbox.

Her stamp sets always stamp beautifully without requiring any priming. What I mean when I say Priming is sometimes *new* stamps don’t take ink very well and either you have to rub a pink eraser over the image so that it will scuff and make ink adhere better.  Works like a charm every time !! But with the Stamps of Life stamps you don’t need to take that extra step. Just ink up and stamp away !!

I also bought some dies which I am eager to try as well. I purchased the Stitched Rectangles die and the Grid die set which I will definitely post up a card made with these dies soon. So stay posted on my Facebook page @ or follow me on Instagram @MYTCR8TiV

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Back to School … (T~T) Boo Hoo !


backtoschooloUntitledWell, it’s August and that means Summer is coming to an end. The day every student dreads is coming closer and to some it’s already begun and that is … going back to School !! I don’t go to school anymore and my schooling days are behind me but I look forward to Back to School bcuz that’s the time you can go on a SUPER shopping haul of supplies at SUPER cheap prices !  Now til the end of September you can stock up on your colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue, etc. as most major Office Supply store and Target start their Back to School sales where you can grab a pack of Crayola colored pencils *50 count* for under $3 or buy backs of notebook paper for like 10¢.

I make sure to grab the coloring pencils, markers, stock up on white polymer erasers, #2 pencils, and don’t forget many stores have storage and organizer boxes on sale too. So I stock up on a couple of those plastic storage cabinets with drawers and everything else you’d need like desk lamps, chairs, etc. Now is the time to replace that craft chair that’s covered in paint, no longer supporting your back, etc. I could use a desk lamp for when I take photos of my handmade creations and just to give me a better lighting.

Am I the only one who get’s excited when it’s Back to School ? It’s like when you get excited after Halloween is over so you can snag your favorite bag of candy for 50% off or more. LOL Some Arts and Craft stores like Michaels has entire store Back to School sales so you can snag that Prismacolor set or Copic markers on discount. On my list is brush markers and a calligraphy set. If I can get my hands on the Pilot Parallel pen that would be awesome !! I’m trying to get better in handlettering and calligraphy but finding that high quality calligraphy pen or brush pen at a price within my budgets is difficult. I have tried just using one of my fine point paintbrushes and acrylic paint but I think I’m too newbie to be doing calligraphy with a paintbrush.

But definitely excited to refresh my colored pencil bin, grab some more markers, erasers, pencils, and a pair of scissors for fussy cutting stamped images for my handmade cards. 😀 Be great if I get my hands on some post-it tape or more of those post-it notes with edge to edge adhesive. Those are great to use when masking your stamps and I wanna master that technique down for my handmade cards. Just can’t wait for the sale to begin !! LOL

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Recollections Embossing Kit – Product Review

UntitledHi, Everyone !! Happy Monday or Hope your Mundane Monday is Happy ! If you follow my Facebook page ** I posted that I was excited that I had purchased a embossing kit from Michaels using a 40% off coupon. The kit is by Recollections and although I’m not a fan of the color Pink … it’s cute and growing on me !

So I thought I’d post up a product review for those of you looking to dabble in heat embossing. The kit costs $39.99 at Michaels but with the 40% off coupon I got it for about $26-27 with the tax and everything included. Now I read somewhere online that the ink pads and embossing powders that came with it were no good and useless so I did pick up a VersaMark ink pad and a bottle of clear glitter embossing powder by Recollection just in case.


So the heat tool says Recollection labeled on the heat tool but it’s actually the Zap! Heat Tool *see photo above* made by American Crafts especially manufactured for Recollections brand I guess as the instructions included in this embossing kit are for the Zap! heat tool. Umm … overall I had no start-up issues. The instructions do warn that it might smoke for a minute as the protective coating on the coils burn off. I did not have any smoking but did smell the familiar smell of the protective coating burning off. It’s familiar bcuz my heater had the same smell when I first bought it.

Anyways it warmed up REAL fast maybe within 1-2 minutes it was ready to go. I turned it off and went to test the embossing powders next. The review I read about the embossing powders being junk is true. Even with the VersaMark ink the embossing powder did not stick and had a texture that did not feel like embossing powder but more like very fine craft sand.

Soon as I stamped my image in VersaMark and sprinkled on the black embossing powder it just rolled right off when I tapped the excess off. So I brushed off the embossing powder and used the clear glitter embossing powder I bought just in case and that sticked a lot better. Heat embossed it and was loving the look of it !! I may need to buy a darker colored *opaque* embossing powder as I could not see it once it heat embossed. It disappeared into my white cardstock leaving a faint glittery outline. So I couldn’t tell if I heat embossed it long enough or if I was embossing it correctly. But I think I did.

Now let me share with you a little trick that you’ll probably notice most cardmakers do in tutorials where they heat emboss. You’ll see them use a Embossing Buddy or Embossing Powder Tool before they stamp their embossed image so that the embossing powder only sticks to embossing image. I just use a make-up brush or small cotton ball lightly dipped in baby powder. You don’t really need an Embossing buddy or Powder Tool. The powder inside the tools are generally just a talc powder like Baby Powder.

I always have a blush or facial powder make-up brush in my art desk to brush away eraser crumbs when I draw and cotton balls, swabs, etc for blending. They’re cheap and can be easily found at the dollar stores. If you’re going to be using make-up brushes to apply baby powder before Embossing I suggest buying two different sized brushes. One large like blush powder brush and another for eyeshadow or shimmer dust brush as one has fine tip smaller brush and other is large round brush. The smaller tip brush can also be used to brush away stray embossing powder. A regular small paintbrush would work too.

As for the ink pads that comes with the kit … They’ve never been opened and package up tight but when I opened them to test it out … ALL the ink pads were dry and even a few drops of water or rubbing alcohol didn’t revamp them. So definitely when you buy this embossing kit from Michaels or Online be sure to grab some embossing powders and a VersaMark ink pad. I have yet to try this but I heard you can stamp an image with the VersaMark ink and use fine glitter to emboss with too. Overall I think you’re getting a good deal ! I haven’t used the tray that comes in the kit as I just use my scrap cardstock to dump the embossing powder in and out of the jar.

Umm … the box is comes in is very nice but very poor in durability. The inside has a very pretty rose pattern but just opening and closing the box twice and the corner of the box split. I had to patch with a bit of duct tape but my OCD now has to cover the entire box with duct tape as it bugged me that only that corner had duct tape. (>⌂<“) Overall I think if you’re a beginner looking to start dabbling with Heat Embossing this is a great kit to buy or gift to someone who wants to Heat Emboss. I give this 4 ★★★★☆ outta 5 ★’s

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White Stamp Ink Comparison …

k14692911Hi, CR8TiV Cats !! It’s Friday and I hope you’re working on something CR8TiV or doing something CR8TiV over the weekend. (ⁿ×ⁿ) Today I wanted to share my comparisons on White stamp ink pads. As you know from my previous posts I’ve been doing a lot of cardmaking and really getting into the craft of making handmade cards. I currently have some posted up on my *newly* opened Etsy shop but I recently came across some Recollections 11×11 Cardstock at my local 99¢ only store. It’s brown craft paper like the color of a Paper bag.

I generally been using my white Sakura gel pen to make cards out of it but I really wanted to use some of my slowly growing stamp collection stamps but wanted something other than black ink. I always like the look of white on dark so I started shopping for white ink pads. The first one I bought was the Memento Luxe “Wedding Dress” and it didn’t give a very crisp or clean stamped image. It was rough and blotchy like a chalkboard mark. So I continued to look for a better white ink pad.

I had heard the Colorbox “Frost White” was the best one. But I was unable to find that in any of my local craft stores. But I found a Tsukineko Brilliance Dewdrop set with a “Moonlight White” and CraftSmart White at Michaels. For those of you who don’t know what Dewdrop set is they are a set of mini Tsukineko ink pads in teardrop shapes. Each pack general comes with Four(4) different colors.

So with the help of craft store coupons I was able to gather a small set of white ink pads to share my results with you. The set of white ink pads I now have is the … Memento Luxe “Wedding Dress” ~ Tsukineko Brilliance “Moonlight White” ~ CraftSmart *Michael’s storebrand* “White ~ and Colorbox Chalk “Popcorn”. Now for the Colorbox Chalk I dunno if maybe I bought a defective ink pad but it does not show up on ANYTHING !! It’s like it’s a transparent ink pad. I’ll post pictures of each on the brown craft paper and black paper in a minute.

But in Google image searches it shows that the Colorbox Chalk “Popcorn” shows up nicely on Black. For example in this image I found … *See image below*
Swan Lake Chalkboard 001The picture description says they used Colorbox Chalk “Popcorn”. So I dunno if it’s my stamps or the ink pad I got is defective but you’ll see in the examples I posted below they do not show up at all like that in the picture. So below is the sample chart I made comparing each of the white ink pads I got.

11653369_10155679489050307_1790195877_nHere is the Black cardstock with a sample of each white ink pad. The CraftSmart is really affordable I think it was like $4 for the ink pad and it gives very bright, opaque, and clean stamped image *That’s the one in the upper right corner*. The Memento Luxe “Wedding Dress” is blotchy and transparent. You can’t really see it unless I took a up-close shot *Sorry for the poor image quality* but the stamped looks more like a chalkboard impression. The Tsukineko Brilliance”Moonlight White” is good but still not opaque and bright. If you look at the Colorbox Chalk “Popcorn” it’s like a ghost image barely even shows up at all.

11667105_10155679489105307_883248674_nHere I tested out samples for you guys on a strip of the brown paper bag colored Recollections cardstock. Tsukineko Brilliance is okay but still pretty faded white … Memento Luxe is better but still like I said blotchy … the CraftSmart I think is the winner in all of the Four(4) white ink pads I got as it’s opaque, bright, and gives a good stamped image. (>~<“) Except on this one I might of pressed down too much on the ink pad so it got over saturated so the detail of the inner flourish didn’t show up.

But ColorBox Chalk “Popcorn” is definitely a fail ! I dunno if it’s bcuz the stamp I was using or if the ink pad was dried up/defective but it just always shows up as a ghost image or completely invisible. When I press the stamp onto the ink pad the stamp is covered by the ink pad color but when I press it down to the actual paper it doesn’t seem to transfer anything onto the paper.

Overall Memento is currently my favorite ink pad brand as I have the Memento Tuxedo black and it gives great crisp images. The Tsukineko I’m still iffy about whether I like them but I have developed a small collection via their dewdrop sets. So I think I’m liking the CraftSmart “Michael’s brand” the only thing I would advise is to stamp very lightly onto the ink pad. The ink pad is SUPER saturated and wet so even a gentle press would cause the ink to ooze out and your stamp impression will be ruined. A very feather almost not even touching the ink pad coats your stamp better.

Before I end this blog I wanted to show you the really nice results you get from the CraftSmart white ink pad with the feather touch tip I just explained. I found this beautiful cling stamp in the clearance bin for $2.50 and what’s funny about this stamp is after I had stamped it and admired the beautiful bird and flower which are two of my favorite things about Nature. I noticed the time stamp there in the corner behind the bird says 10 SEP. 10th of September is my husband’s Birth date and the day we got married. So now this stamp will have an extra sentimental value added to it. As it includes many things I love … Birds, Flowers, and my husband.


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Doing with what you have … Making with what you do best

Quotation-Haruki-Murakami-age-happy-Meetville-Quotes-58834Hello my CR8TiV Kats !! Lately I’ve been making handmade cards on a daily basis trying to create a good enough amount of inventory to sell in my Etsy shop ** There are soo… many things I would like to post up into the shop but lacking knowledge in secure packaging, money to ship it, and time to getting them shipped in a timely manner all hinder me from posting up anything besides handmade cards at the moment. So please forgive me for not having a large variety of items in stock as I get situated and learn to cover the areas I am lacking in.

Anyways I’ve blogged about this topic before about being content with what you have and stretching your means with what you have. Well, if you’re a cardmaker you know that Stamps are a crucial part of cardmaking and that many of the YouTube cardmaker like Kristina Werner, Jennifer Mcguire, Nichol Magouirk, etc. all have wonderful stamp sets that they use in their cards.

I could only wish to have their stamp collection but I use my artistic skills to create my own handrawn images which I used in my cards. You’ll see many of them on my Facebook page ** and a few are posted up in the Etsy shop. So now when it comes to handrawing you want the best and highest quality art supplies. I always made due with what I could afford like Crayola markers, Colored pencils, etc. I was lucky enough to get a 48 color Prismacolor set but I gave it away to my nephew.

Originally my thoughts about Prismacolor weren’t so great. I had used Crayola colored pencils for so long and I loved how they were under $6 at Walmart for 50 colors and loved them more than Prismacolor colored pencils. I know right you’re thinking … (o ⌂ O) Are you insane ? But I recently got myself a 12 color Prismacolor pencil set from Walmart for $15 and I’m a huge addict to color variety so I wasn’t happy about only have 12 colors. I really wanted the 150 color Prismacolor set but that’s still a bit out of my budget.

So again I made do with what I had. Now that I had the chance to get to know Prismacolor pencils a bit better. My previous thoughts of it has changed. Crayola colored pencils aren’t what they used to be. Before they were highly pigmented so the colors were bright and lay out nicely. Now the colors are more or less faded and less pigmented. So I started to do some research *mainly YouTube based* on blending with colored pencils and doing more with them. I found tricks I already knew where used to tweak the colors of colored pencils like the baby oil and rubbing alcohol trick I blogged about awhile back.

Now there’s a solvent called Gamsol ← Not the name of actual solvent but the brand … the solvent is called Odorless Mineral Spirits some call it Turpentine/Turpenoid. I have heard about Turpentine when my Sister was studying art in college and know what it does for paint but did not know you can use it for colored pencils. I haven’t been able to get some, yet but will blog about it when I do.

Currently I’m using my blender marker that came with my Promarker set on my Prismacolor pencils and it blends beautifully. Now what I found in that my 12 color set is actually just as great as a 150 color set. Now I know you’re thinking … (¬~¬) How can a 12 color compare to a 150 color set ? Well, simply bcuz Prismacolor pencils blend together beautifully !! If you learn your color wheel and what colors mixed together make what color like Red and Blue makes purple then you really don’t need any more colors than the 12 in the set.

I needed pink for the nose, cheeks, paw pads of my animals but my 12 color set doesn’t include a pink. I simply just lighting colored in red then went over with the white til I got pink. 😀 I did the same for the peachy pink I needed for a hamsters hands and feet. I mixed orange with white til I got a pale peach color. It made me giddy to see that I can make *new* colors by blending the 12 colors I already have. The 12 color set comes with Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Light Brown, Brown, Black and White. Now those aren’t the exact names of the colors as they each have fancy artists name like Ocean blue or Phthalo blue.

But it made me realize that if you have a high quality art supply you really don’t need to get all the colors. Just your primary colors and a white/black is all you need to mix and create your own colors you need. Just make do with what you got !!

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Can you buy over $100 worth of stuff for $8 ?

Hi, my CR8TiV kittens !! It’s Friday !! (ñ_ñ) So glad it’s finally Friday. So the title of this blog post … Can you buy over $100 worth of stuff for $8 ? The answer is … Only @ Walmart you can. Last night I was at Walmart browsing for some fancy business attire formal wear to wear to a meeting I am attending with my husband tomorrow. Being not the fancy schmancy type I don’t own ANY fancy special occasions formal wear. I only wear one pair of jeans and lots of tshirts.

But anyways that’s not what this blog is about. Straying off topic as usual ! (≥~≤”) Sorry about that. So how did I get over $100 worth of stuff for $8 ? Well, being this is my CR8TiV Art and Craft blog what I am gonna share with you is definitely worth the $8 bucks I spent for it. Check out the pictures below …


/(O o o)\ Oh Em Gee … I know, Right !?! If you are a cardmaker or into cardmaking like I have been lately this is a great buy especially if you’re a beginner and just starting out. Also would make an excellent gift for a crafter. The picture doesn’t show it but the box of this thing is HUGE !! *Sorry for the flash spots in the photos. I have poor lighting in my house so when I take pictures they don’t come out so great without a flash.*

I ripped open this box like a hungry lion would to a gazelle carcass and was SUPER excited to try out the Paper trimmer. I currently use a Cricut Paper trimmer and it’s not horrible but it’s not good either. It does it’s job as far as trimming your paper but the cut isn’t clean. It’s very jagged and looks like you just scored the paper then ripped it apart. But nothing a scissor can’t clean up. You just gotta leave an extra ½” or less them trim off the jagged edge with scissor. No biggie ! But it does get annoying and tedious after awhile.

SOoo … I was SUPER eager to give the Paper trimmer a go. I cut through my 1st scrap of cardstock and it didn’t cut. I tried again and it didn’t cut. I looked at the trimmer blade and (≥⌂≤) THERE WAS NO BLADE !! I thought okay maybe they package the blade separately ? Looked for a blade packet … None. I fiddled with it to see if there’s a button maybe to retract the blade … Nothing. So boo hoo … I got a defective Paper trimmer that I was so excited to use. The Paper trimmer is a lot like the Fiskars Paper trimmer … it has a flap you lift up to place your paper under. I’ve used my sisters once before and this Paper trimmer looks a lot like the Fiskars 12″ Surecut Paper trimmer *See picture below*
41g6f-hDWgL._SY300_My CR8TiV resourceful mind is curious to see if maybe I can buy a pack of the refill blades for the Fiskar Paper trimmer and it’ll probably work on the defective Paper trimmer from this Papercraft kit. But I contacted the maker of the Papercraft Kit which is LeisureArts and they are going to send me a replacement trimmer so hopefully the *new* one they send me will have a blade and I’ll still try the Fiskars Paper trimmer blade refills on the defective one and see if it works. I’ll post up a blog post about it to share the results.

Anyways this kit contained SOo .. many things !! It came with a pair of scalloped trim cutting scissors, three(3) bottles of glitter glue, a packet of stickers, blank gift tags in three(3) sizes, glitter tape, pretty colored bakers twine, a adhesive tape runner, ribbon in rainbow colors, two(2) sheets of rhinestones: Bold and Pastel colors, and Plenty of Paper. The patterned paper choices is kinda slim maybe like 4-6 sheets of patterned paper in each pack *Small and Large* but they give you plenty of solid colors.

(¬_¬) I’m a huge lover of rainbows and bright colors so I’ve been looking for cardstock paper with bright rainbow colors and I have to say it’s hard to find something like that. Everything I find either has two colors of the same spectrum like Red with Pink, Blue with Light Blue, or too busy body patterned. I just want a simple but cute paper that has rainbow colored stars, dots, hearts, etc. I found a paper pad that said Rainbow Bursts … (=_=) The paper was just papers in the colors of the rainbow … Red with some kind darker red pattern, Blue with a dark blue pattern, etc. Not quite the rainbow burst I was hoping for. But I’m sure if I go to a proper craft store like JoAnns or Michaels I’ll find a pack of paper that I’m looking for.

Anyways this kit is really a great craft kit and for $8 bucks it’s pretty worth it to me. Check out your local Walmart to see if they carry this ! I got mine from the 24 hour Walmart in Baldwin Park but there were only a few left so make sure you hurry to get yourself one or two or ALL OF THEM !! L0L Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a picture of the items it came with inside up close or if there’s something you’d like to see a better picture of. But I definitely recommend this kit if you’re on a craft supply budget.

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Convenient-font-b-Plastic-b-font-Storage-Box-Mini-Multi-Boxes-9-font-b-Drawer-bHappy Saturday my CR8TiV kittens ! So last night I made a trip to my local RiteAid Pharmacy for some prescription refills and they generally take about 15-20 minutes to get the refills done. So I browse the store for snacks, maybe a drink for the drive home, see what’s new in their stationery section. But I always browse their bargain rack where they have items priced from $1~$3.

Yesterday I found some really great storage boxes but I bought like the one shown above. It’s not the exact brand but it’s pretty much the same. It’s black in color – plastic – and has 9 small compartments … Perfect for polymer clay storage, eyepins, small gems, and other craft supplies. It has two(2) holes on the back to hang the box onto your walls. The best part was it was $3.00 !! I was tempted to go and buy all of them so I can have a vast storage system hung on my wall with all different types of craft supplies in each compartment. But the hubz says one is good enough.

I immediately put this baby to work and stored my Premo clay bricks in them and they perfectly hold two(2) stacks of clay bricks. I’ll try to take a photo of it so you guys can see it. But in the lower compartments I organized my clay scrap balls by color which made it so much easier. Red, Yellow, Green … I had to put a small cardboard divider in the red to store some of my blue scrap clay. But for $3 this is totally worth it !! I think Akro Mils has a similar storage box that sells for like $15-16 bucks.

For those of you who live in Los Angeles here’s the address/location of the RiteAid I found mine at …

531 n. Glendale Ave. Glendale, CA 91206

The Bargain section is near the soda/beer display and a small rack at the end of the laundry detergent aisle. If you walk down the laundry detergent aisle … make a right and it’s at the end of that aisle. There were some other stackable storage boxes in bright colors for $2 I think which I was itching to wanna get but I don’t really have space for stackable boxes at the moment. I’m not really sure if all RiteAids carry this storage box but I just wanted to share with you a great deal and steal if you do see it … I recommend to get it !!

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Happy Thursday my Crafty Cats ! We’re getting closer to the weekend. Do you have something CR8TiV in plan for the weekend ? (n_n) I have something CR8TiV going on everyday but today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on coloring and markers. The image you see posted above is a handrawn artwork of Briar Roses using a Google image as a reference guide. I drew them while my husband was at a doctors appointment. As always I did the rough sketch in pencil and then outlined using my Uniball Micro pen.

I have to recommend Uniball Micro pens if you are a crafter/artist on a budget. It costs are $12 for a dozen @ Staples where I usually big up my pack from but they last a really long time the one pack is pretty much all you’ll need. After I outlined I then went into to color the image to complete it. Many people have asked me if I used Copics to color them or Prismacolor markers. I can only wish I could afford those ! (=~=)

I actually used Crayola Paintbrush Pens *Shown Below*. They only come in 5 colors … Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. They don’t exactly blend together to create other colors like if you were to take Red and Yellow to make orange. They aren’t exactly paintbrushes either. They’re pretty much just Crayola markers with a flexible paintbrush like tip. It would be nice if they had them as regular marker sets in all the colors a their Pipsqueak marker sets comes in.

Now talking about colors I have learned that you don’t really need to have a VAST spectrum of colors. I have several Promarkers and I could never find the right dark pink or my sky blue wasn’t really dark enough for something I was coloring. I could go out and buy markers with the right colors but a trick I found was layering your colors. If your pink is not quite dark enough then just go over it again with the same marker to get a darker tone. On the Briar Rose drawing you’ll see that I colored the center of the roses a deep dark red. But you’ll see in the marker set pictured above there is no deep dark red. I achieved that deeper tone of red by just going over the first layer of red again and it darkened the tone.

So if you’re ever looking to create an Ombre effect *coloring going light to dark* and have a very limited amount of colors to chose from just go over with the same color. Now if you’re going to do this with say coloring pencils and not marker just apply a little more pressure to get a darker tone. So if you wanted a pink Ombre just lightly color with your pink then gradually apply more pressure to get darker tones. Creating art doesn’t have to be expensive ! We all have a long wish list of Art supplies we wish we could get … I know I do ! But make the most out of the things you have and you’ll realize you don’t really need all those other more expensive art supplies.

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