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Paper Bag Upcycle … Rainy Day Craft Tip !!

on February 8, 2015

CatInBagWell, today is a rainy day so rather than go out in the rain. My husband and I decided to enjoy our day indoors. So we started by cleaning up the house a little and started with the kitchen. It was there that I was bombarded by stacks and stacks of paper grocery bags. Since the plastic bag ban went in place many stores now give you paper bags for 10¢ per bag. Some places like certain Targets, Walmarts, and grocery stores still offer plastic bags but most have gone with paper.

If you don’t like the idea of hoarding those reusuable grocery totes then you’re most likely like us and just take the 10¢ paper bags but I didn’t realize how many we have accumulated. My husband was asking what are we going to do with all these paper bags is there a place to recycle them for a few bucks in return ? I know some grocery stores like VONS has bins that recycle Plastic and Paper bags but being the CR8TiV mind I was trying to think of other uses craft wise.

I could use them as a placemat to cover the table when I paint or do any crafting that is messy but it still seemed wasteful as after I’m done I’d end up crumpling it up and discarding. Back in my schooling years I used to use paper bags to cover my textbooks then doodle all over them. When it was completely covered in doodles I’d get a *new* paper bag and start over. But I don’t have any textbooks to cover anymore. So continue on to my journey on repurposing these paper bags.

*Bright Light Bulb click on above my head* AH HA !! I had recently watched a YouTube video where a crafter took brown craft paper and a envelope template to create an envelope then stamped a image to color it in with colored pencils. Craft paper is a very popular item right now and so the light bulb above my head clicked on. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut up one paper bag into sheets.

(>⌂<) OH EM GEE !! I first penciled in a sketch of coneflowers then used a fine liner to ink it in and colored with colored pencils. The colors weren’t as bold as they would of been if I used Prismacolors but I gifted my Prismacolors away. I gotta get a *new* set or save up for a *new* set.

Anyways it looks great !! I’ll post up a pic on my Facebook page soon. (=~=”) I capped my data plan on my phone so I gotta wait til the 18th for it to reset so I can’t post any photos at the moment with the reduced data speed *Damn you BoostMobile*. But most grocery store paper bags are very thick so they make great craft paper for anything from die cutting, acrylic paints, chalk paint, and colored pencils.

If only I knew where my tote bag of dies for my Sizzix BigShot went I’d give it a try. I think if you cut up the paper bag into sheets, doodled on them or used stamps, embossing powders, etc. you can then cut them with a paper trimmer to use on a greeting card. So DON’T throw away those paper bags or think they’re garbage ! Use them as craft paper, art journal pages, or just use them like you would with any other Art paper.


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