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SUPER Affordable Watercolor Markers …

on December 18, 2015


Hi, Everyone ! I recently came across this great tip on YouTube where regular Crayola markers or any washable markers can be used as Watercolor markers. I have always wished I could afford a pack of Tombow markers, Spectrum Noir, or Sakura Koi Brush markers or any Watercolor marker set for that matter. But now that I have come across this tip I don’t yearn for those sets anymore.

I have the 50 Crayola Marker set shown above and tested out this tip and it was totally Awesome ! I found it worked alot better to use a clear sheet of plastic like reuse the plastic film that comes on your clear stamps or use a clear stamping block. So you scribble with the Crayola marker on the clear stamping block then pick up the color with a damp paintbrush I used my water-brush pen and the marker ink works like watercolor !!

I tried using my RoseArt markers and CraZArt markers also some cheap dollar store markers. As long as the markers say Washable they are water soluble so you can use them like watercolor markers. I’ll post up a photo of an example when I get the chance but here’s the link to the YouTube video where I saw the tip …


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