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Affordable Art Tablet … (ⁿ-ⁿ)

on June 13, 2016


Hello, CR8TiV cats ! Hope you’re having a great Monday ! I think I’ve owned this tablet long enough to do a decent review on it. My husband for my Birthday got me this Acer Iconia One 10 tablet. It is a 10.1″ tablet and I am loving it for practicing digital artwork. It’s an Android tablet and runs on the Lollipop OS. I won’t go too much into the specs of it as you can just Google that yourself. But one thing I highly recommend is a 128gb micro SD memory card and a good screen protector. I haven’t removed the screen protector or film that comes on the tablet as I’m afraid of scratches and I’ve never been too good at adhering screen protectors without a mad amount of ugly bubbles.

Umm .. the tablet does come with a lot of Bloatware as most Acer products do. My Laptop turned Desktop is also an Acer and it too had a lot of Bloatware eating up memory space. It doesn’t affect the performance of the tablet too much but it does lag a bit sometimes. So far my #1 art app I use is called Painter. I’ll update this post with a list of all the Art apps I downloaded and review each of them.

The stylus I use is the Adonit Jot Pro but I also use this stylus I bought from the Dollar Tree than resembles a stubby No. 2 pencils and it responds quite nicely to the tablet screen unlike a stylus I was using for an old iPad. A lot of Art tablet users like the Huion, Cintiq, etc. wear a glove to protect your palm from reacting with the touchscreen while you draw. I was considering purchasing a glove since it’s about $6 on Amazon but my CR8TiV mind just made a DIY one. All I did was cut a thumb hole and finger holes through a sock that lost it’s partner. It works great !! It keeps your wrist and hand warm so it kinda helps prevent cramps.

Umm … I guess this isn’t really much of a review since I don’t really know what to really say about the tablet. One con that I have about the tablet is that not all Android apps are compatible with the tablet so some apps won’t work. It works great for basic web browsing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest that sorta stuff. A few games run fine but watching movies like I was watching a movie from YouTube the playback is a bit slow meaning the mouth movement were a bit delayed from the audio.

But definitely an excellent tablet if you want an affordable Art tablet that is a bit more affordable than say a Cintiq. The 10.1″ screen is large enough to give you plenty of space to draw and there are many great drawing apps for it. Painter being one of them ! If you wanna try out digital art like I am … this is a great practice or beginners tablet to learn with then later in the future you can upgrade to an actual Cintiq, Huion, etc. Art tablet. I just like that this one is portable so you can carry it around easily for those random moments are art inspiration.

It cost just under $16o dollars. It’s actually $139 but with tax and all that roughly under $160. So affordable than say an iPad Pro or an actual Cintiq. Comment if you wanna know something specific about the Acer Iconia One 10 tablet.


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