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Pratice what you Preach … (=⌂=”)

on September 15, 2014


I’ve posted many of these on my Facebook page and I am punching myself in the face for not practicing what I preach. I truly apologize to Paul of Phoenix Glass for making a suggestion to his creation and saying it’s a bit too bland and needs something more. Of course as an Artist you will go through all sorts of criticism and you just have to learn to take it with a grain of salt and sometimes with a shot of vodka or tequila. But as an Artist myself I should know better than to suggest to tamper with someone else’s artistic creation. When someone creates something it’s perfect in their eyes “AS IS” but everyone’s views and opinions are different. The Artist who created it might feel it’s perfect but to someone else it might be missing something and boring or ugly. That’s purely their opinion and everyone is entitled to hold their own.

But as a Artist I always hated when someone made a remark about my Artwork that you should add this or used this color or that color instead of this or that or you should of changed this or that and this is a little crooked and one eye is slightly bigger. /(>D<)\ SHUT UP !!! It always annoyed me when people did that to me but at the same time I appreciated it and considered it a lesson for growth and to grow from their criticism whether negatively hurtful or positive. I also took note if it was repeatedly said or done. I took note that maybe I need to improve in that area or this area as it’s repeatedly being criticized. I also took note on what people seem to like more. So that I can occasionally cater to those who enjoy those types of Art. For example … Kawaii or cutesy Art seems to be favored by many and colorful creations that are full of color seem to catch their eyes.

This blog post isn’t really about my art or crafting but more a word of wisdom to remind you to practice what you preach. Don’t tell one person something then do the complete opposite. Like believing in Christianity and doing things that are completely opposite of what Christians do and believe. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not everyone needs to hear them especially if it’s a hurtful opinion that may not sit well with the person who’s hearing them.


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