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Etsy Shop Now Open …. (n_n)

on May 18, 2015

indexMy Etsy shop link :

Yay ! *Throws Confetti* With the encouragement of some friends I have finally opened an Etsy shop. I know originally I was against Etsy as I prefer that 100% of my handmade item sales went to me and not liking that Etsy take 3.5% of your sales price.

Being horrible in math I thought that 3.5% is a lot but actually it’s only a few cents. Like if I sold an item for $6.00 3.5% of $6.00 is only .21¢ which isn’t so bad. But since I haven’t made ANY sale *YET* as I only have one item up at the moment I dunno how much of the 3.5% includes shipping costs as well as sale price.

I’m not 100% ready to sell/ship out any fragile items like my Polymer Clay creations as I’m not sure how to securely package them or what to package them with. (@~@) It’s pretty confusing ! I’ve gotten suggestions like wrapping them in a thick bundle of bubble wrap then placing it in a durable box, wrap it in newspaper and fill a box with packing peanuts, one suggestion was to place the item in a box within a box within a box in a matryoshka doll fashion, and one who said sandwich it between layers of fun foam and package into a secured bubble wrap mailer.

All of that sounds great but I have very little if any money to spend on packaging material like that. So I decided that selling any Polymer clay creations isn’t the right time until I had made/saved enough money and researched enough in proper packaging technique to ensure that my Polymer clay items arrive undamaged and intact.

So my plan for now is to sell the many handmade greeting cards I have currently been making. Greeting cards should be easy to mail as I just put them into a mailer envelope and shipping them out should cost no more than $1 or $2 depending on where I have to ship it out to. (ñ_ñ)

My Etsy shop is currently still pretty empty as I only have 1 items up for sale but eventually I will post up my Handmade greeting cards. I just need to organize them, take pictures of each of my cards, decide on pricing for them, and as posting an item on Etsy costs .20¢ each I have to save up to be sure I have enough $$$ to post them all.

I have A LOT of handmade cards just sitting in a shoebox waiting for a receiver so it’s not just a handful that I need to post up for sale. A small note is every purchase comes with a *FREE* Surprise gift and the value of that surprise gift varies. Sometimes the surprise gift itself can be worth more than the price of the product itself. So please stay posted both here, on my Facebook page, and favorite my Etsy shop where I will let you know when I have posted up *new* items.


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