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Monday CR8TiV Challenge …

on March 3, 2015

usewhatyouhaveHappy Monday my fellow CR8TiV worms ! So today I kinda want to give you guys a challenge and that challenge is to create something using things you have around the house. Like the image above captions … Use What You Have. I’ve been crafting for a long time but only recently started blogging about it and posting up my creations on a Facebook page. But I can tell you that creating art isn’t cheap ! To create anything Artistic or Crafty does require a decent sized wallet.

BUT that does not mean you have to break your bank account or go broke. I have found many frugal as some may say but I call it CR8TiV ways to still find art supplies if you are on a limited income or budget. For example … many artists use Prismacolor pencils but Crayola colored pencils work just as well. There are techniques you can use to stretch the quality of your colored pencils further even dollar store colored pencils. Like using a little bit of Baby oil. I found rubbing alcohol doesn’t work as great with Crayola colored pencils as they do with Prismacolor but they’re still colored pencils none the less.

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I’m currently in a cardmaking phase and I’ll post up photos of my small yet growing handmade card collection on my Facebook page * CR8TiV* later today. But some cards like the shaker cards which are cards that have moving confetti or colored sequins inside a plastic window require you to have acetate film to make the shaker card window. I made my 1st shaker card a few days ago and it was really fun to make.

Now I have no clue where to buy acetate film or what that even is. I “Used What I have” which was an empty Q-Tip Cotton Swab box and I cut up the box giving me a small clear plastic rectangle. I gave the wiped the window with a baby wipe and used it towards my 1st shaker card … it worked great !! My 1st shaker card may not look so great as I lack supplies that could of made it better like using distressed inks and blender tool but as it was my 1st card and a card going to my Husband I didn’t think it mattered much as he loved anything I make for him.

My only tip is to double layer the foam tape you use to seal in the sequins or confetti put into a shaker card so that when you shake it the shaker items are loose and not clumped in corners like a single layer is. I only had enough foam tape to make a single layer and with that I noticed the sequins aren’t very loose and clump together. I am gonna double layer my foam tape next time I make a shaker card for more looser shakes.

But I challenge you to create using things you already have and to be/think CR8TiVly when you craft or create. Wishing you had a Tim Holtz blender tool for blending inks but can’t afford one or don’t have money for one ?? Make your own !! Dollar stores sell foam makeup pads those can easily be used and discarded after use or washed with soap and water then reused again.

If you MUST have the Tim Holtz blender tool you can easily make your own. Go to a Hardware store like HomeDepot and buy a cabinet drawer knob and ask the lumber department if they have any scraps of wood that you can have. Most have large dumpsters full of wood scraps and you can ask them to cut it into a circle. After just take some glue and glue the cabinet drawer knob to the wood circle base and attach self-adhesive velcro to a dollar store makeup pad and you have your own DIY Blender tool made for under a few bucks.

You just gotta think outside the craft store and use what you have. So I hope I inspired you to try to use what you have and I challenge you to create something using thinks you already have. Post up your creation(s) on my Facebook page or comment below. B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV … MYT CR8TiV.


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