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Chromatix are Chroma-tastix !!

on April 13, 2016

chromatix beauty shot

Hi, Everyone ! This is a Part 2 to my previous review on the Chromatix markers. So far I have been using them for a few stamped card images but also trying them out on Coloring books. These markers definitely are comparable to Promarkers. The color layout is so smooth like Promarkers and they hide your marker strokes very well. But mostly they are AWESOME for Coloring books.

One thing I will have to note is that they do bleed so try not to color too close to the line or it will bleed over the edge of that line. Here are two(2) coloring book examples I did using the Chromatix markers. One is a regular Children’s coloring book with the brown flimsy paper and the other is a page from an Adult Coloring Book.


Example #1 : Children’s Coloring Book page

Look how smooth the Chromatix color is laid down. I don’t think anyone would believe me when I say it was done in marker. Most markers like Crayola will bleed terribly on these coloring book pages but the Chromatix do bleed out but if you’re careful it’s not noticeable.


Example #2 : Adult Coloring Book page

I just love how smooth the color looks. They work great for both coloring pages !! One important tip is to place a sheet of cardstock behind the page you are coloring as the color will show through the other side “bleed”. If you have those coloring books where it’s double-sided make a copy of the other side of the page so you can still color it. With the Children’s coloring book I picked a page that the other side just has a maze, puzzle or something that won’t be wasted.

If you like Promarkers I really recommend trying these markers out and if you are into the Coloring book craze add these markers into your coloring palette. I am sure you will not regret it ! I love these markers !! They don’t smell very strong, colors smoothly, blends well, and gives you a good variety of colors to chose from. I prefer just using them straight without blending with the blender marker but really give these markers a try !!


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