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Who is that guy in the corner ??

on March 7, 2015


Hello and Happy Friday !!  So many of you are curious and have been asking me what is that emoticon looking face in the corner of my drawings. Well, (∩⌂∩”) that is my Artists signature !! It composes of the initials of my name MYT and F. (¬_¬) Now please be respectful and do not steal or use my Artists signature in anyway !! I am happily sharing and answering your question by showing you what the little emoticon means. So please respect that it is solely original like your signature on a personal check or document. Thank you !

*Ahem* (≥~≤”) So my Birthday name is Mary Yuuko Takahashi. I think I have disclosed before that I am of Japanese decent either on my Art Blog or my CR8TiV writing blog **. So by initial my name is MYT. Let me give you a short story of the origin of MYT ! Growing in elementary like Kindergarten – 1st grade my belongings were often labeled MYT and my then friend asked who My T *Mighty* and I said I am. She giggled and said L0L You’re Mighty Mary ! 😛 From that day forward the nickname My T *Mighty* clung to me up until about maybe 3rd or 4th grade when not so pleasant nicknames replaced it.

Anyways don’t wanna get into the sob stories. But if you look at the image above I have broken down what every part of the emoticon *EMO con* as some of you called it is. I really LOVE my Artist signature as it gives me an endless way of CR8TiVity due to the open space above his head. Below main drawing I gave a few example of what I can do with the open space above his head. For a Birthday card I can put a Birthday hat, Easter … Rabbit Ears, Halloween … Cat Ears, A Wedding Card or Formal card … Top Hat and Bowtie, and could also be a Birthday card but a Crown. I can add anything I want and it gives my artwork a more unique charm !! ( ‘u^)

So that my fellow CR8TiV mushrooms is what that little emoticon guy in the corner of my artwork is. It is my unique and MYT CR8TiV Artists Signature !! I’d be happy to help you create a unique signature of your own just comment below or send me a message through my Facebook page ….


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