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Doodle and Lettering Challenge 2015 …

on December 1, 2015


Woo ! Who’s still eating leftovers from Thanksgiving ? Luckily for me my family is pretty small just me, my Mom, my older Brother, older Sister, and Niece. So we generally don’t cook enough that there’d be leftovers. My favorite foods from the Thanksgiving meal would have to be the Mac n Cheese, Prime Rib, and Mashed Potatoes. I could eat those everyday if I could. 😛

Anyways we’re down to the final days of November and then we’ll be counting down the last days of 2015. I can’t believe it’s already going to be 2016. The year seems to have just flew right by. (T ~ T) Have any of you stuck by your 2015 New Years resolutions ? I am horrible at them and never met or ever complete my New Years resolutions as I often make them unrealistic.

But anyways I had fun doing the October drawing challenge and came across these on Pinterest. Although the 2nd one says September I think I’ll mix it up and take something from either of the lists. So starting December 1st I’ll start on the Doodling and Lettering challenge and of course I’ll be posting them on my Facebook page.

I also got a product review for those who are into Calligraphy or want to know more or learn how to use dip pens. My hubby as a Thanksgiving present got me a really great dip pen set and I think it’s great for beginners and for those who aren’t but want a nice set without having to buy thing separately. I’ll post up the review soon.

Til then stay CR8TiV and may your Holiday Christmas shopping be stress-free.


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