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Paracord “Survival” Bracelet uses …

on July 10, 2014

Snoopy_and_Woodstock_campingIf you read my previous post I was talking about how I am trying out a *new* craft expanding my never ending repertoire of Crafts which was Paracord bracelets. You know you are deeply addicted to a craft project when your hands end up with calluses and you’ve burnt your fingers a few times. 😛

I really enjoy making these Paracord bracelets and I intended to … 1.) Learn a *new* craft – 2.) Make some for myself – 3.) Use them as gifts for Birthdays and such. I never imagined the BOOM it would become when my husband goes to work making a Paracord bracelet I made him and end up getting orders from co-workers who also wanted one !!

(ñ~ñ) It felt like I was getting non-stop orders for like a week which was quite fun since making these Paracords are quite simple and making one only takes me about 15-20 minutes. Things are finally starting to settle down and everyone is happy with their Paracord bracelets. One of my co-workers though asked why they’re called Survival bracelets and if I can provide him a list of ways to use them for survival.

I starting writing up a list to include in each Paracord bracelet order. I found 10 ways a Paracord Bracelet can save your Life on a website @ Some of the ways kinda seems dumb to me like the flossing for example. Who would think about flossing when they’re lost in the wilderness ? I tweaked the list a bit adding my own ways.

But before I post up my list. Let me explain to you the different Paracord string numbers. I’m sure if you’re making Paracords  yourself you’ve purchase Paracord strings and wondered what the 325 and 550 meant. Those numbers determine how much weight the Paracord string can stand. I haven’t exactly tested it myself to see if it’s true but apparently 325 means it can withstand 325 lbs. and 550 can withstand 550 lbs.

Each Paracord bracelet depending on the length of it has 8-20′ feet of rope. That’s enough rope to help you hike a small cliff or climb up a tree for a higher view of your surroundings. So with that being said here is the list of the 10 ways a Paracord Bracelet can save your Life with a few of my own ways added in …

  • 1.) Make a Shelter : You can use the Paracord rope to tie branches together to make the frame for a tent and use leaves to fill in the walls.
  • 2.) Go Fishing : The inner threads of a Paracord bracelet can be tied together to make a Fishing net to catch fish and if you have a hook or any metal that can be bent into a hook you can attach it to the Paracord. Bait wise find bugs or dig for worms.
  • 3.) Trap Food : Make a snare trap using a branch and catch any animal that happens to be passing by.
  • 4.) Start a Fire : If you have a lighter the interior of a Paracord bracelet make very good fire starter. But if you don’t have a lighter you can create a bow using the Paracord rope and twirl a stick til friction causes a fire.
  • 5.) Make a Tourniquet : There are many poisonous plants and animals in the wild. If you happen to get bit or hit by one you can wrap a Paracord rope around your arm/leg to make a tourniquet to cut off blood flow.
  • 6.) Mark a Trail : Mark your path by tying a piece of Paracord around a tree so you know how to get back the way you came.
  • 7.) Repair your Backpack/Shoes : If you happen to break your shoe laces while wandering the wilderness … a Paracord bracelet rope can be used as a shoelace replacement and if you rip a hole in your backpack you can sew it back up using the interior threads from the bracelet. *You’ll need a needle but if you have a knife  you can widdle one from a piece of wood*
  • 8.) Protect your belongings : Use your Paracord bracelet rope to string up your personal belongings high up in the trees so that wildlife cannot get to them.
  • 9.) Hang your clothes to dry : Tie your paracord between two trees/branches to create a laundry line to hang your clothes up after washing them in the river or crossing a river or if the weather turns into a down pour.
  • 10.) Climb up high : Depending on the rope strength used in the Paracord bracelet *I use 550* it can hold alot of weight. Use it to help yourself climb up a tree to get a better view of your surroundings or to climb up small cliffs. Might be useful if you are being chased by a wild animal. (¬⌂¬) Except bears as they can climb trees.

So those are the top 10 ways that your Paracord bracelet can save your life. Let us hope that we never have to use them but you feel safe knowing that if you do have one you’ll be okay for the time being. Please, be prepared and safe on all your CR8TiV adventures !!

B3 SAF3, B3 iNSPiR3D, B3 BOLD, B3 CR8TiV ~ MYT CR8TiV.



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  1. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay.
    I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Thank you for commenting ! (n_n) I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying my blog. I try to update as often as I can but Life sometimes get’s in the way but more or less Laziness and Procrastination is what causes me to not write as often as I should. Umm … regarding Twitter I do have a Twitter account which is @MYT_CR8TiV but I rarely tweet or use Twitter. I do use Instagram to post random artwork so if you’d like to follow me there @MYTCR8TiV. Also feel free to follow my other blog which is that is my non-arts and crafts related blog and more a blog where I share my thoughts and opinions on things. Anyways thanks again and visit often !!

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