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Gettin’ Back in the Groove …

on February 19, 2015


Hey, all you MYT CR8TiV bunnies !! Sorry I’ve been quiet lately and kinda MIA “Missing In Action”. Been dealing with some personal issues that was fogging up my creativity. I’m not going to go into detail about my personal issue as they’re called Personal for a reason. But I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things. While I’ve been under the gloomy Eeyore cloud I’ve just mainly been watching YouTube videos, sifting through Pinterest, and just doing everything and anything to keep my head above the gloomy cloud.

Valentine’s was sadly gloomy also and this year spent uncelebrated so to speak. But I’m getting back into my groove and working on making Easter cards. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials on card making by KWernerDesigns ** , LawnFawn **, and JenniferMcGuireInk ** The videos by KWernerDesigns really was the spark that started my interest in Card-making.

Like I said before I’m kinda an ADD creative artist to where I’m always bouncing from one interest to another. If you remember my last interest was watercolor and I was trying out many resist techniques. I bought a set of watercolor paint in the tubes and not the dry chalk looking kind. But after watching card-making tutorials by Kristina *KWernerDesign* My Watercolor phase sorta blended away. It’s still there but not as dominant as before.

So I tried making my own cards using whatever materials I had on hand. I had some cardstock both plain colors and some with patterns. I have my Promarkers and a few stamps I’ve collected. Mainly they’re dollar stamps from the JoAnn’s dollar craft section and stamps I’ve found for cheap like 50¢ in a bargain bin. So my 1st card I made came out really great and my husband says … Is there anything you make that doesn’t look great ? (ñ~ñ) He kinda flattered me by saying it’s Hallmark worthy. L0L I’ll post pics up of my 1st greeting card I made tomorrow … Hopefully !

But I was looking through StampinUp, SimonSaysStamps, LawnFawn, and a few other websites that sells stamps and oogling and googling over wanting this one and that one and this one and that. Mama Elephant stamps are really cute !! But when I designed my 1st card I hand-drew the tulips on the card. It LOOKS stamped but I hand-drew those tulips and colored them in with my Promarkers. The only stamp I used was a Thank You stamp. The banner was hand-drawn and cut out with regular craft scissor not die-cut.

So I was looking at this card and it dawned on me !! I have the largest stamp collection ever … it’s called my artistic brain !! I don’t really need to go purchase some cutesy stamps bcuz I can hand-drawn any stamp design I like. I admit I’m still gonna buy some if the prices are within my budget like sentiment stamps and flowers. I Love Flowers ! But I’m gonna add my hand-drawn/handmade cards as one of the many things I’m planning to post up when I open up a shop.

It won’t be anytime soon as I’m currently still not quite ready to open up my own shop. There’s still so many skills I need to perfect, things to learn, supplies to collect, and a dedicated space to create in. Hopefully soon maybe within the next 2-3 yrs. my hubby and I will purchase our 1st home so I can call dibs on a room to dedicate completely to create my own MYT CR8TiV studio. I have plans to start doing video tutorials on YouTube for you guys.

I said to my husband even if we don’t have space for me to create a dedicated art studio if we have a roomy backyard we can buy one of those large garden sheds and convert it into a art studio space. I have seen some at HomeDepot that look like they could be a small playhouse for children. A few DIY skills and knowledge + a MYT CR8TiV mind and you can turn one into a nice man cave if you wanted.

Anyways stay tuned to my Facebook page for Art updates and subscribe to my blog. I appreciate your likes to my Facebook page and even though I don’t have a store per say I do accept request via private message or email @ and more than happy to work with you regarding an art request or custom request til I get an actual shop open.

**********UPDATE **********

I said I’d share pics of my 1st handmade card made without any stamps. Well, I used one stamp which is the tiny Thank You sentiment. Everything else was handrawn from the Tulips to the Banner around the stamped Thank You. I thought I’d post it here for those who haven’t liked my Facebook page ** to be inspired to create cards without store-bought stamps and to encourage those like myself who can’t quite afford to start a stamp collection with LawnFawn, MamaElephant, StampinUp, SimonSays, etc. stamps to just create your own ! I think cards made with your own handrawn art makes it a bit more special and unique compared to one made with a store-bought stamp that millions of other handmade card makers are using. So without further ado … Here’s the 1st handmade card I created with handrawn art. Hope you like it and it inspired you to go without stamps or how I like to say tippy toe quietly instead of stamping loudly ! L0L


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