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Testing Make-Up Glitters/Shimmers …

on February 23, 2015


Happy Monday my CR8TiV crafters ! So I was cleaning up a little around my computer desk and came across a few of these Mabelline Wet Shine Diamond Liquids. The photo above is just for color reference and isn’t mine. I only have like three(3) the pink of the far left, far right, and the white *clear gloss* near the middle. But they have a pretty good assortment of colors.

Back in my younger years I wore them as I loved the shimmer they gave and the light color tint. I’m not a big makeup wearer where I cake up my face like a clown like some ladies do. I only wear makeup on special occasions and even that it’s generally just lipstick, maybe eyeshadow, and powder foundation if I have any. But these were from a long time ago so I wouldn’t dare put them on as they’re most likely passed the expiration date if there is such a thing on makeup.

So I decided it’d be a waste to throw these away and they’re so pretty with high glittery shimmer. Being the CR8TiV person I am I decided to see if there were other uses for them instead of on your lips. If you read my previous blog posts I’m currently in a handmade card phase making handmade greeting cards. I tested out the white *clear gloss* on a Just Because I Love you card for my husband. The work great !! Now I don’t know how they’ll react in the long run whether the color would fade or if it’ll become tacky/sticky … Only time will tell !

They are SUPER easy to apply since it comes with a little cotton swabbed wand inside the cap and when you apply it to the paper it kinda just looks like petroleum jelly with glitter added to it. It leaves behinds a bit of a shine from the petroleum jelly like substance I’m guessing but also leaves a great glittery shimmer. I’m gonna test these out for a bit and get back to you on how it works.

I think these might work for resin or even polymer clay ? Add a layer of the wet shine diamond liquids then add a layer of resin or polymer clay gloss to set it ? Right now when I touched parts of the card I applied it to … it’s a bit oily to the touch. I think you can probably seal away that oily-feel by adding a light brush of mod podge or white glue mixed with water ? But that might actually wipe off or remove the wet shine diamond liquids. I’m not 100% sure. Either way dig through your old makeup bag and see what you got in there that might be used in other ways than on your face. I think I’ll see if I can use old eye shadows *I have this one pallet with tons of colors* as blending chalks or chalk pastel on cards and set them with a mister bottle mixed with white glue and water mixture.

B3 CR8TiV !! You don’t have to go broke for craft supplies. Sometimes craft supplies are right in your makeup bag and even at the dollar stores. Just B3 CR8TiV … B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … and JUST TRY !!


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