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Instax 25 or Polaroid Snap … Opinions ?

on March 21, 2016


Hello, everyone ! So I need your opinions and feedback. If you own either of these cameras please comment with your review and/or opinions about them. My Birthday is not too far away and I’m hoping to ask the Birthday fairy for one of these cameras. I’ve been eyeing more towards the Instax 25 but I also like the fact that you can save your photos on the Polaroid Snap via Micro SD card where as the Instax 25 is instant print with no memory feature.

I originally seen but didn’t care much about the Instax cameras. Not until a crafting company showed a planner which apparently is a huge craze right now but they showed a daily planner being used as a daily scrapbook using Instax photos. Each day was marked by a Instax photo taken that day and a small paragraph about the day.

I’m all for journals and diary entries. I’ve kept journals and diaries all my Life and I currently don’t have a daily journal/diary but I do have a prayer journal which I write my daily prayers in. (=~=”) I’m kinda bad at remembering to write in it everyday. But I am deeply loving the idea of a photographic journal/diary compared to a written one.

So I am hoping that the Birthday fairy will be kind enough to grant me my Birthday wish … Well, my Birthday wishes since I have a few other items on my wish list too like the Mini Misti stamping tool, Money to buy a few stamp sets online, Some Cutting dies, and a few other things.

But trying to decide whether the Instax 25 or Polaroid Snap has got me befuddled and perplexed. I like the Instax 25 and have read many suggesting it over the Instax 8 but I grew up playing with my Dad’s Polaroid camera so I kinda wanna stick with the Polaroid memories and be loyal to the brand. But the Polaroid Snap is a bit more pricier than the Instax 25 which is roughly about $80 whereas the Polaroid Snap is $99.99 just a few dollars more but $100 is a little harder to say yes to over $80.

Which one … which one ?!? If you own either of these cameras … please, share you opinion and/or review of it below to help me decide which I should ask for.


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