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Back in the groove …

on May 12, 2015

Portada1Hey, CR8TiV Crafty bugs ! Recently a lot has happened personally but it’s all come and gone. I’m feeling better and in a better mindset now. Thank you for those who sent me messages of concern and offered support during my difficult time. But it’s over and I’m ready to keep on moving forward.

I’m looking to start trying to sell my handmade items and trying to decide whether I should start by just selling them out by the curb “Garage/Yard sale style” or just bite the bullet and open an Etsy shop. I’m not really against Etsy or have anything against it … it’s just I prefer that 100% of the profits from the sale of my handmade items go to me. The person who made the product, the person who put in the time and effort !

I know that sound pretty conceited and selfish but if you’re a crafter you’d understand. Etsy takes out a 3.5% fee based on the sales price. I know it doesn’t sound like much and actually just like a few cents only but I really prefer that every bit goes to my pocket. Plus I heard that Etsy isn’t the best place to sell your handmade items. A few friends I know that sell on Etsy have given me the Pros and Cons of Etsy and #1 complaint seems to be that your item you have for sale on Etsy get’s lost in the billions of other items for sale.

A friend told me that your item can be shown on page 115 or even 200 which most people will not browse through every single page. But they told me having people know your exact Etsy shop link helps them to see your items rather than searching through the entire site. But we’ll see ! I’m not exactly at a spot where I can ship packages out at the moment so if I do open an Etsy it will most likely be to sell my handmade greeting cards since they’re easiest to ship at the moment.

Below I will post a few pictures of some clay items I have baked. (ñ~ñ¡) I procrastinated a bit too long over baking these clay items and a few had fallen apart needing repairs. I posted pictures of these on my Facebook page. I always place photos of my recent and current art projects there first so make sure you like my Facebook page and look there for my recent work. (

Hope you like the photos of my clay creations below. I promise that someday I will have a website with a shop and not just a craft blog …

11093368_10155484852080307_469453506_n11251585_10155484852965307_182999946_n11267318_10155484852555307_1814844675_n11124595_10155484852325307_771193756_n11128413_10155484850260307_1186767219_n11256538_10155484851745307_1839460038_nAll items above were handmade by : MYTCR8TiV™ – 2015©. Please, comment below for permission or credit me if you use any of the photos contained in this blog. Thank you !


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