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*Free* Digital Easter Stamps …

on February 29, 2016

Hello, Everyone ! Hope your Monday is CR8TiV !! (n_n) So the countdown to Easter has begun and I wanted to give you all something special for Easter. I couldn’t think what I could give since my last several attempts to do giveaways on my Facebook page sadly failed and did not go well.

A group of my friends helped me think what I can give back to my fans, online friends/followers, and anyone who’s reading my blog, viewing my Art posted on Facebook and Instagram. Hmm … what can I give you for Easter ? A friend then suggested … you draw well so why not create some Easter images people can use for coloring pages, cards, etc.

(n_n) So that’s what I have decided my Easter gift to you all will be. I have never done digital stamps before nor know exactly what they are. I don’t have any Art editing software besides the MS Paint that comes with my computer. Hopefully someday in the future I can be in a better spot in my Life that I can do YouTube tutorials and do digital art like some I’ve seen.

(♥⌂♥) I do someday dream to own a Cintiq for that sole purpose but not unless I won the lotto or my personal business that I run with my husband takes off and becomes prosperous. But I am currently waiting for some funds that will allow me to start taking Graphic Design classes @ PennFoster.

I am very eager and excited to start my Life on that path. It is an Associates Degree course so if I continue with it and graduate. I will be the 1st person in my family to have a College degree. If it’s not too expensive I’d like to up that Associates Degree to a Masters. I Love drawing and Graphic Designing.

I was making Signature Art for a MM0RPG forum way back in the day and people often sad to me I have great potential in Graphic Design. So I am eager to dip my feet into that water and see how it goes. I can tell you one thing though … you don’t really need a expensive editing software to make great digital art !

Back in the day when I was making Signature banners for the forum all I used was MS Picture It software. I still wish that software existed today but it was a Windows ME software on an old laptop I had. It was very easy to use and I liked using it a lot !

Anyways before I start rambling *(¬⌂¬”) A little too late for that* Here are the *Free* Digital stamps that you are welcome to use as you like for coloring book pages for the kiddos on Easter to Cards … etc. If you use them could you please credit me somewhere. I’d appreciate that … Thanks and Enjoy !!







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