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Canon Selphy CP910 Photo Printer

on October 21, 2014

canon_selphy_cp910_black_thumbThis is not exactly a CR8TiV Art post but it is a product review that is very helpful if you are a Amateur photographer. One of my other CR8TiV talents besides drawing is Amateur Photography. I honestly didn’t even know I had this talent until I purchased my 1st high quality Digital camera some years back. The Casio Exilim camera has served me well for many of my 1000+ photos sitting on my computer. I still occasionally use it for minor photo shots. But I upgraded to the Canon sx30is camera *Which I am selling*I found this natural talent for taking pictures of flowers and wildlife.

You can view many of the Amateur Photography shots I’ve taken on my Flickr page :

But for many years I’ve have over 1000+ photos just sitting in my computer. I’ve wanted to print them out but didn’t know how. Going to a photo print place would cost me $100s to print out that many photos. But I got a call from my Mom asking her to help her shop for a photo printer to print out photos from her recent trip to Japan. Relatives were asking for copies of the photos she took and wanted to print them out herself. So I did some research and found this Canon Selphy CP910 photo printer. It got pretty good reviews on Amazon and what sealed the deal was that the language settings included Japanese. So I can easily set it up to Japanese for my Mom to understand.

After we went to the local store to check it out I fell in love with the tiny compact size and simplicity to print out a photo. It’s about the size of a pencil/makeup box and can easily fit in a backpack/suitcase in travel. It costs about $100 and the ink toner/paper refill is roughly under $40 dollars. The printer itself does give you a starter pack of paper and ink toner which only prints like 5 or 10photos to start I can’t remember. So I highly recommend you buy the refill pack when you purchase the printer. The Refill pack contains : Three(3) ink toners and Three(3) packs of photo paper which said to print up to 36 photos.

The quality of the print is excellent and it prints out pretty quickly. My only gripe is that it prints out with these perforated edges with you tear off but bcuz it is perferorated it leaves a jagged edge on each side of the photo print but it’s easily taken care of by using a photo or paper trimmer and cutting a small strip off the edges. I’ll create a more detailed PRO and CON list later. But I just love the fact that I can go out snap a bunch of photos and be able to print them out the same day. No more waiting for film to be developed or dropping off my photos to a photo shop. I can print them myself then and there.

My husband purchased this printer as our Wedding Anniversary present and I love it to pieces !! Now I just need to figure out how I can upgrade my Canon sx30is camera to the Panasonic Lumix FZ70 which has 60x zoom. Don’t get me wrong I like the 35x zoom on my Canon sx30is but I like to take alot of close up shots of birds and sometimes wildlife that I can’t quite reach with the 35x zoom. If you’re interested in a camera that can take pictures of the Moon and give you a pretty decent zoom I’m currently selling my Canon sx30is camera. It will include a Canon camera bag, a SD card reader, a lens cleaner kit, and a SD card. I’m asking $150 obo for it.


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