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Copyright Laws …

on October 13, 2014


As a self-proclaimed Creative Artist I’ve had my share of Artwork being stolen and renamed as their own creation. It’s heartbreaking and frustrating at the same time that someone would take credit for work that you created. But to me I just let it be … I know and God knows that I created that artwork that someone else is taking credit for and besides I have the original artwork which if lucky at times will trump the thief but other times it’s just confusion of who’s the original creator and who’s not. (-__-)

In Jr. High I had a Art teacher who I wouldn’t exactly say encouraged people to copy or steal others artworks but she did teach us that it’s ok to copy bcuz no matter what your copy will never look exactly the same as the original. Even the most professional of professionals cannot make an exact copy bcuz there will always be something a tad off from the original. She also explained that when you do copy someone elses work to always put your own spin on it and add in your own uniqueness to it rather than making it exactly the same as the original.

I actually prefer my own creations but do look at others for an idea or inspiration towards my own creations. For example … maybe for a personal challenge I want to draw a tiger but unsure how the feet should be positioned or what type of pose is best. I’d look at photos of tigers and tiger drawings that other people did for an idea or inspiration towards my tiger drawing. I’m not copying or making it exact but more learning from the original in form of research.

Please, read this blog article on Copyright, Trademark, etc. It’s a very detailed and understandable well-written blog post on the topic. I highly recommend it if you are a Artist or anyone who is looking to understand Copyright and Trademark laws, etc. The link is posted here … CLICK HERE →


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