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Flesh tone markers …

on September 25, 2014

58-7857_10ctMulticulturalHello ! I wanted to create a product review regarding these Crayola Multicultural markers. If you draw Anime/Manga/Chibi characters you often times stumble when it comes to coloring the skin tones. I like to use the Promarkers set 2 colors which contain colors such as Almond, Soft Peach, Sunkissed Pink, Primrose, and Pale Pink which are great for skin tones.

But I came across this pack of markers at my Target store in the clearance section and thought I’d give them a try. I’m sorry to say these aren’t really flesh toned at all. More or less these Multicultural colors are just a spectrum of browns from beach sand tan to chocolate/dark chocolate brown. If you color with alot of browns for like trees, owls, bears, etc. then this pack of markers might work for those looking for a variety of brown hues.

But these definitely don’t work as skin tones. It does include an Apricot and Beige which is suppose to be for lighter colored skin tones but even those colors aren’t very accurate from the cap color. The Apricot is more of a brownish orange/pink and Beige is more Hot chocolate light brown. If you can afford them Copics seems to have a great range of flesh tones as well as Prismacolor markers.

But if you are on a tight budget like myself Promarkers are the way to go. They do have two(2) sets of Skin Tones set for about $20. Each set has 6 markers … Set 1 has the following colors : Ivory, Satin, Almond, Putty, Coral, and Soft Peach – Set 2 has : Cinnamon, Tan, Burnt Sienna, Spice, Blush, and Dusty Pink. I would actually recommend getting both sets which provide a excellent set of range of skin tones to work with. Plus you get the streak-free color layout of Promarkers while the Crayola markers shows the streaks of which direction your strokes were going.


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