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Spring into SALEs … (n_n)

on February 10, 2016


Hello, Everyone ! Hope your Monday is going well so far. How was your weekend ? Mine was pretty great ! I took advantage of a sale going on @ JoAnn’s. If you are a cardmaker or into paper-crafting now is the time to head over to JoAnn’s. They are having a 30% off sale on all paper-crafting supplies, 30% off on all dies and accessories, 25% off Cricut supplies, and Darice Embossing folders are 6 for $10 !!

If you live in California … well, Los Angeles in particular. I made the extra trip to go to a JoAnn’s in Torrance in the Del Amo Fashion Center. They’re pretty huge and got everything well in stock. My local JoAnn’s which is in Glendale are terrible at keeping things in stock, workers aren’t all that helpful nor have pleasant attitudes, and there’s always only 2 checkers. I was surprised to see at the Torrance Jo-Ann’s every register was occupied by a worker.

Anyways I haven’t been very active on my Facebook or Instagram or Blog. (┬_┬”) Sorry about that ! It’s just lately I haven’t created anything worthy of sharing with you guys and I’ve kinda been consumed with tinkering with my Cricut Cuttlebug. (n⌂n’) In case I didn’t share it with you guys. My husband got me the Cricut Cuttlebug v2 in Black for Christmas.

I have a Sizzix BigShot which my Sister got me long ago but I misplaced all the important parts to it like the cutting plates and platform folder. So I have the machine but not the parts and I didn’t wanna go buy *new* ones bcuz I have them somewhere in this house. But my husband got me the Cuttlebug and I’m loving it !! I’m learning *new* tricks, techniques, and ways to use it via YouTube my favorite learning institute.

If you don’t know what the Cricut Cuttlebug v2 Black is or even seen nor heard of a Black Here’s a photo of what it looks like below


It’s the same as the regular Cricut Cuttlebug just in this sleek Black color instead of the Cream and Lime green color they usually come in. My husband got it for under $60 *Approx. $55* I’ll post the link here where he bought it from

It comes with the A plate *Base platform* and two(2) B plates *Embossing plates*. If you’re going to die cut with the Cuttlebug you’ll need to purchase a C plate and now is the best time to grab one at JoAnn’s since Cricut products are 25% off. I got my C plate yesterday and it’s definitely a *MUST-HAVE* if you are going to due cut with the Cuttlebug !!

I have tried using shims from layers of Cardstock, Fun Foam sheets, Cardboard, etc. But was unable to get complete clean cuts from my dies. I tried it with the C plate last night and it cuts great ! If you don’t want your C plate getting cut up … place your die face down. So the cutting blade part is always facing a B plate. For example … your sandwich *layers* would be A plate + B plate + Cardstock + Die + C plate … So the die will cut into the B plate and leave the C plate clean. You can also do it the other way around … A plate + C plate + Cardstock + Die + B plate and face the cutting blade part facing up.

I kinda wish I had kept one B plate clean but while trying to figure out how to get the B plates to die cut I’ve gotten both B plates cut up and scarred already. (┬ ┬) But I can always get replacement plates in the future. As far as Embossing goes websites all suggest using the rubber Embossing mat ? I just cut up an old mouse pad to a size of the Cuttlebug plate and it works just fine. Also heard you can buy something from a hardware store called Plumbers Gasket which works too.

I wish I wasn’t so lazy to share with you my recent craft store hauls but wasn’t sure if you’d be interested in knowing what I bought. Let me know in the comments below if you’d be interested in craft store haul posts. Once I get my train of thought on track I’ll start posting things again on Facebook and Instagram. For now I’ll post occasionally when I’ve made something worthy of sharing.


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