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Chromatix .vs. Promarker …

chromatix beauty shot

Hi, CR8TiV Cats ! Happy Monday ! (∩u∩) Today I want to share my review of the Chromatix blending marker set. I found a 30 color set for $29.99 at Marshalls and intrigued to give them a try. Here is what the entire set looks like arranged in ROYGBIV order …
12966572_10156713022600307_205920352_nI just love how pretty the rainbow order looks ! (♥⌂♥) The markers have a Brush tip and a Fine tip kinda like the Spectrum Noir Aqua markers I recently blogged about. Some compared these markers to Copics but I think they more feel like Promarker-ish than Copics.

I tested them out on the cardstock I normally use for card bases and artwork. One tip I highly suggest whenever you buy any set of markers is to make a swatch of the colors. These Chromatix markers don’t have color numbers or names and the cap color is not accurate to the actual color so a swatch for this is a MUST-HAVE. Below is the swatch I created. I used a solid heart stamp to see how it’ll look if used with stamps and also colored a block above to see the actual color.

They bleed very easily on any type of paper it seems. Also getting colors to blend together was sorta difficult. They didn’t blend together too well but if you stick with the general LMD “Light-Medium-Dark” rule of blending these markers will work well. If you look at the swatch it looks like each color is in sets of three(3) or four(4) colors of the same spectrum. So it’s quite easy to pick out a Light Blue, Medium Blue, and Dark Blue to do a blending Ombre.

As far as the Blending marker that comes in this set it doesn’t seem to work very well. If you look in the lower left corner of the color swatch photo I used the Chromatix blender marker, a Q-Tip with Rubbing Alcohol, and a Promarker Blender marker. Oddly the Promaker blender marker turns to a yellow-ish color. I dunno if you can see it in the photo but it has streaks of yellow. The Q-Tip dipped in Rubbing Alcohol seems to blend it very well.

I haven’t tried the Distress markers but the barrel of the marker looks a lot like the Distress markers but these markers compare to Promarkers like if Promarkers had made a skinny version of their markers these are what they feel like. The ink flows out the same and the color layout is very similar to them as well. I’ll color a coloring book page and psot them up on Instagram to show you how they work for coloring books.

If you are going to use them to color stamps just a fair warning they will stain your stamps. My clear heart stamp I used for the color swatch turned yellow in color and won’t clean back to the clear color it once was. But it will still stamp and work like normal just stained a yellow color. Overall I think this is a great set to have when you want to learning about blending colors and just a set for coloring coloring books with.

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