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Blick Sketch Markers .VS. Copic Sketch Markers

on October 28, 2015

24532-1969-2ww-mHello, today I’m wanna talk about a marker set that not too many people know about. An Art store named Blick *Formerly known as Dick Blick* has come up with their own Copic Markers called the Blick Studio Brush Marker set and it’s a bit more affordable than the Copics. The 96 color set is only $202.96 where as the 72 color Copic Sketch Markers will cost you about $350 for 24 markers less than the Blick Studio set.

(- ∩ -,) I have not quite yet been able to afford myself a set to really do a thorough review but I have told a few artist friends about the marker set and one has provided me feedback on the markers and how he was amazed at how much they feel and perform like Copics. They are dual-tipped and like the Copic Sketch markers … One end is a Chisel tip and the other a Brush nib. So my blog post is based off his feedback mainly until I can get a set of my own to do a personal review in detail.

Blick also carries their version of Promarkers/Prismacolor markers called the Blick Studio Markers. The price for these markers are about the same as the Blick Studio Brush Markers. If you have a Blick store near you they might sell single markers. I have bought a few skin tones single markers and they preform just as nicely as my Promarkers or my Prismacolor sample markers. They are very inexpensive to buy as single markers !! If I’m not mistake they cost $2.99 each which is pretty reasonable and the markers last a long time !! I have had my single skin tones markers for several years and still just as juicy as when I first bought them. They have not yet dried up or run out. My favorite one so far is the color called Camel.

If I had the money I would purchase both the 96 color Studio Marker set and the 96 color Studio Brush Marker set. When you’re on a tight budget you gotta try alternatives and sometimes the alternatives are better than the more expensive brands.

I hope that someday I’ll be able to afford these sets so that I can do a detailed review of them for you all as well as create more artwork for you to see. If you haven’t been following me on Facebook I’ve been trying to keep up with my 30 day drawing challenge off the lists I posted in the previous blog post. I’ve been incorporating one or the other or both challenges from both lists.

But if you wanna check out these markers for yourself … Here’s the links below ↓

Blick Studio Markers →
Blick Studio Brush Markers →

Leave a comment below if you’ve tried these markers and what your opinion is/are about them comparing to Copics.


2 responses to “Blick Sketch Markers .VS. Copic Sketch Markers

  1. whyyouneed myname says:

    Worse “review” ever… “I haven’t used the markers but a friend told me about em”… and its still DICK BLICK… ummm

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      The URL link is still DickBlick but all their stores and mailings now say Blick. They seem to have dropped the Dick part and renamed all their stores just Blick. As far as the review goes it wasn’t really a review but more of a product spotlight to let people know of such markers. I am not fortunate enough to have the funds to purchase such products to make a actual review but hopefully Santa will be gracious enough to bless me with them this Christmas.

      Thank you for visiting my blog ! Have a blessed Veterans Day !

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