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30 Challenge ….

on October 1, 2015


Well, it is officially the 1st of October and October seems to be the month where a lot of Artist of all different types of mediums start on a 30 day challenge. If you remember last year I participated in the #Inktober challenge which you were to draw something for 30 days in Ink. I had a lot of fun drawing something everyday for the challenge even though it’s something I do on a regular basis anyways. 😛 L0L

This year I thought I’d do the same but since they aren’t redoing the #Inktober challenge I thought I’d try one of the 30 day drawing challenges I’ve seen floating around the internet like the ones pictured above. ↑ I will post the daily challenge photos on my Facebook page from either of those two lists. If you can view the list each are different with 30 different things listed. The 2nd one with the Maneki Neko =(∩ᴥ∩)= seems to have more interesting challenges listed than the basic one I normally saw floating around the internet.

Anyways I hope that you do consider taking the 30 day challenge for the month of October to do something you really Love to do for 30 days or try to learn something *new* for 30 days. B3 Inspired … B3 CR8TIV … ♥ ~ MYT CR8TiV !!


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