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Go Away … Pesty Pessimism !

on July 9, 2015

bb52403c7ea1f9a51e1689c2745a4609(_ _) Lately I’ve been in a Eeyore-ish mood. It’s gotten to where I look at all the things I have drawn, crafted, made, etc. and think what’s the point ? I’ll never be good enough. I guess I’m just impatient ! As you know I opened an Etsy shop ** but do to current circumstances there’s no much I can sell besides my handmade cards and so far the shop is a flop.

I honestly envy those who open up a Etsy shop and it immediately takes off with sales and products going in and out more than the artist can keep up with. Many of them said it took them years before their shop even took off but I know some that are like me and moved from private sales to public via Etsy and eBay and they got enough sales that they quit their full-time job(s) to do their business.

I guess you have to get known more and have more people know who you are. I’m still a nobody even thought my Facebook page ** has almost 300 likes. But lately the pessimist bug has bit me to where I feel like giving up on my passion of arts and crafts. The pessimist bug keeps whispering in my ear that I’m just not good enough and worthy of anything.

Hopefully this pesky Pessimist bug will GO AWAY so I can get back in the mood and groove of creating things that I make best and put me in a better place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually !!


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