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The importance of Color Gradients …


Hello … Happy Friday !! (-__-) I really wish I could do more to show you guys things better that just what’s written here. But I don’t exactly have a Art studio space or any space that is appropriate for filming or live tutorials so I apologize that I can’t show you exact examples or tutorials of what I’m talking about most of the time on here. But I promise in the future when things get better in my personal life that I will create a space where I can do YouTube tutorials and show better examples to go with the postings.

But anyways today I’m gonna talk about color gradients. Some might better know them as Ombre where a color goes from a dark to lightest gradient. Well, not too many people probably realize just how important a Ombre color gradient is in the art world. It’s probably just as important as knowing your primary colors in the painting world. Ombre color gradients are used in many areas of art. When coloring a tree drawing you are using a Green Ombre color gradient where you use Dark green, Green, Yellow-Green, Light Green, Pastel Green, and sometimes a mix of yellow, orange, and brown to illustrate the colors in a lush green tree.

Another example would be when coloring hair … I’m sure many of you have viewed YouTube videos of Manga/Anime hair and you’ll see it’s not just straight black or yellow or brown … it is a Ombre or color gradient of a Dark to Light shade. You’d start off with the lightest color then blend in darker as you go. Skin tone is just the same … You go from lightest to dark and darker to shadow in areas. This picture below that I made might be a good example of that …


I used a ombre color gradient for the hair. I started with a tan/beige color then brown then darker brown at the tips. The Sun is also in a gradient. I used peach then orange and red orange to give a blended color look. The skin tone on her arms are the same. I started with a light off-white color “Sand” then Peach then Salmon pink to give shade and color. I hope someday I can provide tutorials to give you better live examples but for now I’m sure you get what I’m talking about. No only do color gradients “Ombres” blend together well they can often create very beautiful images like a sunset or widened rainbow spectrum.

Try and experiment using Ombre gradients in your artwork whether it’s painting, colored pencils, or drawings. B3 CR8TiV … And please feel free to share your art on my Facebook page. I’d love to see your CR8TiV creations as well !! Have a wonderful Three(3) Day weekend for those who are off on Memorial day !!

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How to add color to Hot Glue … (n_n)

Hello … Happy Thursday everybody !! Is it Friday, yet ?? What plans do you got for this coming weekend ?? Finishing up that Christmas shopping or just getting started ?? So one the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me … A Ad-Tech Dual Temp Cordless Hot Glue Gun ! (=~=”) Ok, that might of been a little corny ! L0L But my husband did get me a *NEW* Hot glue gun as an early Christmas present.

(T^T) This hot glue gun oddly get’s many negative reviews everywhere I see it. To me this glue gun ROCKS !! Majority of the complaints were about glue backing up into the chamber. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS PEOPLE !! It’s most likely caused by using the wrong type of glue sticks. The instructions clearly says to use ONLY Ad-Tech High/Low/Multi-temp Full sized glue sticks. When my husband got me the gun he picked me up a pack of the 10″ Ad-Tech Multi-temp glue sticks and I haven’t had any issues with the glue backing up outta the chamber or oozing out or any of the issues that majority of the negative reviews state.

A few people have complained about it dripping alot from the tip. Again READ THE INSTRUCTIONS !! It says not to leave the glue gun plugged in and unused for more than 2 hrs. excess dripping is most likely caused by the glue gun getting too hot as it sits there being unused. My suggestion is … if you’re not going to be using the glue gun right away just pull out the removable cord from the glue gun. It’ll still be hot and usable for the next 5 minutes or so but since the power cord isn’t plugged in it will cool off. When you’re ready just plug the cord back in and wait 2-3 minutes for it to heat up and you’re good to go. It’s mainly common sense.

Anyways as I said earlier I love this glue gun. I have already used it for many different crafts. (n_n) I tried making faux resin charms and it was so much fun but (-__-) the glue dries to a cloudy haze. I wish it would dry completely clear like resin. I did watch a few tutorials on YouTube about adding color to your hot glue by adding a dab of acrylic paint and another person who just swirled a crayon into the hot glue blob til the color completely blended in.

So outta boredom after using my Hot Glue gun to create some candy cane hearts for my Husband’s co-workers I decide to give the crayon color trick a try. I have a pack of Crayola Twistable crayons that I bought on a Back to School sale. There is 24 fun colors to choose from. I decide to try using the color brown. So I grabbed my soda bottle cap which I keep under the glue gun nozzle to catch any drips and pumped a huge glob of hot glue. I then quickly twisted up the crayon to about a ½” tip and gave it a good swirl in the glob of hot glue. Immediately it changed the color of my hot glue blob to something that resembled chocolate frosting. 😀 I took my wire stir stick and gave it some more stirs.

It worked great !! The color was so opaque but has this glossy shine. I then looked at the tip of my brown Twistable crayon and thought oh no there’s a glob of it on the tip of the crayon now. But to my surprised I plucked it off and the glob came off in one piece and the crayon looked as if nothing happened to it. I guess it must be non-stick coated ? But after playing around with my brown glob of hot glue. It gave me so many ideas about using it for frosting on Polymer clay cakes, cupcakes, and it made me wanna hoard silicone molds a whole lot more now.

When I find my digi-cam charger I’ll try to take pictures of some of the things I create using this crayon to the hot glue technique. I think the next time though I’ll just scrape a few bits with a razor blade or maybe buy a cheap fine grater to grate crayon into small bits to mix in rather than dipping the whole stick in. So give it a try !! You can make tinted hot glue cabochons, charms, or like I suggested use it on your polymer clay cakes and deco things. Can’t wait to buy my first silicone mold and some fine glitter sets.

Hope you found this tip useful and I’ll post again soon !! Have a happy weekend, stay warm, and stay CR8TiV !! ❤ ~ MYT CR8TiV

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DIY Rainbow Loom for under $5 (n_n)

I think this is my 1st actual Tutorial of sorts posted onto MYT CR8TiV™. If you’re a avid crafter I am sure you’re well aware of the Rainbow Loom craze and making bracelets from little rubber loops. You don’t actually need to buy the Rainbow Loom. You can easily make one yourself for less. I am going to show you how you can make your own Rainbow Loom for under $5.


  • One(1) box of Push-Pins
  • A pack of Erasers or A Novelty Jumbo Eraser
  • A Pen or Marker
  • A Ruler
  • Duct Tape or Packaging Tape *If using the small erasers*


I bought these packs of erasers at the dollar store and these are what you’re going to use to make your own Loom for making Rainbow Loom bracelets with.

I’m gonna use the Jumbo Pink eraser for the tutorial but if you can’t find this Jumbo Pink eraser and can only find a pack of the small erasers you’ll just need to tape them together using Duct Tape or Clear Packaging tape and you can tape them together in a long length wise like a ruler shape or like this …

What you do next is mark every ½” on your Eraser on both sides but you’ll place the push-pin in at every 1″ inch mark …


After you’ve marked the eraser take your push-pins and place a pin into the eraser and every 1″ inch mark …

CIMG0762TADA !! You got yourself a loom ready to use those rubber loops on. The push pins can easily be removed and moved around if you’re going to be doing more complicated looming designs that require more pins to be spaced together or something.


You can place pins down the center of this eraser as well. B3 CR8TiV and adjust it to your liking !! (n_n) But this is my DIY tutorial for making your own Rainbow Loom using an Eraser and Push-Pins. Hope you found this very useful and you share with your friends !!

B3 B0LD … B3 INSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV … ~ MYT CR8TiV ❤

**** UPDATE **** : I found that using this DIY Rainbow Loom works very well. I found a small baggie of rubber band loops at Walmart for $2.48 in the jewelry aisle and bought two bags. In the bags comes a pack of C clips and a looming hook. I found that it’s easier to use a jumpring than the C-clip for if you’re going more advanced designs that require multiple loops to be clipped through the C clip it can be difficult to get them to slip on. (>~<) I tried to force three loops onto a C clip and the C clip snapped in half so I grabbed a jumpring and found it worked alot better and was alot easier to fit alot onto it.

A YouTube channel I definitely recommend if you’re looking for Rainbow Loom tutorials is Justin’s Toys @ He has alot of video tutorials for many different Rainbow Loom bracelets from beginner to advanced designs.

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Wire Armature Sculpture using Polymer Clay


Above is my recently completed sculpture of everyone’s favorite Hero … Mario ! This is my 1st wire armature sculpture. I’ve made sculptures before but never with a wire armature or any frame to start. I’ve made sculptures from Air-Dry clay being 100% pure clay and the end result was that the sculpture was heavy, had cracks, and fragile/brittle. But this sculpture was made using a wire armature made of 16 gauge galvanized wire and heavy duty aluminum foil. There are videos on YouTube that teach you how to make and bend the wire for a wire armature.

There are some tools you will need while you’re at the hardware store buying the galvanized wire. While you’re at the hardware store pick up ….

[] A pair of pliers – both Needle nose and Blunt nose

[] Wire cutters that are strong enough to cut through galvanized wire “Some Blunt nose pliers have wire cutters on them”

[] Workman’s Glove *Optional* The wires has a chemical known to cause cancer and reproductive harm. But you can just wash your hands afterwards.

A few other things you’ll need but can be found at a your local craft store is a wood board to display your sculpture on and some paint to hand paint any finishing touches and to paint the wood board. I found some mini pliers @ Walmart for under $2 each and they have decorative wood boards for signs and plaques that look great for displaying your sculpture on. Also their mini bottles of Apple Barrel paints are like .57¢ to .97­¢ and their FolkArt paints are about $1-2 dollars. I think that’s the cheapest price you can find these paints.

Now another MUST HAVE when making a wire armature sculpture that I learned was important was to have a Photo, Print-Out, or a WiFi device such as iPad, Laptop, or Smart Phone to look up images of the sculpture you’re trying to make. I made my Mario sculpture from pure visual memory and found a few things in my sculpture that wasn’t accurate or perfect. One of them being the height of Mario and his body size. Apparently Mario is very short and fat. He does not have a waist or upper torso like my sculpture does. Mario is just a plump round ball with arms and legs. Maybe my sculpture might of been better as Luigi instead.

But this was my very 1st wire armature sculpture so I will get better after several attempts. Now about the clay I used 1 lbs. of Sculpey III white clay underneath for the beginning layers and with the help of a AMACO Clay pasta machine I made sheets of clay on setting 8 then 6. After several layers of the white I then added the colored polymer clay.  Buy and use the 2oz. blocks of colored polymer clay. I originally used the blocks that come from the 30 pc. Sculpey III sample pack and the colors aren’t labeled on those 1oz. blocks so I started using a blue from the sample pack but ran out. I went to the craft store to buy more blue but the blue I bought from the craft store was a different blue than what I had used from the sample pack. (>~<) D’Oh !! Luckily the 2oz. of blue polymer clay I bought was enough to cover up the wrong color.

Now be sure that when you layer on your clay that you press out any air bubbles with your fingers bcuz any air trapped in the clay will cause your clay the crack during the baking process. On my Mario he has a small crack running down his belly which means I didn’t press out enough air and the clay wasn’t tightly molded together allowing the air bubble to escape during baking and cracking the clay. The final stage was hand-painting and hand-painting clay is never an easy task. It’s always a pain in the butt !! (>3<)

IMG_1660Mario’s head was all completely hand-painted. Except for his Mustache which I made using some small leftover black clay. But his skin, eyes, hair, and eyebrows were all hand-painted. ( ‘ ~ ‘ ) I originally painted his eyebrows brown then saw on one of my Mario Tshirts that his eyebrows are black. Hmm … do you think Mario dyes his hair ? He’s got brown hair but black eyebrows and black mustache ? Anyways I had to paint over and over bcuz while painting on part the color would get on places I didn’t want it to. So I had to paint over many times to cover up the boo boos.

Overall I think for a 1st time wire armature sculpture it’s not too bad. Thinking maybe next I’ll make an animal maybe try making a sculpture of my dog “Leila” or make another one of my Favorite characters like Pikachu or Rainbow Dash ? Either way making a wire armature sculpture is pretty easy and the results are wonderful for a gift or just to decorate your bachelor pad, dorm, or game room.

B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPIR3D … B3 CR8TiV … MYT CR8TiV™.


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MYT CR8TiV’s 1st Drawing Tutorial

11***Learn to Draw the Bunny *Above* via the YouTube Video Tutorial***

Well, I promised you in my last post that I would post up a tutorial for you. I never break a promise so I worked hard these past few days to get my 1st Video Tutorial made. It’s still a work in progress as some background music will be added to the video soon. But here’s the tutorial and hopefully it’ll help you learn to draw basic kawaii characters. (n_n) Enjoy !!


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CR8TiV Dog Treat Dispenser/Toy !! (U n T n U) Arf Arf !

Hello !! How’s your weekend going so far ? I thought I’d share with you a cr8tiv way to upcycle and keep your dog entertained for many hours. When my oldest dog Moose and his sister Maggie *R.I.P* were puppies I always left this treat dispenser/toy out while I was away from the house. It kept them occupied for hours on end. Even at 6 yrs. old Moose still finds the bottle treat toy irresistible and Leila who is now 4 months old loves it too.

*Warning : This treat dispenser/toy may result in water bottle hoarding* So what you do is get a water bottle the short stubby 8oz bottles meant for kids work great. Since nowadays most of the water bottles are made of softer plastics it’s easy on their teeth but still entertains the mind. Buy dog treats like Mini Milkbones and Canine Takeout training treats. Wash the bottles in warm water and dry out the inside by taking a wad of paper towel and a butter knife to wipe it dry. Squeeze the wad of paper towel inside the bottle then use the butter knife or other skinny stick to push the paper towel wad around the bottle til it’s completely dry inside. Place the mini milkbones/training treats or your dogs favorite treats inside the bottle … fill it up to about 1/2 full of treats. Give it a shake to get the attention of your pup/dog then toss the bottle onto the floor and the dog will be entertained for several hours trying to retrieve the treats.

Afterwards they may still chew the bottle as the treat scents remain in the bottle I guess. If the bottle is badly chewed or squashed just toss it away in the recycle bin and get a fresh new bottle. What’s great about this is bottles come in many sizes and durability. If you have a large dog who is a strong chewer you can upcycle a gatorade bottle and fill the larger spout with treats a little larger such as medium sized milkbones.

Just remember not to place treats too large that it won’t slide out of the bottle when the dog tinkers with it. Rule of thumb is to place a few treats like 4-5 and shake the bottle upside down. One or few treat should tumble out but not too easily if it all pours out easy try mixing both small and medium sized treats as well as different shapes. This can also be used with dog food just place the dog food into the bottle and give it to your dog as a before meal snack.
My dogs enjoy rolling and using their brain to figure out how to get the treat out of the bottle. It will keep them occupied for quite a while and can be repeated few times a week. Enjoy and feel free to pass this cr8tiv idea on to your other animal lovers. This idea works for cats as well. (n_n) Enjoy !!!

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Father’s Day Craft : Greeting Card Tutorial


Hey, everyone !! I’m back from my temporary hiatus. Life has somewhat gotten back on track so I’m able to return to my nurturing my inner cr8tivity! Did ya miss me at all ?? (T_T) Probably not. But anyways I thought I’d return with a tutorial !! Father’s Day is this Sunday and many of you are searching for that perfect gift and perfect greeting card to give to Dad but how about making a really cute Shirt and Tie greeting card for Dad ?? Everyone loves gifts that are handmade even Dad’s have a soft spot for handmade gifts. So let me share with you an easy and simple tutorial to make a really cute Shirt and Tie greeting card. Please, excuse my photo quality as I’m still kinda new at the idea of making step by step tutorials. So if you have any questions or stuck on something feel free to email me @ MYTCR8TiV and I’ll do my best to help you out. Ok, let’s get started … ENJOY !!!


STEP 1 : The Supplies you’ll need to make this craft are … [] Sheet of Cardstock paper – [] Scrap of Scrapbook Pattern *Bolder the Pattern the more fun* – [] Pair of Scissors – [] Tape Runner or Glue Stick


STEP 2 : Draw a Necktie design onto your scrap of scrapbook paper like so. This is where bolder the pattern and colors of the scrapbook paper the more fun the card will look.


STEP 3 : Cut out the tie shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect ! ( ‘u^)



STEP 4 : Take your White Cardstock sheet and evenly fold in the Left and Right sides *Look @ Example Photo Below*

EXAMPLE PHOTO : Here is how it should look once you fold in the Left and Right side. Try to make this as even as possible.


STEP 5 : Take the upper left corner and fold it downward making a slight angled triangular shape.

EXAMPLE PHOTO : It should look like this once you have folded down the upper left corner down.


STEP 6 : Do the same thing to the right corner. It should look like the photo below when finished. Isn’t it resembling a shirt collar now ? (n_n) This is getting pretty exciting now !!


STEP 7 : Take a Small scrap of Cardstock and cut it into a small square about 2″ x 2″ in size. The cut doesn’t have to be straight or perfect.


STEP 8 :Cut the lower corners off to make a slight angle to each corner. ;D


STEP 9 : Fold down the top edge of the square to create what will be the shirt pocket. 😀


STEP 10 : Open the fold and add a little bit of glue or a small swipe of tape under the folded flap you just made on the upper edge.


STEP 11 : Put your little pocket aside and grab the scrap scrapbook paper piece from the necktie you cut out. And cut Two small triangle like shapes *Look at Photo Below*

EXAMPLE PHOTO : Cut out two triangles One bigger than the other. This will be the Handkerchief that will be hanging out of the shirt pocket.


STEP 12 : Put a little bit of glue/tape to the lower edge of the triangles and glue them to the back of the pocket facing opposite directions to resemble a hanky in the shirt pocket. 😀


STEP 13 :Glue on the Pocket to the front of the greeting card and put a little glue on one side of the tie and place the tie just under the fold corner flaps. Doesn’t it look like Daddy’s Shirt and Tie now ?? 😀


Step 14 : TADA !! Your handmade Shirt and Tie Father’s Day card is complete !! Ready for your heartfelt greetings to be written inside.


STEP 15 : FINAL DETAILS ! Write Happy Father’s Day in the corner of the card or a quick joke to give Dad a chuckle before he reads the heartfelt greeting inside.

Well, that’s it !! That is my Father’s Day Shirt and Tie greeting card tutorial. Hope you enjoyed it and remember to be cr8tiv !! This card can be used for many occasions not just Father’s Day. Make it for your Boss’s Birthday, A Co-Workers retirement, make it just to say I Love you to your husband, or congratulate someone on that job promotion or getting hired, etc. This greeting card has endless uses if you just be cr8tiv !! Til’ my next cr8tiv project … Remember to B3 BOLD … B3 INSPiRED … and B3 CR8TiV !! TTFN = Ta Ta For Now !!



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MYT CR8TiV : Tutorial #1

Hello all you CR8TiV people out there ! (n_n)/ *Waves Hello* I thought today I’d try out making my 1st tutorial. Now please forgive me for it looking a bit kindergarten-ish and promise you that I will make you a better hand-drawn tutorial in the near future. Today is just to test out the concept of making a tutorial for you guys and as time comes I will go from this to hand-drawn tutorials to video tutorials which I will post on to YouTube. For now this is my first time so please bear with me and negative comments will not be appreciated nor tolerated.

So let’s get started …. (n__n) I will be teaching you how to draw a basic cat using some basic shapes. Most drawing are created out of basic shapes. Look around you and see if you can spot basic shapes in your Life from Photo shots to a Painting hanging on your wall. So with that in mind … Let’s Begin !

Pretty simple, huh ? I hope that this has taught even those who’ve never draw before *(T~T) Which I doubt exists* to learn how to draw something as simple as a Cat. My next tutorial I will hand-draw my tutorial but the subject is still being decided. Comment if there’s a request that you’d like me to make a tutorial on. Until then … B3 Inspired ! B3 Bold !! B3 CR8TiV !!

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