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White Stamp Ink Comparison …

on June 26, 2015

k14692911Hi, CR8TiV Cats !! It’s Friday and I hope you’re working on something CR8TiV or doing something CR8TiV over the weekend. (ⁿ×ⁿ) Today I wanted to share my comparisons on White stamp ink pads. As you know from my previous posts I’ve been doing a lot of cardmaking and really getting into the craft of making handmade cards. I currently have some posted up on my *newly* opened Etsy shop but I recently came across some Recollections 11×11 Cardstock at my local 99¢ only store. It’s brown craft paper like the color of a Paper bag.

I generally been using my white Sakura gel pen to make cards out of it but I really wanted to use some of my slowly growing stamp collection stamps but wanted something other than black ink. I always like the look of white on dark so I started shopping for white ink pads. The first one I bought was the Memento Luxe “Wedding Dress” and it didn’t give a very crisp or clean stamped image. It was rough and blotchy like a chalkboard mark. So I continued to look for a better white ink pad.

I had heard the Colorbox “Frost White” was the best one. But I was unable to find that in any of my local craft stores. But I found a Tsukineko Brilliance Dewdrop set with a “Moonlight White” and CraftSmart White at Michaels. For those of you who don’t know what Dewdrop set is they are a set of mini Tsukineko ink pads in teardrop shapes. Each pack general comes with Four(4) different colors.

So with the help of craft store coupons I was able to gather a small set of white ink pads to share my results with you. The set of white ink pads I now have is the … Memento Luxe “Wedding Dress” ~ Tsukineko Brilliance “Moonlight White” ~ CraftSmart *Michael’s storebrand* “White ~ and Colorbox Chalk “Popcorn”. Now for the Colorbox Chalk I dunno if maybe I bought a defective ink pad but it does not show up on ANYTHING !! It’s like it’s a transparent ink pad. I’ll post pictures of each on the brown craft paper and black paper in a minute.

But in Google image searches it shows that the Colorbox Chalk “Popcorn” shows up nicely on Black. For example in this image I found … *See image below*
Swan Lake Chalkboard 001The picture description says they used Colorbox Chalk “Popcorn”. So I dunno if it’s my stamps or the ink pad I got is defective but you’ll see in the examples I posted below they do not show up at all like that in the picture. So below is the sample chart I made comparing each of the white ink pads I got.

11653369_10155679489050307_1790195877_nHere is the Black cardstock with a sample of each white ink pad. The CraftSmart is really affordable I think it was like $4 for the ink pad and it gives very bright, opaque, and clean stamped image *That’s the one in the upper right corner*. The Memento Luxe “Wedding Dress” is blotchy and transparent. You can’t really see it unless I took a up-close shot *Sorry for the poor image quality* but the stamped looks more like a chalkboard impression. The Tsukineko Brilliance”Moonlight White” is good but still not opaque and bright. If you look at the Colorbox Chalk “Popcorn” it’s like a ghost image barely even shows up at all.

11667105_10155679489105307_883248674_nHere I tested out samples for you guys on a strip of the brown paper bag colored Recollections cardstock. Tsukineko Brilliance is okay but still pretty faded white … Memento Luxe is better but still like I said blotchy … the CraftSmart I think is the winner in all of the Four(4) white ink pads I got as it’s opaque, bright, and gives a good stamped image. (>~<“) Except on this one I might of pressed down too much on the ink pad so it got over saturated so the detail of the inner flourish didn’t show up.

But ColorBox Chalk “Popcorn” is definitely a fail ! I dunno if it’s bcuz the stamp I was using or if the ink pad was dried up/defective but it just always shows up as a ghost image or completely invisible. When I press the stamp onto the ink pad the stamp is covered by the ink pad color but when I press it down to the actual paper it doesn’t seem to transfer anything onto the paper.

Overall Memento is currently my favorite ink pad brand as I have the Memento Tuxedo black and it gives great crisp images. The Tsukineko I’m still iffy about whether I like them but I have developed a small collection via their dewdrop sets. So I think I’m liking the CraftSmart “Michael’s brand” the only thing I would advise is to stamp very lightly onto the ink pad. The ink pad is SUPER saturated and wet so even a gentle press would cause the ink to ooze out and your stamp impression will be ruined. A very feather almost not even touching the ink pad coats your stamp better.

Before I end this blog I wanted to show you the really nice results you get from the CraftSmart white ink pad with the feather touch tip I just explained. I found this beautiful cling stamp in the clearance bin for $2.50 and what’s funny about this stamp is after I had stamped it and admired the beautiful bird and flower which are two of my favorite things about Nature. I noticed the time stamp there in the corner behind the bird says 10 SEP. 10th of September is my husband’s Birth date and the day we got married. So now this stamp will have an extra sentimental value added to it. As it includes many things I love … Birds, Flowers, and my husband.



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