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Slowly Growing … (ñ w ñ)

on June 19, 2015

11429638_10155652400795307_1066063042_nHandmade by : MYT♥CR8TiV™ – 2015©.

(=~=”) I really need to get into the habit of blogging more often but Life always drags you away from doing what you wanna do to doing what you have to do. You don’t wanna but you have to ! 😛 Guess that’s why people always say … Do what you gotta do.  But I do create on a daily basis and making things or drawing something everyday it’s just sometimes I procrastinate or too lazy to post them up. L0L

Above is a impromptu handmade Thank You card I made last night for my husband’s coworker who gifted me a very cute and delicious mini banana bread loaf. I felt her act of Love and Kindness deserved a Thank you card. It was also my chance to try out some *new* stamps I had bought.

I know in a previous post I was talking about no always needing to go out and buy stamps when you can draw/create your own image on a card and it’d look just as good as a stamped card. But it’s a lot of work to think of an image to draw, draw it out, outline in, add in details, color it in, cut it out, and then mount onto your card base. As that favorite quote floating around the internet goes … Nobody Got Time for That !!

With the help of a gift card I had gotten for my Birthday to JoAnn’s I had bought my first few stamp sets from JoAnn’s and I was loving the stamp sets I got which were the Fiskars Teresa Collins Flora which is this one here … and I got a stamp set that has sentiments.

The Teresa Collins Flora stamp set has to be my favorite stamp set in my slowly growing collection. Thanks to JoAnn’s coupons I was able to expand my stamp set a little bit more and now I have enough that I need a small bin to store them in. I do still need to buy more sentiments and animals stamps.

The owl stamped on the card is from the Inkadinkado Pattern Birds and Bugs stamp set which is this one here … and the flowers that I added are from the Teresa Collins Flora stamp set which I linked above and the Fiskars Petals from Scratch stamp set which is this one here …

I’m using Amazon links as references but I bought all these stamps at JoAnn’s. I highly recommend going to the JoAnn’s in Covina on Azusa Ave. *1460 NORTH AZUSA AVENUE, COVINA CA 91722* That is my JoAnn’s store now. It’s a bit of a drive from where I am but my previous post explained the reason I now drive further to go to a JoAnn’s. Totally different environment here then there !! Super friendly and helpful workers compared to the rude, unfriendly, bad attitude, inaccurate prices of the previous location. Also the Azusa Ave. location is SUPER organized and clean !!

Anyways where was I ? Oh yeah the card is generally a mix of stamps from my slowly growing collection of stamp sets. I wish that stores sold more recognized and wanted brands like LawnFawn, MamaElephant, BoBunny, etc. But most of the craft stores I know of like JoAnn’s and Michaels just has Fiskar stamps and a few small selections.

Like my previous post … Just make do with what you have. Maybe I’ll post up a picture of my stamp collection so you can see what I have available. Most of the cards I create I try to post for sale in my *newly opened* Etsy shop … I am only posting up a handful at a time until I start making enough profits to be able to post up a lot more stuff.

I know it only costs .20¢ each to post an item up but I have A LOT of stuff and eventually I’d like to get my clay creations posted up as well but until I start reeling in some sales and profits I can only post up a handful at a time within my budgets allowance.

So it would actually benefit you if you shopped at my Etsy store bcuz the more you shop the more profits I will gain which will allow me to post up more things and eventually post up some craft supplies at a tad cheaper price than a craft store. I have two(2) Memento Dewdrop ink pads that are up for sale that I haven’t posted up on Etsy as it’s not in my budget at the moment. It’s Pea Sprout green in color.

I encourage you please shop my store and help me grow. Eventually in the future I plan to do YouTube tutorials and do a lot more with MYT CR8TiV™ but I am fairly limited at the moment. But it will get better in time … I promise you that !!


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